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  1. I use Vallejo and I do scrub the minis before hand pretty well... I may not be giving enough time for drying but I rotate through 5-6 minis at a time so I didn't think about that. I'll give reaper a try (guess that's the logical next step...) Could it be that the age of my paints is effecting its quality? I haven't painted in a while...
  2. Howdy, I've met with some pretty bad first results on my bones minis. I think where I am going wrong is base coating. Undiluted I am having to do several base coats and it ends up killing the model's detail (and it also might be making the mini's really shiny...). I would really like to find a reliable method to get the model covered so I can paint like 'normal' with out all the beading. Could anyone recommend a paint line that work in a pass or two to base coat that's worked for you? Gray, black and white are my usual colors but any colors would be great too.
  3. I'd love to see some military commander figures for rulers and generals/marshals. My royal court is packed with knights and wizards, but few kings, leaders, scribes, and advisory models (unarmed but well dressed). I'd love to see more characters inspired by the late renaissance/pre-napoleonic time period too. oh, and these minis: http://www.reapermini.com/figurefinder#detail/60127 http://www.reapermini.com/figurefinder#detail/02476 http://www.reapermini.com/figurefinder#detail/60004
  4. Howdy, I bought some Warlord figures and the rule book recently and I have a few questions. 1. How does army building work? It seems like I will field multiple of the same named sergeant (Or other named models for that matter). Is there no generic sergeant that I get to customize (Like +3 points for a great weapon, +12 for a bow, ect…), or are all my dwarf squads led by the exact same sergeant. 2. Is it allowed to switch in reaper legends model so I don’t have to play with 4 identical sergeants? 3. How is the game balance in warlord? Are there factions that usually prevail or lose? 4. Where would you rank the Dwarf and Overlord armies as losers or winners? 5. What are the dwarves and overlords strength and weaknesses? I am trying to persuade 2-4 other people to pick up this game (as opposed to Warhammer) but the lack of information on the net on basic tactics and strategy on reapers web site is hindering me. There needs to be a section on the website that says “Dwarves: horde army, strong offense, slow, weak defense” so I can get a quick run down on the armies. Also a few battle reports would go a long way to help people learn basic tactics and game play. The same with CAV, I was a little interested, but I can't seem to find a basic rundown of the factions and their style of play. I’ve tried to sift through the tactics forum but I’m just looking for a simple overview of the factions in Warlord & CAV and basic tactics. Unfortunately, no one plays warlord in my area so I can't learn by watching games played in person. Anyway, any answers or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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