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  1. yeah i figured as much i have read some reviews and their lines seemed nice and small however i wish it was a side feed so the cup doesnt block my view
  2. I was wondering what your guys opinion of the Patriot 105 is? Im getting started in airbrushing and plan to in the future expand into airbrushing automotive/motorcycle parts but until i get to that point i want something that i can use with my models. i have a no name double action siphon feed airbrush but i cant get fine lines out of it and i saw that the patriot is quite capable of that. Thanks Patriot 105 --> http://www.badgerairbrush.com/Patriot_105.asp
  3. Nope not banned from any of those locations, i just didnt know about them. Honestly though im not a big fan of how the fantasy rules work, i have an even larger Dark Eldar Army and i absolutely love it
  4. So i was wondering if anyone had a suggestion what to do with my old models, I now live in the Portland area and have a sizable Warhammer Dark Elf army. Fantasy was my least favorite of GW's games, and the fact that there is nowhere local where i can just hang out has me looking at selling, trading, and just plain disposing of the army. I have considered trying to sell my army on Ebay, but I'm not sure how or if it would be my best course of action. If anyone has suggestions I am quite open to your thoughts. Thanks
  5. thanks for your swift reply i didnt realize the store was custom (thats cool to know) and the Amazon addon is cool too ill download that for sure (just have to find it)
  6. So I was wondering is there any plans to make a wishlist type program for the store? I would love to make it so i can save what i want on something other then Excel. P.S. sorry is this is in the wrong place but i dont see any subforums about ideas or suggestions
  7. i must say i love how the windows have been done. i may copy the image so i try and replicate it on a jet i have
  8. Hey guys i was wondering if you had any suggestions i have box full of models but as a FT college student i just cant seem to sit down and do it. so i was wondering what would you suggest to get me going again? i was working on a dragon but trying to figure out lighting on it had me befuddled so that project is sitting in just the beginning stages. thanks
  9. wow those are awsome and now i have to ask are those a custom job or do they belong to a specific company cause those are awesome
  10. i made a post much the same a few months ago im using a Nikon coolpix L120 honestly i cant remember what it had costed me i think around $300 after using my home made light-box and daylight bulbs this is what i was getting. and a pic of my set up
  11. Glad to see your back Jester and like usual you never fail to impress me
  12. Hey guys im looking for some comments obviously. The color on the armor is a technique i saw in a GW mag and im not 100% happy with it. I have to ask though what is that thing over his eyes? eyebrows? a part of his helm? and sorry about the second pic being giant photobucket wont seem to shrink it any lower
  13. so i was wondering if anyone has a specific suggestion you see my painting area is...semi-mobile and folds in half but here is the issue im finding i own 3 cats, a medium sized dog, and 2 birds who find great pleasure at spitting their seed at me so can you suggest a way to cover and protect my minis while im away. ill post up a pic of my table...once i get it assembled(I bought it tuesday evening) thank you p.s. im not against the idea of modding this desk in anyway to enclose my work area
  14. lol Froggy i always get a laugh out of your stuff, but like usual your stuff is also always great
  15. Hadier

    close ups

    ok well i can go as high as 4320x3240 so i guess ill use that and man my painting looks like crap under such detail
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