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  1. Just put in an order with Reaper for the last couple of figs I'll need for modules B1 and B2. The idea is to run the mods with all the miniatures necessary, painted, and on the table in time for fall. The Egg
  2. Basic/1e/2e D&D (my collection is about as complete as I can afford) Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG Castles & Crusades Old British Roadsters The Egg
  3. I'm funny in that I generally don't enjoy driving - unless it's my vintage car. It's a 1976 Triumph TR6 which is a rolling restoration. And yeah, driving is pretty much necessary where I live. The Egg
  4. I got into Dungeons & Dragons in the spring of 1983. I picked up my first miniatures in the fall of that year. I still have my first mini, an Asgard Dwarf Lord in plate mail, somewhere amongst the boxes of figs I have around the house. Unfortunately, none of my original paintwork survives - I repainted everything I had sometime in the late 90s. The Egg
  5. Picked up my package from Troll Lord Games today. Received a new Player's Manual, Keeper's Guide, and Monster Manual - all with the new 1e AD&D inspired alternate artwork. The books look awesome, and I've been dug into them all evening. The Egg
  6. Giant crayfish for the win! Been asking for one for a while now. Thank you, Reaper! The Egg
  7. I'll show my grognard credentials by putting in my vote for dungeon style bases - preferably the cobblestone/fieldstone type. The Egg
  8. I'll add my voice to the chorus of dismay over this decision - I'm going to need a butt-load of ants to ruin my players' picnic . . . The Egg
  9. Two acquisitions to report. The first is a Reaper DHL order, which puts my collection to a complete run of figs up to RPR 3700. The second was a Lincoln Electric MIG welder which will be used for body work on the Sunbeam Alpine I'm currently restoring - once it finally warms up around here. The Egg
  10. I'm slowly accumulating a complete run of Dark Heaven Legends figs. I currently have #2000 to #3688 and counting. It's been a work in progress for some years now. If I had to guess, the bulk of my ever expanding hoard is made up of Reaper and Ral Partha figs. The Egg
  11. I'm hoping for a re-stock of RPR 3630 Rogal Manystripes. The fig has been OOP for a while now. The Egg
  12. Speaking as an retro gamer, I'd appreciate more creatures from the old 1e monster manuals - some old school trolls would be awesome. I'd also like to see some more giant insects/crustaceans, especially a giant crayfish. The Egg
  13. Seconded. I need a giant crayfish for my upcoming T1-4 game. The Egg
  14. I've been using old Ral Partha beastman skeletons for that encounter in TOEE. I'm hoping Reaper takes my suggestion to produce gnoll and bugbear skeletons for the KS to heart. The Egg
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