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  1. I have one of the modern weapons packs and I'm wanting to change one of the weapons on a figure to one of the weapon pack pieces. My question is how to do it as the modern weapon has a hand ans something of a "post". Obviously I cut the miniature at the wrist, but do I cut the new weapon at the wrist and pin it or do I leave the post and drill a hole in the mini's arm large enough to fit it?
  2. I was looking at the Kargir faction today as I plan on using them for a scenario and I noticed that Boneflayer is the only gnoll on a large base. Is this correct or should he also be on a standard size base?
  3. Any chance Reaper will be returning to Gen Con this year?
  4. This question came up in a game today. I had a ranged attack unit that had a ranged attack made against it. As per the rules my unit took his defensive shot. My unit then had a melee attack made against it during the same activation. The question was does it get defensive strikes back?
  5. I was rather hoping that someone had managed to get a hold of them or that someone at Reaper could post them.
  6. Any chance that someone could post the faction Icons from the Savage North Book?
  7. Thanks for the kind words. Here's a link to the photos. http://s62.photobucket.com/user/Earthforce1/library/Koborlas%20vs%20Dwarves%205
  8. Koborlas (997 pts) Luck Stone Troop 1 Vasyl, Rageclaw Alpha Ironhide Rageclaw Warriors (x2) Rageclaw Sentry Corm, Ghostmane Shaman Familiar Muscian Troop 2 Kainus, War Veteran Ironhide Rageclaw Warriors (x3) Troop 3 Takhi, Frostfang Shaman Familiar Rageclaw Line Breakers (x2) Wargs (x2) Troop 4 Spirit Wolf Dwarves (991 pts) Luck Stone Troop 1 King Thorgram Grimsteel Bear Riders (x3) Kara Foehunter Warriors (x4) Mancatchers (x2) Troop 2 Fulumbar Ironhammer Warriors (x4) Magara Firetongue Piercer Troop 3 Stone Spirit “Keane’s blood!†Vasyl swo
  9. Hi, I was looking at the Cowboys and Gunslingers rules and I have a couple of questions. The SA Reload/# says This weapon may reload /X rounds per activation. This SA can be use twice in one activation Does this mean that it takes x rounds to reload that weapon after firing it? Also is Reload considered to be a specialty action?
  10. I've seen his other dungeons and played Ebontop at Gen Con. They are fantastic pieces of work and a load of fun.
  11. Are there pics of the new dungeon posted anywhere, because I would really like to see it.
  12. Thanks for the comments. I do my best to make them entertaining.
  13. Here are the pictures. http://s62.photobucket.com/user/Earthforce1/library/Warlord%20Nov%2017%202013/Koborlas%20vs%20Dwarves%204
  14. Koborlas Troop 1 Vasyl, Rageclaw Alpha Ironhide Rageclaw Warriors (x3) Corm, Ghostmane Shaman Familiar Troop 2 Kainus, War Veteran Ironhide Rageclaw Warriors (x4) Troop 3 Takhi, Frostfang Shaman Familiar Rageclaw Line Breakers (x3) Troop 4 Spirit Wolf Luck Stone DwarvesTroop 2 King Thorgram Grimsteel Bear Rider (x2) Mancatcher (x2) Warrior (x2) Kara Foehunter Luck Stone Troop 2 Stone Spirit Troop 3 Fulumbar Ironhammer Warrior (x3) Mancatcher (x3) Troop 4 Fulumbar Ironhammer Warrior (x6) “Fools.†Vasyl snarled as he saw the dwa
  15. I'm just getting around to painting some of my Bones and was wondering if anyone had tried Army Painter's matt varnish on a finished mini and what was the result.
  16. Thanks. That's what I figured, but I couldn't find anything specific; except about tactician.
  17. If a troop's leader is killed does this affect the initiative decks? I can't find anything in the rules about it.
  18. Koborlas Troop 1 Vasyl, Rageclaw Alpha Corm, Ghostmane Shaman Familiar Rageclaw Warrior (x3) Rageclaw Sentry Ironhide Luck Stone Troop 2 Takhi, Frostfang Shaman Familiar Rageclaw Line Breaker (x2) Eye of the Ancestors Troop 3 Kainus, War Veteran Rageclaw Warrior (x2) Rageclaw Sentry Ironhide Troop 4 Wargs (x5) Dwarves Troop 1 Freya Fangbreaker Mithral Armor Halberdier (x5) Warrior (x3) Ivar Silverfist Durgam Deepmug Troop 2 Tohil Steadyhand Piercers (x6) Troop 3 Stone Spirit Troop 4 Gargram Heavyhand Swiftaxes (x7) Vasyl stared at th
  19. Here are some pics of my game from Sunday against the Dwarves. I hope to get the AAR up tonight. http://s62.photobucket.com/user/Earthforce1/library/Warlord%20Nov%2017%202013
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