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  1. I'm an introvert and a bit of a misanthrope. And I'm good with that. The Egg
  2. Too many. All the Reaper dragons in metal. Two of each Bones dragon (except Mal, who I have four of) released so far. Probably 2/3s of Ral Partha's dragon catalog and a little over half of Grenadier's. The Egg
  3. Cleaning mould lines and filling gaps - especially on Bones figures. I find that the Bones material is WAY more fiddly than metal. I'm not sure if metal is more forgiving, or if it's just that I'm more used to it's characteristics. The Egg
  4. Yeah, a heads up notice would definately have helped, if only to prioritise purchases. Actually, the DHL line starts with SKU #2000. FWIW, the spreadsheet of what I have already acquired is 34 pages long - so book keeping is a pretty involved process. The Egg
  5. Augh! No! I'm so damned close! For those of you who don't know, I'm collecting the entire run of DHL miniatures. I've got SKUs #2000 through to 3762 in the bag, and am adding to my hoard as finances allow. Having SKUs discontinued is throwing a wrench into the works. I wonder if it'd be possible to get an updated list of what has been dropped - a digital version of the old NIC catalogue. The Egg
  6. Placed another order for more Dark Heaven Legends figs with Reaper yesterday. This will bring my collection to a complete run of minis from #2000 to #3721. The Egg
  7. One of my works in progress, a 1976 Triumph TR6 convertible. She's about 80% done with just the interior and ragtop still needing my attention - though I'm contemplating a carb rebuild over the winter. I've also got a 1966 Sunbeam Alpine that I'm working on, though it's not nearly as complete. The Egg
  8. +1 here. I've used both regular and low odor Krylon Matte Finish on Bones for ages now with no issues. The Egg
  9. Money would definitely get me what I need most when it comes to my hobbies - free time. I could get sooooo much more done if I wasn't forced to waste my time going to work each morning. The Egg
  10. Turns out PG wants an extra hundred bucks for the expansion to help bail them out on shipping costs for CW04. As far as I'm concerned this is adding insult to injury. Some people may be more forgiving of PG, but it's a hard pass as far as I'm concerned. The Egg
  11. I'm currently laid up with COVID, but my FLGS was willing to do a contactless delivery yesterday. Finally got a copy of Goodman Games' Mutant Crawl Classics to peruse while I'm recovering. The Egg
  12. Yeah, I bought in heavily on CW as well - and still have yet to play it. It's annoying how much space a game I've never played is taking up . . . The Egg
  13. I recently picked up a Dremel 2050 and it is fast becoming my go-to tool for miniatures. It gives you a lot of precision and I've been using it to remove mould lines and perform minor miniature surgeries for a couple months now on both metal and Bones figs without any complaints. The Egg
  14. *sigh* I think I'm pretty much done with Petersen Games once I get my last bit of Cthulhu Wars kit. And I've definitely scaled back my KS involvement over the past year. The Egg
  15. Hello all, This is probably a long shot, but does anyone here know of someone creating STLs of old school/retro style minis? Thanks in advance, The Egg
  16. Hey all, I've recently decided to get on the 3d printing bandwagon and I'm currently researching printers. The Anycubic Photon M3 has been topping my lists so far, but I thought I'd check in here to solicit some opinions. Any thoughts on the M3? Thanks in advance, The Egg
  17. Just put in an order with Reaper for the last couple of figs I'll need for modules B1 and B2. The idea is to run the mods with all the miniatures necessary, painted, and on the table in time for fall. The Egg
  18. Basic/1e/2e D&D (my collection is about as complete as I can afford) Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG Castles & Crusades Old British Roadsters The Egg
  19. I'm funny in that I generally don't enjoy driving - unless it's my vintage car. It's a 1976 Triumph TR6 which is a rolling restoration. And yeah, driving is pretty much necessary where I live. The Egg
  20. I got into Dungeons & Dragons in the spring of 1983. I picked up my first miniatures in the fall of that year. I still have my first mini, an Asgard Dwarf Lord in plate mail, somewhere amongst the boxes of figs I have around the house. Unfortunately, none of my original paintwork survives - I repainted everything I had sometime in the late 90s. The Egg
  21. Picked up my package from Troll Lord Games today. Received a new Player's Manual, Keeper's Guide, and Monster Manual - all with the new 1e AD&D inspired alternate artwork. The books look awesome, and I've been dug into them all evening. The Egg
  22. Giant crayfish for the win! Been asking for one for a while now. Thank you, Reaper! The Egg
  23. I'll show my grognard credentials by putting in my vote for dungeon style bases - preferably the cobblestone/fieldstone type. The Egg
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