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  1. the lupins are very close to confrontation wolfen.they are great .
  2. hello I believe the rhino and the gator are S G. :D
  3. i will get flamed i know lol.but come on we all have busy busy lifes but we do are work on time do we not????.a update would be nice.or is this just going to be like the old site with a forum?? ??? ???
  4. I dont know if they are .But we seem to have questions that are not being answered.I know we sound like pests but if there is to be a public forum thene these questions will be asked till answered.I know reaper are very busy getting suff on the shelfs but with a web page there is a responsability to post upcomming and new releses before they hit shelfs.am i write on this or ???????or what.anyways being a pest is just couse i love those bleep minis.That frost giant is amazing and for 17 bucks canadian that is a steal.but like i said i had got it from my store before i had heard anything on this sight???? ??? ???
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