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  1. Am going to start Icingstead faction, have already bought some personality models and one frostie, but was holding off buying the bulk of my frosties because A) waitin for book just in case force composition changed from beta and B) The frostie model is being used for both warrior and spearman data cards, as i own one i know that its hands/ weapons are seperate so my question is are reaper planning to do a seperate model with diff weapons/hands for each data card? I have concluded it would be possible to convert the spear hand to a hand weapon by buying extra left hands and removing the weapon to use in right hand instead of the spear. Then you could differentiate between a spearman and warrior. Or even just paint them different but do not want to do this if seperate versions are planned.
  2. If you like the W/2 cover, your gonna go nuts over the cover for The Savage North. I got to see the original painting at GenCon, and it is way cool. It's a Dwarf backed against the edge of a cliff fighting off two Frost Giants. So am I too believe from this that frost giants are to be a faction/part of a faction for savage north? Gus has said as much publicly. So it's either true, or Gus is sitting back at HQ doing a Dr. Evil laugh because he has fooled us all! Coooooooool!!!!! Cant wait! Thought I was gonna get a "wait and see type answer" ta Qwyk!
  3. If you like the W/2 cover, your gonna go nuts over the cover for The Savage North. I got to see the original painting at GenCon, and it is way cool. It's a Dwarf backed against the edge of a cliff fighting off two Frost Giants. So am I too believe from this that frost giants are to be a faction/part of a faction for savage north?
  4. Not to worry Gus, it very small point and would make little diff I think. Just glad some1 came uo with decent counter 4 the DC to prove it not infallible. Even though I play DS hate to think I was winning because of a Rule problem, used to get that complaint all the time from opponents about pain cage and takes all the joy from victory! Was personaly only gonna play the DC to test it and maybe use house rule to not allow the 2actions 4conclave, just give summon to all demons. Wanna concentrate instead on all the lovely spellcasting abilities her witchiness gets via paincage doctrine, her WB, familiar and DS only spells. Shes alwys been my fave thing bout DS anyways & now got some good caster friends too! But I digress, again grats to panzer 4the win!
  5. Shak, wasnt saying it changed the DC idea much, havent actualy played the DC myself. Just wanted to point out an error before people started thinking this was correct.Also think it would make it easier for a creative opponent to find ways to counter, will get back to you when have both used and been on the receiving end a coupla times!
  6. Very nice use of your SAs, spells and army specials, well done! Just like to say unless gus misrepresented your force you had too many survivors as only std bondslaves have mob(so zora& lorena units would have to be smaller or have 5 of their no. as regular bondslaves) but small quibbles aside well done. Also have posted in other DC discussion thread a possible flaw in the way (at least some) people are playing DC armies, be interested to see how much difference it makes.
  7. Would just like to say have been following this thread with interest as play DS and would just like to say something that seems to have been overlooked. Have seen it said several times that the last part of the DC is to use a single model to summon 3, then those 3 can use both actions to summon 6 each for a total of 18. Well it clearly states on page28, ACTIONS that a model cannot perform the same action twice in a single activation therefore you couldnt summon 6 models from1, only 3. Of course i realize you could still produce a DC but seems to me it would be somewhat more staggered than every1 is saying once you account for this.
  8. ahh oops didnt see all of reply, so its intended that way is it? see what your saying but in that case if you just shoot non archers you wont get shot at all. ok well am glad am playin DS and have size2 archers and indirect shot on my std archers haha and will be using lotsa walls if my opponent has neither!
  9. thanks Qwyk but that not my point. According to the rule im talking bout if you size1 you can fire over a size1 wall if in contact with it otherwise you cant so your target may def shot if an archer as you say(cause LOS not required) but an enemy archer may not shoot you on his turn as he has no LOS unless he size2+, fires indirect or has spell with no LOS required or goes round or up2 wall. Dont get me wrong am lovin warlord 2 but seems this particular rule bit odd! If just left so you can shoot over smaller walls would be fine as enemy can shoot you back and you get cover bonus, simple.Its the exception that gives you LOS over SAME size wall IF in contact because obviously enemy will not be in contact and therefore have no LOS. Have a look its page 21, bottom of left column stats "there is one exception, however.... Personaly am just gonna ignore this rule, no problem, just thought id mention it!
  10. Noticed the other post bout this and dont think Gus realised the problem so thought i would pitch in. In LOS section p21 it says that an exception to std LOS rules is that an attacker may shoot over an equal size wall if he in contact with it. This is ok but it means the archer in question may shoot and not be shot as his enemys LOS will be blocked by the wall unless he 2 is in contact! Of course enemy archers will get def shoots as no LOS required and larger archers may shoot him(and some spells dont require LOS). But if no larger archers and you shoot enemy non archers you are invulnerable until your opponent runs round(or up2) your wall. Surely this not what was intended?
  11. Thanks Bryan for clearingup the ghoul/ghast confusion and as I said my friend be happy to hear necro getting even more new minions to play with! Oh and hats off to Tre for some wicked nasty looking ghasts as well as every1 else for all the new stuff (scuttlebones particularly making me wanna do a razig force when budget permits)
  12. Cheers guys just seen the faerie pack- looks great so that answers one of my questions, my mate who plays elves be chuffed and we can do mass imp v. faery battles now haha!
  13. It looks like the Ghast might just get demoted to Soldier. Ta for the heads up shak, my friend be very interested to hear that as he plays necro as well as elves. Is the RC2008 PDF gonna be changed again then?
  14. All looks great, my friend be very happy hes been waiting on army pack to get the faeries as he dont like all his troops in one pose! One question though- in RC2008 (least the version I got) the ghast is a leader so why the army pack? Thought maybe it mistake on name and meant to be ghouls but no theres a ghoul mini too! Please explain enquiring minds wanna know!
  15. Me and my friends tend not to buy more than a couple of single troop figures, usually waiting for army packs to get a mixture of poses. This can be frustrating as some packs take awhile after the single sculpt and some (notably cavalry) dont get army packs. Although it is usually obvious which are NOT getting army packs(eg cavalry) some are not so obvious.Would it be possible for Reaper to make known early on which are definately NOT getting army packs to avoid this frustation please! Incidently the minis which prompted this post are- The elf faery(which I would think would get a pack but seems to be taking awhile!) The elf hunting cat (prolly not as quite big and expensive but would be nice to know) The DS ice demon (ditto) Would be great if someone in the know could answer the above queries. Oh and as a side note is Xeldorian an 'eye beast'? enquiring minds wanna know!
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