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  1. Well both CAVHQ and Mil-Net have a list of the production schedual. IIRC the new JoR figs wont be out until December, Reaper is more concerened with getting the Core Rulebook figs out first. Also this month we will be getting 8 figs instead of 4. Septembers figs were pushed back die to some problems (from what i heard Reaper wanted to change the molds so that the arms are now connected to a sprue, this way there will be no more two left arms or two right arms in a blister.), the Sept Releases are thsi week and then the October will be the last week of the month with November be released as
  2. Hey Matt, Kit, or whom ever Is there any way we can get some Updated Data Cards (the ones from the JoR). I would like to have then avalible to print out on my computer. I find that the computer printed copies photocopy better then the ones from the book.
  3. Well If i was in florida i would help you. Right now i am contacting some of the Florida AOs that i know and asking them to get intouch with you.
  4. Sweet Matt Hopefully you will have it up By Sept 10 or on Sept 10. I think both Jeremy and myself would like that as a nice little B-Day suprise.
  5. Can anyone who works for Reaper give us CAV players a hint on when the new CAVHQ will be up and running? I would like to know so that I direct a couple of possible CAv players to the new site.
  6. Guys FYI Iron Wind Metals is Ral Partha. The Ral Partha product line was bought by former Ral Partha employees from Wiz Kids back at the begining of the year. From what i have heard they plan on using the same formula for the paints.
  7. I am familiar with the pine-sol and break fluid methods so what is the Simple green? Also for the pin-sol method, it doesnt destroy all plastics. One guy who plays MK tried this with one of his MK figures (if you aremt familiar with Mage Knight the figures are a soft plastic). The figure was a little soft after he was done but it hardened back to its prior hardness after a while.
  8. You know that with hellion doing the 1/60th scale dictator right now that will rock for the skirmish game. I too would love to see Imperitor first. But then again i would love to have a 1/60th of my Starhawk, Wraith, Spectre, Dictator Gwk 12 and my dictator GWk 14.
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