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  1. I am going to try and make it, I may also have 2-3 friends that want to come, not sure if they will all play though.
  2. While the new 25% rule for taking on mercenary units into a different factioned army is neat, I thought it took away from The Change of Heart FA. If the other groups can buy whole units of mercenaries, why are the mercenaries limited to buying only a single model type outside their faction? Instead what if they get their own version of the 25% rule. Mercenary Players may field up to 25% of the game's agreed point cost (1500 point game would be 375) in any other Faction Models and still retain their Mercenary Army Faction Special Abilities (FAs), if the rest of their army is composed of only one Faction (or a Sublist). These models do not gain their army special abilities. Models must be fielded in separate troops from the Mercenary Troops and must be mutually exclusive within their own troops(ie no crusaders mixed with dwarves). Troop to solo ratios apply separately to the faction and mercenary troops, therefore you may not field more solos than you field troops of any given faction, regardless of how many Mercenary Troops and Solos you are fielding and vice versa. Chain of Command rules also apply separately, so a Captain is required before you field a third Sergeant , regardless of the Mercenary Leaders you are fielding and vice versa. The highest ranking Leader cannot be of a higher rank than the highest ranking Mercenary Leader (and therefore you cannot field a non-Mercenary Warlord as part of the 25%). Spells, Equipment and other upgrades taken by these models apply against the 25% point value limit. Spells, Equipment, and other upgrades that affect your entire army (such as a battle totem) do not affect non-Mercenary Models. The non-Mercenary Models do not benefit from specific Mercenary FAs. This rule could take the place of the Change of Heart FA, and represent things like Khamsin mercenaries and Vampires left behind to ensure the Mercs are working to advance their masters schemes.
  3. Hey Mark, watcha planing for the 26th?
  4. I used to play the TCG quite a bit, still have all of my cards. I quit around the time they started trading the game back and forth between Wizards, and stayed out when I realized how much money I was "investing". Thats more CCG's in general, nothing against this one in particular. I primarily played Naga, but enjoyed my pre-Ratling Ratling deck, as well as Crab, Phenoix, and Shadowlands.
  5. There was a discrepancy over this spell at the Asylum this weekend, I was wondering if anything official had been decided. Part Death’s River Casting Grade: Cleric 2 Availability: Nefsokar Lists Type: Non-Attack Point Cost: 60 Range: 18” Area of Effect: 3” # Models Affected: Any Friendly Damage: N/A LOS: Yes Cast Defensively: No Notes: The Casting Model and any friendly Models within the 3” AOE the Casting Model chooses to transport are teleported to a new location within the 18” range. The Casting Model appears at the target point, and any Friendly Models brought along are placed within 3” of the Casting Model. Models may be placed into B2B contact. As I understood it, this spell is cast much like a fire storm; target a 3" AOE up to 18 inches from the caster, then follow the notes section. The problem being I was told that the spell was supposed to be a 3" AOE centered on caster. We finally diced off to decide, but I want to make sure I am using it correctly.
  6. I kind of liked that he didn't have tough, reasoning that he resurrected back on his boat. But if you really miss those Hate Sustains Me rules I would suggest this instead of a FA. Force Upgrade: Razig's Booty 100 ish points, unique Razig's Revenge only Your opponent chooses one of his model to gain the Survey Dog SA. If a non Razig's Revenge model loots the Survey Dog model, The Scurvy Dog SA transfers to the new model. If a Razig's Revenge model loots the Scurvy Dog model, the following happens:1) If Razig is dead he returns to play where he died 2) Razig is healed to full. It may need to be reworded/retooled, but but it gives the fluff of Razig becoming more powerful as he reclaims part of his treasure and hopefully is more simple than the sacrificing rules. Plus since its equipment, its not something that has to be dealt with in every game.
  7. Actually, the new summoned rules don't cover the "disappearing corpse" anymore. I asked about it, but it never got changed.
  8. Gus, would you consider looking at the following for 2007 Errata. The terms "Action Phase" and "activation" are synonymous. The "Leaving Close Combat" paragraph, when a model is flanked by two enemy models I've been told he can't escape because he can't move anywhere without touching an enemy base,(The "Base-to-base Contact with an Enemy Model" paragraph). I've asked Michael about this and he said this was not the intent of the rule, you could move away a long as all 4 sides weren't blocked, I would like to see an official example explaining one interpretation or the other. Similarly the last sentence of this paragraph states that shaken models retreat if they fail to break base-to-base, is this an exception to cohesion or does being within cohesion still prevent retreat. "Pick-Up Object / Carry Object", when does the Carry action need to be used, 1) on the same turn it was picked up, 2) at the beginning of any activation in which you started with the object, 3) sometime before the end of your activation, or else you drop it at your feet. It is not very clear on its intent, and it made a big difference recently.
  9. Huzzah for Razig, now I won't be fielding him freelance anymore. Also, thanks for fixing Atifa, Gus.
  10. Actually, since your doing a Revised Beta of the Chronicles, Atifa used to become non-unique in a Desert Wind sub-list, as of now I only have 3 unique elite with nothing I can duplicate. Was this an oversight, or on purpose? It made a difference when a friend asked me to make a 3000 point list. Also, concerning a change of heart. Should it be restricted to non-Warlord models, as I believe was the intent of forcing Orba to be in your army originally. Or can Judas now lead the sisters of the blade into battle?
  11. I was thinking, how about instead of fire keg adding a unique goblin hero(non-unique for gob sub-list), that had a rav 6 aoe/2 attack with 0 range. give him just the one damage track and a 7 dv and beast(auto hits himself). Then we could have a cool new goblin model to go with the explosion motif.
  12. I won't be able to make it this month, some of my LARP friends are having a get together.
  13. As far as I know, you can still field Orba's army with any mercenary units you want as long as you use Orba, and don't mix good/evil mercs together. That is until the KJ says otherwise.
  14. Opps, my mistake, its apparently based on user system time and my clock was screwy. I guess I goofed
  15. Unless I missed a post somewhere stating that ReaperCon '07 was delayed until 2008, I believe someone goofed the clock on the main page. Only 392 days till ReaperCon!! :P
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