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  1. Click and enjoy Copperhead 01 http://www.voidgamers.com/images/data/phot...E-CPR-HD-01.JPG Copperhead 02 http://www.voidgamers.com/images/data/phot...E-CPR-HD-02.JPG Copperhead 03 http://www.voidgamers.com/images/data/phot...E-CPR-HD-03.JPG
  2. http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=9805 Follow the link I already have going in the Craft section. I am trying my hand at coming up with my own CAV/Mecha. Let me know what you think and thanks Kirk
  3. Dull coat ! Dull coat ! Looks good, but Dull Coat !
  4. Other than a little bit of an ankle update, she is almost done Copperhead CPR-HD01 1 Gauss Rifle 1 LRM 15 w/Artemis 10 Med Lasers Copperhead CPR-HD02 2 LRM 15 w/Artemis 1 ER PPC 5 Med Pulse Laser Copperhead CPR-HD03 2 Gauss Rifle 2 Large Laser 4 Med Pulse Laser
  5. I use Unigraphics vNX2. It can be animated but we dont have that SW plugin on file here. One of those things that mgt says we dont need. And color will be whatever you want to paint it, if its produced
  6. I decided to try my hand at a CAD CAV/Mech. Right now I have three variants for this design and when done I am hoping to find a company that would be interested in producing it,knock on wood.
  7. Any idea when the new Starhawks will be available ? Is there a picture floating around ? A curious mind wants to know
  8. Rommel Twee


    Any news if or when this will be released ?
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