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  1. 1 hour ago, Cyradis said:

    Wednesday, December 27th: 


    What is something significant that you want to do in life that you have not yet done? 

    What is something very small that you want to do... just because? (Can be as simple as "eat an entire block of cheese in a sitting"). Quest: Go do that very small thing. Today. 


    I want to own my own business, ideally a hobby shop or something hobby-related. It's a long term goal, which we're working towards.

    There are many small things I'd like to do, but with not too many hours left in the day I'll choose something that I can do without leaving the comfort of my home and share a bottle of cider with my wife.

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  2. 8 minutes ago, Cyradis said:


    That name sounds familiar. I've looked it up at some point, but not been there. On a to-go list for some sort of special occasion with Sir Cyr. Odd about the elk. We have elk up in CO that people hunt. Sir Cyr's family in Wyoming snags an elk and/or deer each year and gets it butchered, then they pop it in their enormous freezer and distribute to family. No reason to seek exotic elk here. 


    Certainly seemed odd, but it's totally possible and plausible that I'm misremembering one or more points of information.

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  3. On 25/12/2017 at 6:23 PM, Cyradis said:

    Monday, December 25th: 


    What are you going to do today, or have done already this day, to make other people happy? 




    My wife and I dressed our son up in his Santa outfit and delivered hand made chocolates to the people working at the South Dunedin McDonald's restaurant. We work at the North Dunedin one, but it's the same owner for all three restaurants in town and we all know each other, plus people from all the restaurants were working that day (because they were only rostering people who specifically wanted to work Christmas Day).

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  4. 9 hours ago, Cyradis said:


    Around here we have a bunch of different cultures' foods, but they often simplify the dishes down to have more American-accepted meats. I know there is a restaurant in Denver specializing in game meats, and I think there is one grocery somewhere in Denver for game and other oddities (like ostrich and alligator). However, the prices are nearly prohibitive. ::(:


    Is that restaurant the Buckhorn Exchange? I went there with my cousin and her family a couple of years ago. Bison, elk, rattlesnake and the like on the menu.

    Funny thing, I seem to recall her husband telling me that their supply of elk comes from here in NZ. Go figure.

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  5. 1 hour ago, TGP said:

    Last Question for November, Thursday the 30th: Is your Xmas card list ready to go? Or have you abandoned the quaint notion of Christmas cards?


    I haven't written a Christmas card since I was a little boy, but almost every year my mum still asks me if I'm sending out any cards. It's actually a tempting prospect now because we can do ridiculous Christmas family photos to go with them (see exhibit A from last year below).





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  6. On 23/11/2017 at 2:31 PM, Dr.Bedlam said:


    So the main boxed game retails at about $120... and the book that allows for 3D terrain use is another $30.

    Eeeeeyeah, that's the GW I remember.


    Huh, it retails for 180 NZD, which is pretty much on par with the exchange rate. That is decidedly unlike GW.

    But then we're both paying more than the UK, but not by as much as we used to.

    Anyway, a friend of mine has bought the Underhive box and I'm likely to have a go at it this weekend. Those of my friends who are keeping a closer watch on the game than I have told me about some promising changes to the rules, not the least of which is an alternating activation system, as well as more distinctive weapons for the various houses.

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  7. 15 minutes ago, Lars Porsenna said:

    Don't know if that is really an Aquilia. Also Tzaangors are a thing that Thousand Sons can take, so not sure how beastmen fit into the current 40K canon. IIRC they hadn't been a part of the game since 1e, and just about everything from 1e was retconned at some point or another (mostly in 2e IIRC).




    No, it's specifically mentioned as an Aquila in the Warhammer Community article. Maybe Imperial beastmen and other abhumans will be something we'll see more of. I seem to recall that the old Epic Imperial Guard sprue used to come with beastmen.

  8. Forge World have shown the first of their releases for Necromunda, a bit of a Rogue Trader throwback with a beastman bounty hunter. See, rather than being children of Chaos as they are in WFB, beastmen in 40K are a recognised race of abhumans in the Imperium just like the ogryns, ratlings or squats (notice the Aquila on his chest armour).



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  9. 1 hour ago, kristof65 said:

    jsalyers - I saw that.  It looks like they're re-releasing it as a board game though. Is my impression correct? 

    Doug - Rogue Stars sounds like something to look into. I like Andrea's games - currently using Song of Blades & Heroes for Fantasy games. Does it handle vehicles? 


    The Necromunda boxed set is more like a board game, and is accompanied by the Gang War book which includes 3D terrain and campaign rules.


    Rogue Stars is strictly 3-5 characters per squad and doesn't have vehicle rules. Andrea is working on a game called Harder Than Steel which was previously slated for release this year, but is being delayed until they've finished releasing what they want to for the Star Eagles game. It will be able to handle vehicles and squads at an army size similar to 2nd edition 40K.

  10. 8 hours ago, TheAuldGrump said:

    Because of an amusing typo, our Necromunda games will be held on Monday nights. (The typo was 'Necromunday'....)


    I wish more gangs were coming out for the initial release - I am looking at Van Saar, Dennis (the Younger) is planning on Redemptionists, and Que is looking at Dulaque.


    They are fleshing out the relations of the gangs and their backgrounds a bit - Escher, for example, sells Rad-Away to Van Saar (who have a (mal)functional STC) and growth hormones and steroids to the Goliath gangs.


    The Auld Grump


    Word is that there will be downloadable legacy rules for the old gangs (or at least the house gangs).

    I'm quite looking forward to seeing them flesh out the world some more, particularly with Hive Secondus and potentially the Ash Wastes.

  11. 11 hours ago, TGP said:

    Question for Friday, Nov 10th: 

    Who here is ready for Saturday?





    No, that sort of thing is more reserved for Anzac Day over here.

    I am enjoying a weekend off with my boy, though. Still need to get something for dinner mind you, so I don't know if I'd say I'm really ready for Saturday considering its now past noon.

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  12. If GW does a new Mordheim with minis that look as good as the new Necromunda ones, I'd be sold.

    As for Vanguard, it's a little thing but a neoprene mat would go a long way to convincing me to back. Even better if there's different styles available.

  13. For a skirmish game there's more repetition in the mini poses than I'd like.

    Hoping for the option to pick and choose add ons, plus a couple of deluxe mat options, but we'll see. With $30 for shipping I'll probably just wait for retail.

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  14. Got in a few games of Dragon Rampant last night. First battle was the boiler pot scenario with my undead defending their dwarf dinner against the nasty elves who wanted to kill the dwarves themselves.

    The battlefield after deployment:



    The brave defenders from the grave:



    Unfortunately, the elves advanced quickly and the pot was soon tipped over by the dragon rider.




    Next scenario was a death chase, with the dead being the chased and the elves doing the chasing.



    Turns out dragons are good at chasing, and I didn't make it half way before getting bogged down in combat.IMG_20171015_183835683.thumb.jpg.e2e7f9eadd0db577b72ac3ba2e1eece8.jpg


    Soon it was down to a lone banshee, who put up a great fight but couldn't take on an army by herself.



    Major lessons learned are to take a balanced force, and not to rely upon summoning to much. Both games ended with a unit of skeletons left stranded off the board.

    Great fun had by all, though.

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