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  1. Alisandra

    The ReaperCon site

    I also have the wrong amount of reaper bucks showing and while my confirmation email shows 2xgold tickets there is nothing on the itenerary to show this.
  2. Alisandra

    March Kickstarter Update?

    Yeay! (I hope for their sake they get the shipping done as planned so they have a day or two to rest before Reaper con!)
  3. Alisandra


    Okay I'm wierd I think they are cute.... As in adorable. It has to be they big blue eyes that just says "you will love me."
  4. Alisandra

    A Huge Favor for Dark Sword Miniatures

    My, and Mine's thoughts and prayers are with them.
  5. Alisandra

    03314: Angel of Radiance

    Those wings are incredible VV.
  6. Alisandra

    A Special October Surprise...

    Only If the Pie is Cheese Cake and Shak makes one for me.....
  7. Alisandra

    Don't Blink

    Beware the Weeping Angels. Very Nice Froggy, She's Beautiful. Don't Blink.
  8. Some people are just bound and determened to be Offended... Thanks ATM for your Reply I can see a lot of it is common sence if you pay attention to a mini company or several closely. And I couldn't agree with you more. Am I disappointed in how slow some of the releases for LE have been? Yes. But I am also not really their entended target market either. Reaper is less than 20 people. Hasbro is a multimillion dollar industry with likely thousands of people working for them. I think I am please to have a non blind option at all even if it _is_ slow.
  9. Alisandra

    Clearing Up resin

    A Friend of Mine works a lot on model cars and gave this tutorial on "cleaning" up model car "glass." Basically you sand useing more and more fine grit sand paper and finish by polishing with future floor wax. (I know you are all so fond of this ) I haven't personally tried it on a water base, My house if kind of a mess and I've had no chance to do so. But has any one tried this or similar and had it work on clear resin poured water?
  10. Alisandra

    More Previews!

    Alright I am Logging iN and posting Just for you Bryan! I like the alternate Fairy Sculpt. And I am glad to See Eldolan Finally released to us public peoples.... and KITTY! But we still need a male were tiger....
  11. Alisandra

    Reaper Fan Clubs - Merged Threads

    Hmmm now to Choose a faction... Oh, Wait.
  12. Alisandra

    Red Sonja 2

    Nice job, but I did want to coment that the sword looks like it's made of crystal. And is a really neat effect.
  13. Alisandra

    ReaperCon Sophie

    As A military Brat, and the decendent of People Who Have Fought in wars, and Knowing their sence of Humor. I Love the WWII Pin Up Sophie.
  14. Alisandra

    Happy Birthday Vejlin

    Happy Birthday. I'll have soem chips and salsa in your honor.
  15. Alisandra

    Branson the Avenger, Paladin Initiate

    Sorry I saw it and Couldn't help my Brain I imdeiatly though MAGNITO! OKay now that's out of my system. As stated it is a bit shiney but a quick shot of dull coat should take care of that, and it Seems you're trying to layer opposed to dry brushing (Keep in mind even that has it's place,) Try thinning your paints a bit more. And One of the best pieces of advice I was given was Make sure each layer of paint is Smooth. Not the color but make sure it's not getting Grainy or a texture to It. If you see this starting you can use the back of a finger nail to lightly push to help smooth it out some while it is still wet. Just push though Do not Drag the nail across the paint.