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  1. I have to say that is one of the coolest things that have ever had happen. When I opened my package to find a note saying my boxset was signed I was shocked. My friend looked over from his video game to see what had happened after hearing my reaction. I would like to thank everyone involved very much. I really can't express how awsome a moment that was. Totally the best suprise I've gotten in as long as I can remember. Though I then had to hurry and order another set as I won't open that one now. So just being curious now, how many went out signed. A few, or all of them so everyone would order another one? No but really I joke there. Thank you to everyone at Reaper and artist Gene Van Horne
  2. Well, if you've been reading my other thread, http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/43427-suggestions-wanted-or-help-me-buy-45-miniatures/ You'll know that I'm working on replacing the small plastic figures from the Talisman board game with cool minis. I'm trying to keep the painting on thses figures fairly simple. Not wanting to spend a whole lot of time on them due in part to the number I'll have to paint and what they will be used for I am working at about one hour per figure. They are getting a heavy coat of lacquer as they will be getting fondled by gamer figures. Anyhow here are some quick pics of the first few. The Merchant The Philosopher The Knight
  3. Okay thanks for the awsome suggestions so far. I've went in and updated the first post with all the suggestions that I thought looked the part. Also just because something has a suggested miniature listed does not mean it's final. Feel free to suggest for any character that is not listed as (Picked!) As for the style of the figures, They are not really quite the same as the old figures but kind of have a classy fantasy look. Anyhow, I'm not worried about trying to match the figures so much as find a figure that has the form of what one would feel the class embodies. Such as when someone sees the wizard they know its a wizard and not a necromancer and such.. Anyhow I've a download photoshop template of the character cards from the game and will be reprinting the cards with photos of the miniatures I paint in place of the original art. Soon I'll put some pictures up once I get my camera and photo booth back up and running.
  4. Okay I'm starting a fun hobby project. I recently picked up the fantasy board game Talisman from Fantasy Flight Games. With all of it's expansions there are about 45 unique figures. I want to replace the little plastic ones with awsome ones. So I though I would post up this and ask for suggestions. I know I can just search for key words for characters and have been doing that for some time but still having others input would be very valuable I believe. I've wrote up a list of all the characters and have managed to sellect a few possible Reaper figures to use as replacements for the plastic figures. I've only really moved on one and already bought him. Overall I would like to keep the figures in Reapers ranges but if you really think something from another maker would work better feel free to suggest. So please anyone and everyone have a look and feel free to offer any comments, suggestions, advice or otherwise that you may have. I'll try and keep updating this post with suggestions and sellections as they happen. Thank you in advance for all your help. I really hope this proves to be some fun for those who wish to look in on this project. Also I plan on posting pictures of the finished figures as they are completed. Now onto the list. Updated with current favorite choices 11-1-11 Still subject to change, suggestions welcome. Character Possible Miniatures 01 Alchemist 60044 Damiel Iconic Alchemist 02 Amazon 02698 Melorian, Female Fighter 03 Assassin 02519 Kneeling Assassin 04 Chivalric Knight 14230 Sir Daman,Crusaders Hero 05 Cleric 65062 Olivia, Female Cleric 06 Conjurer 03046: Aaron the Conjuror 07 Dark Cultist 02746 Caella, Death Cultist 08 Dragon hunter ------ 09 Dragon Priestess ------ 10 Dragon Rider ------- 11 Dread Knight ------- 12 Druid 2915 Vulthus Oathcroak 13 Dwarf 03175 Gerrin Greystone, Dwarf Warrior 14 Elf ------- 15 Fire Wizard 02007 Domur Hunters Moon 16 Ghoul 14506 Necropolis Ghoul 17 Gladiator 03057 Tulach, Male Gladiator 18 Grim Reaper ------- 19 Gypsy 03531: Nalani, Dancing Girl 20 Highlander 02440 Quinn Rowan 21 Knight 03418 Dalton Krieg, Adventuring Knight (Picked!) 22 Leprechaun 03579 Leprechaun and Owl (Picked!) 23 Magus ------- 24 Merchant 02548 Merchant and Henchmen (Picked!) 25 Minotaur ------- 26 Minstrel 03485 Alfred Redlute, Bard 27 Monk 3205 Friar Stone, Traveling Monk 28 Necromancer 03100 Thanis the Bonecaller 29 Ogre Chieftain 03162 Kagunk, Ogre Boss 30 Philosopher 50135 Socrates (Picked!) 31 Priest 02087 Brother Louis IV First Chronicler 32 Prophetess 60043 Alahazra, Iconic Oracle 33 Rogue 03299 Eskin, Male Rogue 34 Sage 03186: Wizard & apprentice 35 Sorceress 03361 Shaeress Nashanneth, Dark Elf Queen 36 Sprite 02741 Fairies (2) & Nymph 37 Swashbuckler 03482 Lauren Silversail, Female Elf Pirate 38 Thief 0245 Torin the Stealthy 39 Troll 60021 Troll 40 Valkyrie 02623 Sheya, Shield Maiden 41 Vampiress 03150 Siobhana, Female Vampire and Servant 42 Warlock 03381 Satheras, Elf Warlock 43 Warrior 03282 Urich, Adventuring Fighter 44 Wizard 03545 Andallin Bonnerstock, Wizard Extra 45 Toad (4) P02593F: Familiar: toad
  5. After years of looking at some pulp goodness here I've decided to try my hand at it as well. Just want to throw out that seeing Froggy's work over the years I've been lurking around here have been a big inspiration. I've recently got into pulp miniatures and have been using a few different rules sets. So here are some el cheapo plastic clix figures based and repainted. I went with very heavy dark on them to try for a gritty comic kind of look. All were speed painted and dipped (well brushed on varnish) just to get figures on the table.
