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  1. This is my first battle report so please be kind.


    The Koborlas Warlord, Vasyl, Alpha of the Rageclaw packs stared across the field as the dwarves came into view. He had not wanted this fight, but he wouldn’t shy away from it. As the Dwarves began to move across the field, Vasyl raised Doomcrier to his mouth. Doomcrier’s mournful sound shattered the air and the Koborlas howled in respose.


    Vasyl heard Takhi, a shaman from the Ghostmane pack, chanting behind him and suddenly he felt himself moving swiftly forward. Glancing around himself, Vasyl saw that his own men were moving at the same speed as he was. At the same time, the Line Breakers and Wargs with Takhi also began moving up. A troop of Dwarven warriors and Halberdiers led by Fulumbar Ironhammer moved forward as Kainus and his pack moved ahead of Vasyl and Vasyl swore as he saw an Earth Elemental sink into the earth.


    A stinging pain in his right side caught Vasyl’s attention and he glanced down to see a crossbow bolt from a Dwarven piercer sticking out. Vasyl grinned as his bloodlust surged. On the other side of the field, Takhi’s Line Breakers fired their massive crossbows at a line of Dwarven Piercers on a hill. The first missed the squad’s sergeant, Tohil Steadyhand, but the second caught a Dwarf square in the chest. The dwarves returned fire and managed to avenge their fallen comrade by downing one of the Line Breakers.


    In the meantime, Kainus and his pack engaged a group the Dwarven warriors and Halberdiers led by Fulumbar Ironhammer. Kainis and one of his Rageclaw warriors made short work of the warriors they faced, but he lost one to a fatally wounded dwarf. Meanwhile, the Spirit Wolf that had joined Vasyl’s band earlier, suddenly burst from the woods and attacked Thorgram Grimsteel, the Dwarven King. Grimsteel was wounded, but avoided being savaged by the spectral canine. Grimsteel managed to land a blow that nearly crushed the Spirit Wolf’s head. Grimsteel then landed a second blow destroying the specter’s physical body.


    With the death of his warriors, Ironhammer pulled his men back to regroup. The dwarven mage chose this moment to act. Spinning his hammer, he muttered spell and flung the hammer at the ground next to Kainus and his men. The spell unleashed a small earthquake, stunning Kainus and all but one of his pack mates. Taking advantage of their confusion, Grimsteel charged Kainus and took him down. Across the field Takhi attempted to use his magic to exhume the earth elemental so that his remaining Line Breaker could shoot it and the wargs hopefully destroy its physical form. Unfortunately for him, his magic failed and so the Line Breaker and the wargs chose different targets. The Line Breaker took out another Piercer, but the wargs were killed before they could do any damage.


    Vasyl roared in anger as he saw Kainus cut down and charged towards the drwarven king. At the same time, his sentry charged Tohil Steadyhand cutting him down only to be fatally wounded by Steadyhand. The dwarven king stood fast against Vasyl’s charge, but was unable to stand against the mighty blows from Vasyl’s heavy-bladed qasik sword. With Grimsteel down, Vasyl turned his attention to that last of the dwarven leaders on the field and he too fell before Vasyl’s blade. Leaderless the dwarves quickly sued for peace and were allowed to retreat with their dead and wounded.

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  2. Got to play my first pick up game of Warlord Sunday. I've played in a couple of tournaments at Gen Con, but this is the first time I've got to play just for fun.


    My list:



    Troop 1

    Vasyl, Rageclaw Alpha

    Frostfang Hunter x2

    Rageclaw Sentry

    Necklace of Wyrm Teeth

    Luck Stone


    Troop 2

    Kainus, War Veteran

    Rageclaw Warrior x3

    Rageclaw Sentry

    Necklace of Wyrm Teeth


    Troop 3


    Rageclaw Line Breakers x2

    Wargs x2



    Troop 4

    Spirit Wolf


    Dwarves (List is not complete as I'm not sure which mage he was using or what additional equipment)

    Troop 1
    King Thorgram Grimsteel
    Warrior x 3
    Halberdier x 3
    Piercer x 2

    Luck Stone
    Hammer of the Mountain God

    Troop 2
    Fulumbar Ironhammer
    Warrior x 3
    Halberdier x 3
    Magic Weapon

    Troop 3
    Tohil Steadyhand
    Piercer x 4
    Warrior x 2

    Troop 4
    Earth Elemental


    Battle Report and picks to follow.


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  3. My list.


    Vampire x 1

    Fighters x 1

    Fire It Up x 1

    Haunts x 1

    Ebonwrath x 1

    Figure Case x 2

    Clockwork Dragon x 1

    Paint set #1 x 1

    Paint Set #3 x 1



    The second figure case is from trading in Sofie.


    Hopefully I'll get my order before Gen Con as I'm hoping to use some of those figures for my game that I'm running.

  4. I was reading another thread and one of the posts mentioned using a luck stone bump your dice roll to get cleave to kick in. Can you do that? The rules just say you can use it to add +1 to a die roll and I've alway took that to mean if you missed by one you could use the stone to bump your roll up.

  5. I would like to see a Avian (bird) based race/faction as well as a Feline based. There are a ton of birds in the world from which to get inspiration for models, both flying and flightless (to kill the can't have a whole flying army rebuttal). There is a "dog" faction (koborlas) so I'd imagine "cat" people are wondering when's their turn.


    That's wolf to you, Newbie or should I call you lunch? ::D:

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