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  1. You have done an excellent job on this. Many thanks for your time and effort.
  2. Excellent. I'm really looking forward to it.
  3. Any idea as to when the public beta test will start?
  4. I was a little surprised that the roof of the crypt doesn't come off. Anyone with suggestions on how to modify it so that it does?
  5. Looks good, Will it be available for download or is it an online builder?
  6. It's probably similar to the Nefsokar one with fluff about the models, new spell's and SA's. It can be very pricey, the last one I saw on Amazon was for around $70.
  7. A friend and I do here in Indianapolis.
  8. Razig Troop 1 Baron LeBone Skeletal Crewman (x2) Skeletal Harpooner Sea Hag Rat Swarm (x2) Troop 2 Black Knife Tom Skeletal Chainganger (x2) Skeletal Crewman Zombie Recruits (x3) Troop 3 Soul Cannon Koborlas Luck Stone Troop 1 Aislinn, Shadow Tracker Feral Pups (x5) Corm, Ghostmane Shaman Familiar Muscian Troop 2 Istvan, Rageclaw Ironhide Rageclaw Line Breakers (x2) Wargs (x3) Defending the Find Aislinn hated Brettinburg. It smelled of death and corruption, and she always felt like someone or thing was watching her. In that respect, she w
  9. Here is a link to the pics. http://s62.photobucket.com/user/Earthforce1/library/Koborlas%20vs%20Razigs
  10. The following battle was considered a draw as we had to end early as the store had to close early. There are pictures, but photobucket is giving me attitude at the moment and refusing to let me sign in. Razig - 996 points Troop 1 Razig Clarissa Sea Hag Scurvy Dog Zombie Recruit x3 Skeletal Chain Ganger Skeletal Crew x3 Skeletal Harpooner x2 Familiar Mast of the Maiden Luck Stone Troop 2 Dark Maiden Troop 3 Black Knife Tom Skeletal Chainganger x2 Skeletal Crewman x3 Skeletal Harpooner Troop 4 Karkarius Koborlas (997 pts) Luck Stone Troop 1 Vasyl, Rageclaw Alpha Ironhide Ragecl
  11. Well this is certainly an old thread, but I am posting here because I recently came across these cards again and was wondering if anyone could suggest an inexpensive or free program for which to print them at playing card size. I know that I could use paint, but it's not easy getting the size right and there is some loss of resolution on text.
  12. Hi, I was wondering if there was any copy of the fluff text for Razig's Revenge available. Thanks.
  13. I'll bring it to our next game.
  14. I was at local gaming convention this last weekend and came across the Dark Heaven Apocalypse rule book for $10. I had never seen it before and decided to pick it up, primarily for the fluff as I'd like to run an RPG in that setting some day.
  15. I too am a little confused on the selling of bloodstone and upkeep.
  16. I have a couple of questions on troop building. When you build your force, you use only one leader correct? You can't have a captain leading one troop and a sergeant leading the other. Also what about equipment? Is that allowed or is it just a basic troop? Thanks. A friend and I look to playing it as it looks like fun.
  17. It was in a store that they temporarily rented across from the skybridge that leads from the parking garage.
  18. There used to be a tournament at Gen Con, but they stopped when Reaper started going to Pax in Seattle.
  19. I'm liking what I'm seeing at the moment, but I was a bit disappointed that the lycanthropes did not have any of the Koborlas figs from Warlord.
  20. I got into Warlord many years ago after seeing it at Gen Con. Unfortunately I ran into the problem of not many people in my area played it. Last year I finally found someone to game with and we try to play once a month.
  21. There is no limit on free actions. In regard to the angel attacking after it is summoned, it is a solitaire so it would get an attack if summoned into b2b contact.
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