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  1. My bad then. I hadn't really paid any attention to the gnomes.
  2. I noticed last weekend when I was building my army using the army builder on the Reaper site, that there is an error in the Koborlas equipment list. It has a piece of equipment called Ironhide, but in the Savage North book it's Necklace of Worm Teeth.
  3. So if I have a size 1 unit is in light woods less than 4 in from the edge it would receive the cover bonus. What if that unit targets a unit outside of the woods?
  4. So how do trees relate in terms of cover? I know that more than 4 in of light woods blocks LOS, but what if you're under 4 in?
  5. When deploying you go by initiative deck. As for Koborlas in the KS, none have shown up so far.
  6. Yes, he proxied the elemental with the dire badger.
  7. Here are the pics from the game. http://s62.photobucket.com/user/Earthforce1/library/Warlord%20Game
  8. This is my first battle report so please be kind. The Koborlas Warlord, Vasyl, Alpha of the Rageclaw packs stared across the field as the dwarves came into view. He had not wanted this fight, but he wouldn’t shy away from it. As the Dwarves began to move across the field, Vasyl raised Doomcrier to his mouth. Doomcrier’s mournful sound shattered the air and the Koborlas howled in respose. Vasyl heard Takhi, a shaman from the Ghostmane pack, chanting behind him and suddenly he felt himself moving swiftly forward. Glancing around himself, Vasyl saw that his own men were moving at the
  9. Got to play my first pick up game of Warlord Sunday. I've played in a couple of tournaments at Gen Con, but this is the first time I've got to play just for fun. My list: Koborlas Troop 1 Vasyl, Rageclaw Alpha Frostfang Hunter x2 Rageclaw Sentry Necklace of Wyrm Teeth Luck Stone Troop 2 Kainus, War Veteran Rageclaw Warrior x3 Rageclaw Sentry Necklace of Wyrm Teeth Troop 3 Takhi Rageclaw Line Breakers x2 Wargs x2 Familiar Troop 4 Spirit Wolf Dwarves (List is not complete as I'm not sure which mage he was using or what additional equipment) Troop 1 King T
  10. My kickstarter package arrived at our UPS hub on Friday and I was really hoping that it come today, but apparently they are sticking to their delivery date of tomorrow.
  11. I received my e-mail yesterday. July 2 can't come quick enough. Hi there! We're shipping out your Kickstarter stuff! You're getting:Starter Set 2 x1Clockwork Dragon x1Haunts x1Fire It Up! x1Figure Case x2Starter Paint Set x1Ebonwrath x1Fighters x1vampire x1
  12. My list. Vampire x 1 Fighters x 1 Fire It Up x 1 Haunts x 1 Ebonwrath x 1 Figure Case x 2 Clockwork Dragon x 1 Paint set #1 x 1 Paint Set #3 x 1 The second figure case is from trading in Sofie. Hopefully I'll get my order before Gen Con as I'm hoping to use some of those figures for my game that I'm running.
  13. Just thought that I would let people know that I will be running my Warlord Dungeon; Caverns of Chaos at Who's Yer Con in Indianapolis, IN Mar 15-17.
  14. I'm up for a game, provided it's at a time when I'm free.
  15. Thanks for the clarification. I had never considered being able to do that so that will change things a bit.
  16. I was reading another thread and one of the posts mentioned using a luck stone bump your dice roll to get cleave to kick in. Can you do that? The rules just say you can use it to add +1 to a die roll and I've alway took that to mean if you missed by one you could use the stone to bump your roll up.
  17. Thanks for the suggestions. My brother found a saw blade that cut the resin really well.
  18. My brother is attemting to modify a mini and is having trouble cutting the weapon2274247303 he wants to use. His exacto knife isn't sharp enough to cut the resin. Any suggestions on what to use to do that?
  19. That's wolf to you, Newbie or should I call you lunch?
  20. Well if anybody is up for some impromtu Warlord gaming at Gen Con, I'm in.
  21. It's definity a bummer that Reaper won't be at Gen Con. I hope that we'll at least have Ebontop and Dragon's Night out to console us.
  22. What size base do the giant spiders fit on?
  23. Nobody seems to have asked so I will. What's the tournament mini for this year?
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