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  1. Brilliant work. Easily my favourite version of Wyrmgear so far. The Egg
  2. Egg of Coot


    I kinda regret not getting in on this KS now - especially after seeing some of the figs painted up. Nice work. The Egg
  3. There are a mixed bag of old and new podcasts I listen to. The ones I recommend highly are: The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast Pseudopod Drabblecast Voluminous Welcome to Nightvale The Egg
  4. Yeah, you can run pretty far down a rabbit hole with some of those series. Glad you're enjoying it. The Egg
  5. I just got a subscription to CuriosityStream the other day. It's a service that streams nothing but documentaries, and the current crisis price is only $12 for a year. If you're looking to spend some leisure time productively, you ought to check it out. The Egg
  6. More rank and file monsters for my B2 game. Enjoy. The Egg
  7. My Cthulhu rug just arrived at my door. It'll be going into my library in short order. The Egg
  8. She's brand new. #4007 for the Dark Heaven Legends line. As Clearman said above, the SKU just hasn't been enabled yet. The Egg
  9. +1 here. I prime all my translucent figs - I find the clear plastic a gimmick at best - and the finished product is indistinguishable from regular Bones when painted. The Egg
  10. Kilgore Trout, the failed science fiction writer from Kurt Vonnegut's books. The Egg
  11. Progress on this should be wild to watch . . . The Egg
  12. Monthly Reaper order is in. Filling in DHL SKUs #3554 to #3565 in my collection, plus a few other figs for my wife's. That puts me at minimum of 1565 DHL blisters (I have some duplicates) in my stash - plus all the other stuff from different lines/companies. The Egg
  13. I needed a break from working on orcs, so here's Grenadier's Beholder. I always liked this piece, so I took a bit of extra time getting it ready for the tabletop. Enjoy. The Egg
  14. Never saw the point to dice towers until I saw the Cthulhu tower from C4Labs. Ordered. The Egg
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