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  1. Backed at the $135 level. I've been looking for old school orcs, and the price point is right. The Egg
  2. I've been intently watching the the work in progress thread since you started this project. Glad to see it completed. The finished product is a real masterpiece. The Egg
  3. I've got the old style tool from Micro-Mark. It is definitely one of the more useful tools in my hobby arsenal. Well worth the investment. The Egg
  4. They look great - especially Nordom! Would love to see more characters from the game. The Egg
  5. I've got the two flumph sculpts from Pacesetter Games (ex Center Stage) and they are pretty neat, but this new piece is head and shoulders above those in terms of detail. Can't wait to see the finished product. The Egg
  6. Well, this game is back on my radar now that Canadian shipping has been rectified. My only issue now is that I already own so many games that I never get the time/opportunity to play. Decisions, decisions. . . . The Egg
  7. Ah crap! I missed this one entirely. Definitely would have gotten on board had I known about it earlier. The Egg
  8. Was tempted until I saw the cost of shipping to Canada. It might actually be cheaper at the end of the day to buy and original copy from fleeceBay . . . The Egg
  9. My August Reaper order took 29 days to arrive in Ontario, Canada. September's order took 16 days. On an unrelated note, an order from Malaysia that was due back in April, and that I'd assumed was long lost, arrived this past Friday. Only five months late . . . The Egg
  10. I just put another DHL order in with Reaper. I now have a complete run of figs from #2000-3605. The Egg
  11. My Reaper Dark Heaven collection alone numbers somewhere around 1650 figs. I don't even want to think about how many Bones pieces I have from five Kickstarters. Then there is everything else from my 35 years of gaming in my stash . . . The Egg
  12. Brilliant work. Easily my favourite version of Wyrmgear so far. The Egg
  13. I kinda regret not getting in on this KS now - especially after seeing some of the figs painted up. Nice work. The Egg
  14. There are a mixed bag of old and new podcasts I listen to. The ones I recommend highly are: The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast Pseudopod Drabblecast Voluminous Welcome to Nightvale The Egg
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