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    Happy birthday, Michael-TLH

    Thanks all! I had a day filled with movies and cupcakes so win-win!!
  2. Michael-TLH

    Corporea's Desk of Progress

    Everyone be jealous of me for a moment, okay? It turns out that Corporea and I have mutual friends who live in my town. She came to visit them and we all had a paint party this afternoon. I was able to see this piece live and in person and it is stunning. Absolutely stunning. Cannot wait to see it when it is finished.
  3. Michael-TLH

    3667, Nonnalla Ellinad, Elf Wizard

    Klaatu... barada... *cough* Nice job, Wren! Love the flame and the book looks great! :)
  4. Michael-TLH

    Weight Loss Support Thread

    MyFitnessPal: Michael828nc Fitocracy: michael828nc Feel free to add me either place!
  5. Michael-TLH

    Weight Loss Support Thread

    Here comes some unsolicitied advice (that I wish someone had given me) — Take a picture of yourself. RIGHT NOW. Nobody needs to see it but you if you are self-conscious. Take one! I MEAN IT. This last year, I have gone from 298 to 214 and I totally regret not taking a "BEFORE" picture... so GO AND DO IT. Okay, boss... I think they get it... Sorry, Elwood... Anyway... I did it — like you want to — 1 pound a week... sometimes less, sometimes more. You will lose a lot in the beginning, and if you eat less and move more it will happen for you. Start small with exercising: when I started, I could barely walk up the hill near my house before coming home and collapsing. I am up to 7-10 miles a day now... and it's fun! I'd also suggest using "MyFitnessPal" to track caloric intake, a "FitBit" to track your moving/walking and — if you are feeling it — "Fitocracy.com" --- to make a 'game' out of exercising. This is amazing, and I know you all can do it — because I did and still am — my goal is to lose 15 more and get to 199.
  6. Michael-TLH

    Turn a Barbie into a Weeping Angel

    It's... so... beautiful...
  7. Michael-TLH

    Happy birthday, Corporea!

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have an awesome one!
  8. Michael-TLH

    Corporea's Desk of Progress

    Oof. Want to see that one in person!
  9. I love that you can see who's creepin and looking at your profile! *waves to you*

  10. Michael-TLH

    Baba Yaga and Hut

    A friend of mine is running our group through the Pathfinder adventure path "Reign of Winter" Because I am a sadist, I decided to try and paint up something as a present for him in appreciation of running such a long series of modules. In addition, I am working with the folks at http://impudentmortal.com/ to create the hut (while I will be sculpting the chicken leg base). This thread is to kick me in the pants so that I actually finish it! First up is my "inspiration" shots on my corkboard... I find it helps to have visuals up that A: kick me in the pants whenever I walk by and B: give me some help whenever I think, "Hmm... what color should I do her babushcka?" and other random questions... so — inspiration board pics:
  11. Michael-TLH

    Baba Yaga and Hut

    And finally: the beginnings of Ms. Yaga (Baba to her friends and enemies and frenemies) PS: This is 60077
  12. Michael-TLH

    Baba Yaga and Hut

    More inspiration:
  13. Michael-TLH

    Knoxville TN Summer Paint Days

    That's not too terribly far from me... Hmmmm... could be a good getaway! Gonna check out schedule.
  14. Michael-TLH

    Penny Dreadful - who's watching it?

    I'm on episode 4. I'll probably keep watching it. I like the premise... a sort of updated take on "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" without the comic-bookish superheroics... the look and feel of the series is great. Some of the acting is sub-par, some is over the top --- but in general it's pretty good. I guess I would tentatively recommend it. But very lukewarm recommendation. ::
  15. Michael-TLH

    14080 Guardian Angel

    I did! It's not in there.
  16. Michael-TLH

    14080 Guardian Angel

    Okay, question time... who painted this? It would have to have been a LONG time ago, as it was the miniature I received for one of the first miniature exchanges. It's a conversion of 14080: Guardian Angel. I had it on a place of honor on my shelf, and the box it came in (which had the name of the painter on it) has disappeared. I was curious as to what the person who had painted it was up to, went to track them down and... nothing... my memory is a complete blank! So... if you recognize this, please pipe up and help me solve this mystery!
  17. Michael-TLH

    14080 Guardian Angel

    I did. This was prior to the big change over years ago. And I don't know that the people were told 'who' they were given... I was given mine at ReaperCon, I believe. Told ya... memory shot... Hopefully someone recognizes it and pipe's up...!
  18. Michael-TLH

    14080 Guardian Angel

    Apparently I fail at picture posting.
  19. Michael-TLH

    So who is excited about ReaperCon 2015?

    *flails arms* SQUIRRELLINGS!!!
  20. Michael-TLH

    So who is excited about ReaperCon 2015?

    Long blonde wig and bam: You're a khaleesi!
  21. Michael-TLH

    A Change Of Pace

    Don't mind Elwood. He's all a figment of your imagination. Your imagination, maybe... Shut up, Elwood. You're the one de-railing this thread, not me. I just want to put that out there for everyone to see. Fine. You got me. Again!
  22. Michael-TLH

    A Change Of Pace

  23. Michael-TLH

    A Change Of Pace

    Indeed it did. I was just thinking I should put it back to a Squirrel! Something else for you to procrastinate. SHUT UP, ELWOOD!
  24. Michael-TLH

    "How Did You Come Across Reaper Miniatures" Stories

    I was randomly surfing the web one day, looking around and doing research for a D&D game set in Greyhawk. I was always the one who would be tasked with finding and painting miniatures for my group, so I was looking for specific miniatures. I happened upon the Forums on either the day it was created or the day after. I was very active for quite a while, but then took a long time off... but the Kickstarter(s) have brought me (and Elwood) back! People are probably more excited to have me back, than you. I doubt it, Elwood. I reallllly doubt it.