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  1. I've only been sitting at my work bench for about two hours today, and I've already painted more than I did the entire month of March. Let's hope the trend continues . . . On the bench: 1 Giant Griffon (3/4s complete) 3 Chaos Acolyte cavalry mounted on Giant Snakes (1/4 complete) 1 Chaos Acolyte Chariot pulled by Hell Hounds (Assembled and ready to prime) 1 Undead Chariot pulled by Nightmares (Assembled and primed) 8 mixed adventurers on commission (Cleaned and primed) Interestingly, I had two unsolicited requests for commissions come in this morning. I don't know where I'm going to find the time to to get all this done . . . The Egg
  2. A bit of a bust as far as getting things done this month - it's the 24th today and this is my first opportunity to sit at my workbench. Going to see if I can knock out the last of my undead snake riders today. The Egg
  3. After 40 odd years of gaming I've got a fairly large collection of figs from a host of manufacturers. These days, I'm pretty much restricting my purchasing to two companies - Reaper and Ral Partha Legacy. It wasn't a conscious decision so much as these companies covering the bases in terms of things I need for my games. The Egg
  4. Yeah. Kinda. I tried vegetarianism once. I suppose it was a success. I haven't eaten meat in 35 years. The Egg
  5. I accomplished absolutely squat last month. I just didn't have any free time to paint. But, I'm going to try to get back on track this month. On the bench we have: 3 undead snake cavalry - 3/4s done. 3 ChaosAdept snake cavalry - based and primed. 1 Giant Griffon - 2/3s done. 12 ghouls - cleaned up. I also have some commission work coming in. This will probably complicate things somewhat in terms of my clearing the decks. The Egg
  6. I've been taking (electric) guitar lessons every Sunday evening for close to a year now. It's something I always wanted to learn, and It keeps me off the streets and out of trouble. The Egg
  7. I will always prefer metal miniatures because of their detail, their heft, the fact that I've been working with it for close to 40 years, etc. Resin is my second choice, again because of the detail, though it isn't as forgiving as metal to work with. I'm not a fan of plastic minis. Details are soft, and I don't care for their "flimsiness". The Egg
  8. Brilliantly done! It's always good to see old figs being painted. And I've always loved those sculpts. I totally need to dig mine out of whichever box they're stashed in and get them on the table. The Egg
  9. I always reach for an X-acto knife - usually the trusty one I've had the past 25 years or so - equipped with a #11 blade. I bought a lifetime's supply of these dirt cheap years back and they are endlessly useful. The Egg
  10. I picked up my complete Escape the Dark Castle set at the border today. I can't wait to play this one! Worth it just for the retro artwork. The Egg
  11. I finished the last of the minis I needed for the Keep on the Borderlands OOB in January. This month I'm getting back on track with figs for Ral Partha Legacy. I've got five Chaos Adept and Undead units left to knock off before I can ship everything off. I'm going to try and get two done before the end of the month. Time to paint is hard to find now that I'm working two jobs. The Egg
  12. An better alternative to a compressor is a CO2 tank (i.e. the kind used in soft drink dispensers). They are cheaper to buy or rent, do not require water traps, have steady pressure, and run absolutely silently. Of course you still need to charge it periodically (which is cheap to do), but a CO2 tank is still a viable option IMHO. The Egg
  13. I just finished the last miniature to complete the OOB for B2: Keep on the Borderlands. So far, I've painted my way through B1 and B2. Next up is T1-4: Temple of Elemental Evil. The Egg
  14. I'm sitting on a pile of old Citadel figs - all pre-slotta stuff like the Fiend Factory line. Never got into the later GW lines simply because I never cared much for the "Warhammer aesthetic" that dominates their artwork. Different tastes. As far as thick paint goes, you haven't truly fought with it until you've tried you hand at removing heavy coats of 40 year old Testors paint . . . Ral Partha also experimented with mixed mediums for their figs - the old The Conflict boxed set comes to mind - though they never utilized it to the extent GW has. RP also delved a little into plastic figures back in the late 80s/early 90s - I think that coincided with industry move from lead to white metals around that time. The Egg
  15. Nicely done ! You need to do Keziah Mason next. The Egg
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