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    what cameras

    yeah i already bought a box of daylight bulbs and have 1 lamp i just need 2 more and then buy or build a light box
  2. Hadier

    what cameras

    Hey you guys, im trying to find out what camera you all are using i have an old Nikon D100 and its not working i only have 1 lense and its a wide angle/telephoto im looking for something sorta cheap im a FT student so im living off loans :(
  3. heck im happy if i can get them answered like those trees are new to me so im probally going to buy the bundle of all of them
  4. So im looking at making a diorama, its an elf next to a burned tree ash on her face, ground, etc. That's where the plan hits a few roadblocks though. First of all how do i mimic ash on the ground would I just use a snow product and paint it shades of grey and black? Next one is how do I paint ash on say her face? Would I use a dark grey or black pastel? Lastly this one is giving me trouble with several other models as well. Where would i find a suitable tree? Should I use a woodland scenics tree armatures and paint it? Thank You
  5. well i have to say they have some awsome products and since im getting the feeling from your posts that the scale is rigt i might pick up a few once i get a little money
  6. So I was wonering if anyone has purchased anyof these and how the measure up to minis. Im looking at playing Warmachine, and Warlord (if I move Ill have to find somewhere to play lol) and think that something like the inn would look good with those games models. thank you
  7. http://www.coolminiornot.com/articles/art3d1cbed6d39ff.jpg i would suggest something like this you generally take your darkest brown and work up i did this on some scales on a Hordes model and it looks good and im sure it will transfer well to horns
  8. Hadier


    thanks you guys ill need to build a lightbox now the problem i have had is people always say to use macro mode and well the D100 doesn't have that option
  9. Hadier


    So i was wondering can anyone suggest a semi-cheap camera i can buy to use for this or how to get mine to work im shooting with a Nikon D100 my lens is a 28-300mm. thank you
  10. so i was wondering how does the dusky skin colors differ from the dark elf colors? also does anyone have any advice on how to organize your colors i own all but 7 of the triads so I'm trying to figure this out because some skin colors loo like they belong in browns and well the main issue is with the skins because they vary so greatly
  11. well folks i want to thank you she has decided on Autumn Bronzeleaf
  12. So here i come asking you guys for some advice my girlfriend is playing a campaign as a half-elf druid and was hoping that i could get some thoughts on what models would work im sure a human or elf model would work and im also open to casters all around she isn't sure what style the druid will be i mean real woodsy or more civilized. thank you
  13. one thing i find amazing is how well you blended the lizardman's base into the scene
  14. if anyone has any comments that would be wonderful im planning on working on it some more tomorrow mabey even tonight...hmm netflix, robin hood series and painting...
  15. Hey you guys the pictures a bit off on coloration as i used white printer paper but it was somehow dulled but i didn't put alot of time into the editing just zoomed and cropped. im posting this up to see if its coming along like it should and if my highlights are properly placed since this is my first true attempt at NMM as you can see the left leg is really the only part done on him. comments and criticisms are always welcome.
  16. lol that wasn't me that was the GW people i was just showing you the only pic of it i could find. I wish i did that well but i am workin on it
  17. ok i tryed the flipping it over and it sprays just fine but as soon as i turn it rightside up it does what i was saying again so its sounding like a simple green bath is my only option thanks guys well just fine other than i get primer on my finger too but thats a whatever
  18. Hi, guys i was wondering if you had any tips for me i was priming some models with my tamiya primer nad it wasn't actuakky spraying just kinda fuzzing and the actual primer just kinda gooped its way out of the nozel so i am thinking its dirty. now onto the question How do i go about cleaning the inside of it or should i just throw on a new one from one of my other cans the only problem i have with that is i don't want to ruin another nozel. Thanks guys and sorry about my poorly formed sentance and spelling have pulled an all nighter
  19. Thats strange i use a piece of steel wire to clear them with and they don't get damaged at all. How many of your bottle do this? when did you buy them? i am thinkin mabey you got a bad batch of nipples just like models, paint, plastic can have bad batches too but i would like to hear a reps take on this mabey they are using a new company for them
  20. looking good man I havn't posted about how models look mostly becasue I have no room to talk but here I go ill try to make sence at least. I am loving the warrior at the top the only thing i am not sure about is the how spots on the part of the axe behind the blade, the next one that seems off is the female magic user I think her lips might of been a little thick just from the distance and how think they are it makes her look like almost a man. Now for the good a lession I leanerd on other sites if you post a negative post just as many positives if you can so here i go. I am really liking the NMM on the warrior I mentioned, and the freehand on the magic users cloak is awsome I haven't tryed my hand at freehand or NMM so congrats at a job well done. p.s. one last thing I would find a basic photo editing program and try to crop, and lighten the photos
  21. awsome thanks guys i have been impressed by your guys work on a regular basis so i am more than happy to take any from you i think ill have to use a slightly larger base than i planned but thats no big whoop i don't even play chaos.
  22. actually i tryed a brss brush and thats one reason i have to milliput it. it put some scratches into it but its working i just had to do a few layers you know "paint" the slurry on, let it dry and keep going.
  23. Ok, so i just bought some standard grade is the ball of putty supposed to actually breakdown or do i just jab at it and brush on the water that come off it?
  24. thank you very much i will try and see if anyone locally has any thats not 30 miles away all of my FLGS are GW's uggh
  25. Hi guys, I was wondering how would you go about filling pinholes and just overall roughness from sanding i am working on a GW 09 games day mini and i don't want to screw this up it is metal. I have another model that I am testing on I used a brush on sealer and mixed a wash into it to help dye the sealer should i just do this or buy milliput and if i should buy milliput what type i was thinking superfine as i have heard people complaining it becomes a paste almost i am thinking that would be a good thing for solving my issue. i would post pics but as its all just bare metal it won't come out. thank you all.
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