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  1. Hi guys i picked up GW's 09 Games Day model and was hoping for some insight on how i should base it i can't think of anything intresting with its pose also I don't play the army its for so it being on a "legal" base doesn't matter to me. thanks
  2. So i have to ask this wouldn't the more liquid it became be better as your not trying to use it as a putty but like a brush on filler? i am asking becasue i am going to have to order online X( nobody local carrys it well nobody thats less than 30 miles away
  3. all i see that skullcrafts carrys now is the dyed seed pod things sorrys its almost midnight so i am tired but here is the site http://skullcrafts.com/index.htm
  4. As nobody else surprisingly has said it Don't use GW. i play their games and all that mostly becasue there is all of 2 stores that have games that play others and they are 20 mines away. The reason i say not to use GW is its very picky to temp and humidity, so unless the conditions are prefect your model will be covered in this white fuzz even the employees have told me their stuffs picky so thats my 2 cents
  5. well there are a few sites i have found but mind you havn't purchased from they are http://www.nationalartcraft.com/subcategor...86&scid=179, and http://www.michtoy.com/MTSCnewSite/scenic_...drea_bases.html
  6. Ok Guys, First of all I want to thank you for your advice, and I am here fora bit more help. I recentally borrowed my dads Nikon D100 its a nice camera that has fully ajustable settings but was wondering what lenses would you advise for taking macro range pictures. I am looking at these but am not sure what would be best at the moment they are from Nikon's web page but am prefectally willing to use a differant companys if it fits. http://imaging.nikon.com/products/imaging/...f_28d/index.htm, http://imaging.nikon.com/products/imaging/...f_28g/index.htm, http://imaging.nikon.com/products/imaging/...28_if/index.htm
  7. Hi, guys as the title suggests i am trying to buy a new digital camera..actually i guess a digital camera period my cameras are 2 old 35mm minoltas. I love them but there is no way they will cut it for mini pics so any suggested brands or just what cameras as a whole would be best would be appreciated. Thank you
  8. Hey yah guys I am just throwing this out there if you ever need electronics for modeling purposes find a local moving company and approch them. Usually they will dispose of stuff for people they move at my local one i work for during the summer they have alot of computer moniters (note: these do not make good salvage they tend to hold an electrical charge even after unplugged), broken printers, computer towers, and varying pieces of office machines. and don't get discouraged i would check every 2 weeks if they are ok with it and i would speak to whomever is in charge of their warehouse not the company manager he will tell you no but the warehouse manager will most likely be prefectally happy to get rid of some junk that their customers no longer want to pay to store
  9. I really like the hair as was already said actually if you can pm or just post how that was does it would be great i am working on a model and thats about the color i was after. your shading is great the only critque i have and i know you did not ask for it is this is that you might of overdone the highlight in the cheekbone as its really visible in the first picture.
  10. I have definate plans to open a website I have signed up for some classes at my local CC and my plans are doors open by october of next year but that can ajust and change I am not hard and fast with anything. If any of you guys know a decent client to run a website off of I would be very intrested for when the time comes.
  11. yah my plans were to keep tables at about waist height and was actually thinking about having them on door hinges with sliding bolt locks so I can fold them up aginst the wall I am palnning on selling more than just wargames I am planning on sellng cards, comics, and games I can totally belive that a wargames store has a hard time but my plans are to spread my market out too so along with all those other things I listed I am planning to sell rpg's as well i am looking at D&D and White Wolf products
  12. Oh yah totally that was actually a plan that if anyone was looking for anything I would assist them in finding it and ordering it for them from varying sites and companys
  13. Ok, As my title says I am in the process of opening a local shop and would like to get some imput from you guys I mean i am opening it as a game store I know what I like but would like imput from some fellow gamers I am looking at opening this location because the only shop I have near me are 2 GW's. Now than on to my question I am looking at carrying Warlord along with several other game systems but I am not going to get into that I was wondering what 2 armies would make a good demo set I am asking this because I have already picked up the rule book locally so all I would need is a basic starting army I was thinking Crusaders and Overlords. They seem like a simple good vs evil that players could relate to. Also as a secondary question what point value is most games played at I am asking this so I can try to determine table size. If this is in the wrong area or should not be up at all please either more or delete it. But if anyone has any experiance in this from previousally owning or currentally owning a shop I would be more than intrested in talking with you to try and pick your brain as I can use all the help I can get. Thank you for your time.
  14. On this topic I was wondering who all is going to be going this year? I would love to meet some of you folks that have help me out so much with my saint celestine that i have yet to complete . i am dragging it along with me to gencon as i am taking a few classes and its my current project that thankfully has all the points i need to work on nmm, freehand, basework, and faces/hair all things i think i am having trouble with are classes i am taking i decided to prereg events this year yay
  15. yah i am planning on the symbols in NMM Gold and silver for chains and sword. but i am not really sure on the cloth i was thinking like either red or pink for the roses in her sword hand.
  16. I am still open to ideas i am liking the idea of a dark red cloth but i am not sure about it
  17. yah i could see that i diden't even think of that since the whole model is bright a dark color would probally look good if i did go for a dark red for example the shadows would need to be almost black right?
  18. thats odd they worked early yesterday ill try to repost them
  19. Hey yah guys I have finally made some progress I have finished the armor but now i need some ideas on what color to paint the cloth I am planning on making her a redhead so i can't do red because her wings will be the same as her hair so that would be way too much red so any ideas and comments would be wonderful. p.s. I have to say recording how you got a color is a great idea
  20. I looked over your pics and they are cool and you have great control but I have to ask. What are you using for paint? the models have a gloss look to them I know testors will do that from seeing people use them but I bet its just you need to hit them a couple times with a matte varnish. but beyond that great job and keep up the good work
  21. Well i am looking for a brush that can hold a tip and not splay after a few months and is fairly sharp by sharp i mean that the bristles are somewhat stiff
  22. Ok guys i have been trying to find the brushes locally and thats not happening. But i am sitting here working on my Saint Celestine (gw ) and i thought of it is either of the brushes like the reaper ones in terms of bristle length? becasue I am liking them lol sure better than the gw ones i used to use at least.
  23. I was actually thinking the miniture brushes might be best so ill probally judt order one of each and see what i like the best, and i have more than my fair share of brushes for drybrushing
  24. i would say get yourself a pair of flat snips i am not really sure what its true name is but if you are desprate GW made a pair but there is probally better out there and than get yourself like a set of 6 files to file down the mold lines, and a hobby knife with extra blades.
  25. Hey guys, I was hoping you guys could help me out i am looking at their site and i am seeing the W&N 7 and than the miniture brushes made by them and was wondering whats the differance? thank you
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