  6. The pins in the base are for marking the front and side arcs on the figure. They are just pins I stuck into little holes drilled. Glued in and cut off then painted. I wanted them to look like rivits for theme.
  7. Well, here are the last few figures I had finished. I was meaning to post them sooner as they have been finished for like over a month now. Anyhow the challange for me is I am working on getting my time down. The idea being that base size of the figure gives me the guide that small based figures are one hour, medium base 2, and large base figures 4 hours. This is just for painting not so much for the cleaning and basing. A lot of my figures are picked up second hand so sometimes they need a good bit more love to get them ready to paint. One of these days I'm going to go back to trying to paint stuff the slow and normal way. It has been a fun break doing this sort of thing though and honestly I feel that for table top play the figures are fine. I did not keep to my goal on all the figures. The large robot with the shield took a bit longer than I had wanted but I feel like he turned out better than average, the knights went a lot faster. They were primed in a metal color and I just went from there.
  8. Well, if anyone is interested I thought I would share this. Last year, August I did one of my first miniatures trying to use some speed painting to get him done. I tried out dipping and this was the first best miniature I did that way. He appeared in a thread last year called Dipped Dwarf. That was then. After about a year of playing around with different techniques here are a few things I've come up with. I'm not actually dipping but am using a sponge to apply and remove varnish. All of the following units were painted in under 12 hours each. Most took about 6 or 8. Each figure runs me about 1-4 hours depending on various things, but mostly I find the more colors I use is what causes the longer amount of time. Also I am not very good at taking pictures but I hope these show a bit of what I've been able to do using what everyone calls dip. I know these are not near showcase quality but for table top play they have a good heavy protective coat of varnish and are painted fast enough that I consider them speed painted or amry painted and for that I think they look good enough.
  9. I knew taking a bath regulary would pay off some day. Seriously though it is crazy how things are different from one area to the next. I think it is hard to meet people when you are into the whole going out and drinking or partying scene around these parts. Here in KY I'm not really a sports fan, or nascar fan, and don't drink so it kind of makes me seem a bit odd to those here I guess. I always kind of thought if a woman liked the same kinds of things I do then there must be something wrong with her. It is refreshing to know that there really are people out there. I kind of got burned out on meegint people a few years back after the last young lady I met turned out to be a loon. I know we all have our odd things about us and I was able to look past her having a whole room in her home dedicated to her spell casting, and her collection of vampire porn, but all those cats... man thats a bit much and with me being allergic. Once again my spider sense saved me.
  10. Well I only get out to the movies about once every year if that. I've managed not to go as of yet this year. I used to go all the time but, I cut back as every time I went I felt like I had been robbed. I only usually go see a movie if it is something I really want to see, and I think that just makes it worse for me. If I would go see things I don't care about maybe I would like the movies better. I just feel that the last several years hollywood has pushed out a lot of turds and the populace has eaten them up due to flashy effects and popular actors. I'll have to say that the biggest let down was that first Starwars prequal. I did not even see the other two until they came out on video. After about 10 min into the movie I just did not care any more. I can't for one moment believe any of the lies about how that story was written 30 years ago and he was only now able to bring it to the screen. It's like some old rock star comming out of retirement to do a concert tour and then making the crowd wish he had stayed in retirement. It ruined the memory of something I really had a fond spot in my heart for. If that was not enough, then he had to go back and screw up the originals. I want to go back in time, fine myself and then smack my face, rip the Darth Vader iron-on off my little kid t-shirt and say, "Don't.. just don't. you'll be better off some day." I could go on and rant about this but there would be little point to it. If I had not been a kid back years ago after the first movie I would have been able to see it comming from all those stupid projects and awful interviews that lucas did (That got swept away like the one where he talked about creating the force to show people that there can be something else other than god in the universe.) All there is left is for him to start his own religion and be the next L. Ron Hubbard. Oh I can see it now... I wish I couldn't.
  11. bane 1. Fatal injury or ruin 2. A cause of harm, ruin, or death 3. A source of persistent annoyance or exasperation 4. A deadly poison. Pretty much sums it up. It gets a bit old trying to explain collecting classic arcade machines or what is so interesting about 30 year old video games. Some people just don't understand... Anyhow add that to the miniatures and other hobby games and you get girlbane
  12. So now I'm just waiting for there to be a singles subforum on here. Now how funny would that be for someone new comming to check out the boards. Maybe I should dust off my mini case and go to Reapercon from the sounds of it. It could be the one place where saying, "Hi I like painting little miniature wizards." would not be a bad thing. Though if the conversation ever got to the point of being what else I do then It could be a problem. Through a process call collecting, I've found that I managed to fill my house with girlbane.
  13. I've got some bfsp dwarves on the bench that are only primed. I could start with them and do some before and progress pictures. I've some reaper black orcs that are about to get started on as well so I'll try and do them too. No problem, be happy to.
  14. And finally finished that SM squad. Took under five hours of work time on and off. These things have to dry for a day before you can seal them though.
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