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  1. thanks for all the help. i have purchased the figure along with several others from the seller. thanks for finding it, cro.
  2. the miniature/s i am looking for is lawful swordmasters 01-135, a two pack, but i can not find any for sale. does anyone know of a good site to purchase this and similar items?
  3. I would have thought that if i walked into a library and said, "hi, i'm looking for a book that has a blue-ish cover, it's isbn number is *-*****-***-*," that would be all that is needed. however, i suppose i have to take into account the fact that if it was remanufactured the pp 887 engraved on the base may no longer be relevant. the figures sword is shaped like an obtuse triangle with sword being wider at the point and narrower at the hilt. his stance is legs apart, back and neck strait, and sword held up parallel to his back and neck. as far as the helmet is concerned, it looks like a typical templar’s helmet in the front, but in the back has a triangle flap protruding that i can only describe as reminiscent of a fire-man hat.
  4. it is not "Chaotic Warrior, with great sword" from IW.
  5. hi, sorry if this is an inappropriate topic as the figure i am looking for is not a reaper figure. the figure i am looking for is a fighter in plate mail with a peculiar looking two handed sword held strait above his head. he also has a sheathed long sword at his hip, and a helmet that, in the back, partially resembles a fireman helmet. underneath is written "partha pewter" and "pp 887." any help finding this figure would be greatly appreciated. thanks, cro.
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