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  1. Inspired by Ebontopp, I created my own dungeon crawl. The terrain is from geo-hex, but I don't believe that it is available any more and most of the furnishing and monsters are fron Heroquest. I also used some of the D&D tiles that I got at Gen Con a few years ago.
  2. Hi, I was wondering if Reaper was going to be at Gen Con this year. I haven't seen a listing for any events from them, but the website people may not have gotten that uploaded yet. I do hope that they're going to be there as Ebentopp is my brother's and my favorite event to play in.
  3. Very nice. It definitely looks better this way.
  4. Is there anywhere on the web that would have any fluff about Taltos and the wold of Adon? I enjoy Warlord and would like to read up on any fluff.
  5. I haven't had a chance to play with leap yet, but I would agree that the leap should only be in a straight line. As for leaping over multiple pieces, the SA states that you can only leap over models of equal size or smaller, so I guess you could leap frog, but you're going to lose movement due to the x2 cost.
  6. Looking over the new SA's and FA's, I must say that I am intrigued with Leap and The Koborlas' FA Feral Rage. I also like the Mec FA Alliances reforged. It allows me to continue to use the merc army that I built.
  7. Gus, Any word on when we might get a chance to look at the new FA's, spells, and magic items?
  8. I think that it rather cool that they're doing this as there are some really nice DH minis. I do disagree with their choice for the Lupine pups and the wolves. I think that Jean-Paul (2747) makes a better pup and the wolf pack (2830) for the wolves. Given Reaper's proxy rules the great thing is that that I can uses those pieces instead.
  9. I was looking over the lupines and I noticed that Istvan, Rager Captain was reduced from a Unique Captain to a lowly Sergeant. Poor guy, he's been demoted and doesn't even know it. Seriously, though, is that correct? He's now a non-unique sergeant.
  10. Where is this list of new spell and magic item costs and Faction Ablilities? The only thing in the download was Datacards.
  11. I'm kind sorry to to see that the Lupines are not longer considered Mercs as it kind of screws up my my army. I was using Change of Heart to use Overlord Crossbowmen and I had Sisters of the Blade supplimenting my Lupines. I love the fact that there are more Lupines, I think that I would have prefered that they have a su-faction list as opposed to a complete separate faction. Although who knows, maybe their faction abilities will really make up for the lose of Change of Heart and Scoundrel's Luck. Any idea when we'll get a peek at those, Gus?
  12. Thanks for your suggestions guys, you've given me something to think about. I still like the idea of the Vale Archers, because of they're 30" range, but we'll see. As for teleport, I was thinking of using it on Kyla to put her in the backfield. With her crit shot and backstab, she could do some serious damage to a captain or sergeant.
  13. I was wondering if I coulde get people opinion on my Merc Army. Here we go: Lord Vasyl - 244 Greater Magical Weapon - 30 Magical Ranged Weapon - 40 Lupine Ragers (3) - 231 Corm, Lupine Shaman - 106 Holy Symbol - 25 Cure 2 - 20 Cure 3 - 30 Teleport - 30 Kyla, Bounty Huntress - 54 Magical Ranged Weapon - 40 Magical Armor - 15 Kassandra of the Blade - 58 Greater Magical Armor - 30 Magical Weapon - 15 Bladesisters (3) - 40 Callindra Silverspell - 100 Vale Archers (4) - 240 Total - 1458 Suggestions are always welcome.
  14. The starter box now has these cards. You can download them in the Rage Chronicles Yes, I have the Rage Chronicles, but they're not in card format. They're just written out.
  15. Hi, I was wondering if Reaper was going to put up new versions of the old Spell and Magic Item cards that you used to be able to download. I thought that it was a really cool idea and hope that it will be back.
  16. If the warrior is flying and the dragon is flying I don't see a problem, but if the warrior is flying and the dragon in on the ground, how can he charge?
  17. Where's it at? I've looked around and I can't find anything.
  18. Unfortunately many places, such as Gen Con, have banned the use of laser pointers. Even some local games stores have done it.
  19. Castlebuilder, Your new layout looks really cool and I can't wait to play. I am wondering though with all the new changes to the figure stats, will you be using those new stats for the groups running thru the fortress? WolfLord "Expect me when you see me."
  20. I gather that the elves' shadowy SA applies only to ranged attacks made against them no matter what terrain they're in?
  21. Do Beast and Mounted still work the same way as they are described in the core rules? In that it says that Beast adds a+2 and Mounted adds a +4 to Mov and that Mounted units get Shock. The description in the RAGE Chronicles doesn't say if this is still true.
  22. Great!! We really look forward to seeing it.
  23. Hi, I was wondering if the fortress for Gen Con this year was going to be the really cool terrain from 2005 or the foam board stuff from last year. My friends and I are really hoping for the cool one as we didn't get to play it then and were kind of disappointed that it wasn't there last year. I'm not saying that we didn't have fun, it just would have been a lot cooler with the other terrain. Thanks for your time.
  24. In looking over the new stats for the mercs, I noticed that Corm, Lupine Cleric has the Defensive Magic SA. The problem with this is when I looked at the new cleric spell list none of those spells can be cast defensively. I guess my question is, will there be be cleric spells that can be cast defensively released at a later date?
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