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  1. I was wondering what your guys opinion of the Patriot 105 is? Im getting started in airbrushing and plan to in the future expand into airbrushing automotive/motorcycle parts but until i get to that point i want something that i can use with my models. i have a no name double action siphon feed airbrush but i cant get fine lines out of it and i saw that the patriot is quite capable of that.




    Patriot 105 --> http://www.badgerairbrush.com/Patriot_105.asp

  2. Nope not banned from any of those locations, i just didnt know about them. Honestly though im not a big fan of how the fantasy rules work, i have an even larger Dark Eldar Army and i absolutely love it

  3. So i was wondering if anyone had a suggestion what to do with my old models, I now live in the Portland area and have a sizable Warhammer Dark Elf army. Fantasy was my least favorite of GW's games, and the fact that there is nowhere local where i can just hang out has me looking at selling, trading, and just plain disposing of the army.


    I have considered trying to sell my army on Ebay, but I'm not sure how or if it would be my best course of action. If anyone has suggestions I am quite open to your thoughts.



  4. Hey guys i was wondering if you had any suggestions i have box full of models but as a FT college student i just cant seem to sit down and do it. so i was wondering what would you suggest to get me going again? i was working on a dragon but trying to figure out lighting on it had me befuddled so that project is sitting in just the beginning stages.



  5. i made a post much the same a few months ago im using a Nikon coolpix L120 honestly i cant remember what it had costed me i think around $300 after using my home made light-box and daylight bulbs this is what i was getting.




    and a pic of my set up



  6. Hey guys im looking for some comments obviously. The color on the armor is a technique i saw in a GW mag and im not 100% happy with it.


    I have to ask though what is that thing over his eyes? eyebrows? a part of his helm?


    and sorry about the second pic being giant photobucket wont seem to shrink it any lower







  7. so i was wondering if anyone has a specific suggestion you see my painting area is...semi-mobile and folds in half but here is the issue im finding i own 3 cats, a medium sized dog, and 2 birds who find great pleasure at spitting their seed at me so can you suggest a way to cover and protect my minis while im away. ill post up a pic of my table...once i get it assembled(I bought it tuesday evening)


    thank you


    p.s. im not against the idea of modding this desk in anyway to enclose my work area

  8. i know im becoming a regular to this sub-forum but i have a lot of questions so here is another one for you. i just bought a Nikon Cool-pix L120 and im getting pretty good body shots but how do you guys get your real close ups? faces, gems, etc? do you use a photoshop program and zoom in that way?


    thank you i have 14 days to make a return so im trying to decide if i keep the camera.

  9. Hi guys so this is starting to come along...better then my models to be truthful and i had a few questions about what you guys use. i have already read the sticky and am working on that im using PVC instead of a box so i can break it down.


    Can i use a plain white bed sheet to diffuse my lights? or does it need to be Muslin as the sticky recommends?

    As a back drop can i use felt or some such material? i was thinking because felt will absorb the light and not reflect like paper.

    Lastly does the lamp matter? like can I use 3 different style and brands of lamps as long as they all have the same bulb? (daylight full spectrum)


    thank you

  10. ill be honest if GW does to all plastic ill be happier i know metal holds more detail but their metal models seem too busy in my opinion because they are trying to squeeze every ounce od detail out of them, not to mention they will be much more easily converted

  11. well damn airfare is expensive sadly im not going to make it but thanks for the help. all added up a 3 day vacation in the middle of a college term would cost me about 1300 and my girlfriend murdering me when i would of gotten home :zombie:

  12. i know its a little bit off topic but where do you guys find your textured card? nobody local knows what im looking for and Google gets weirs hits i get company's that make gift card and such. i have actually been told then dont make them to look like cobblestone, etc

    thank you

  13. thank you all this has given me a lot of options and i need to look into them all i would love to buy that d5000 that was suggested but 700.00 is a bit much as a student =)

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