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  1. Ok, I am in shock and have to ask what are you useing for your golds? i have yet to find a color combination that i like and well i guess i have been more than a little scared to try NMM for some reason. i think the main reason is i have a hard time seeing in my minds eye where the light source is so i tend to have multiple points where the light would be coming from so i have been struggling and hell i have been painting for years now and i think i suck pretty bad
  2. Hey guys no real progress but now than on to the reason i am posting. i was wondering if anyone can advise what color to use as a shade? i am working a layer of ghost grey over snow shadow and am starting to realise that it needs to be my final highlight not pure white so i was thinking Shade: ???, Midtone: Snow Shadow, Highlight: Ghost White thanks guys
  3. Ok guys i have made some progress in these pics i put a coat of Snow Shadow down. I am going for a bluish white armor as the cloth will be a red. I was thinking Snow Shadow Shade, Ghost White midtone, and a Pure White highlight. I would like some imput if that would be the correct color set and any advice you all might have on how to line the armor so its not all just a blob of white. Thanks
  4. Hey guys, first off thanks for the advice on the rocks so here we go. my rocks started with Troll Shadow, and than i used the stone triad and was very pleased to lean it has some brown in it. i started with this and this is with the stones painted Any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you
  5. Thanks for the advice guys you were asking about what the rocks look like. the brown are large rocks and the green thing in the pictures is a helmet
  6. So would a good set of steps be like Stormcover Grey, than wash Muddy Brown, than Stormy Grey, wash again, than Shadowed Stone with a final stage of Muddy Brown wash or is that too many? also would those be the right colors?
  7. Hi yah guys, I was wondering if anyone has a good formula for how to paint rocks. I am working on a GW Saint Celestine conversion and i based her up on some rocks but now that she is primed i have to figure out a way to get a natural look. Thank You
  8. ok thanks to all of you i posted it late at night so i wasn't really thinking when i posted and i am sorry for the shakey pics but i don't have a tripod
  9. Hi, I was hoping you guys could give me some advice on how to make him better i know i have not finished the head thats why its not even attached. I was thinking i need to make the skin almost straight military green at its highest points but am not sure. I used true metalics so i am not sure why it came out so flat but whatever I am planning on making the white you see in the back view blue and in the front view red. thanks
  10. Hi guys, i had a question and a slight request i was about to use my brown ink and it looks geen when i spread it out on a tile can someone either tell me if thats supposed to happen or try it themselfs to see if its just mine. thanks p.s. thanks for any reading but i just checked my second bottle and i figured out the problem of the first i just did not shake it enough.
  11. Hi i was wondering if anyone can advise some colors to use for gold and silvers? i have looked at the stickys and the only problem i have with those is in 1 it advises a GW color thats no longer made and the rest cover so many differant companys that i have no way of getting them. i was hopeing someone might be able to advise what RMS and GW paints to use since i have all the RMS and easy access to GW paints. thanks
  12. Ok well first off Thanks to all of you for your advice i have to say i was almost hoping Jade would tend towards one color but i was way off. and Mengu thanks for the site i actually found one that looks like it would be what i am after i was thinking something like the Jade Pear that would be the fourth on the link. P.S. how do i post pictures? i thought i had it but it did not go through or i would of just posted the image not refered to the link And thanks again Mengu i had no idea how to post pics
  13. Ok as the title says i am working on a piece that i am hoping to look like jade but my questions follow with this 1) what colors would i use? i have the whole set of RMS so colors is not a problem its just what ones of the group 2) would it be painted like a normal gem? i don't think so since Jade is a sold gem right? thanks for any advice that can be givin on this subject
  14. Well I know mine are nowhere near Jester worthy but i have one to work on :) the models been sitting around waiting for a paintjob...well to be assembled even for a while so i know i can at least try to contribute
  15. From my understanding yes you can more info is in the off-topic link and this is in the sticky section listed as "Project Jester"
  16. yes it does thanks. i am not even going to try OSL since i really am nowhere near good enough with highlights to figure it out since a fire adds red and lanterns yellow to you highlights so i am not going to try that. and just to respond to yours to make sure i understand most of the time something like a "noon" day point on the model is the right point?
  17. Ok first off thanks to everyone who posted in my previous post it helped alot. i have been working on models for a few years now and highlighting has always been the bain of my existance but i think thats because i don't know what direction or how to do it so i was wondering if you guys have any advice for a beginner in highlighting. with how its working in my brain its almost like you have to choose two points for the "sun" to come from so you can get the front and back or is that wrong? my thoughts kind of make me think it look like this to me at least in theory (L) Light Direction (M) Model -----------------(L) -------------(M) ---------(L) so if you can shed any well light on this tech it would be great thanks. p.s. and sorry about all the dashs it was the only way i could figure out how to get my idea to show like i need
  18. Ok well here is another question. What size brushs do you usually use? i ask becasue i was thinking about getting the W&N Series 7 sizes 3, 2, 1, 0, and 2/0 is that overkill or about right
  19. Thanks alot you guys you have all been a huge help and insperation i have countless more questions but ill probally just repost a new set of questions once i can articulate them in a way they make sence
  20. ok thanks guys its all a huge help ill check that site out here in a little while. and in responce to you Flit i am currently using GW brushes so at this point anything is better than what i have. where would i be able to buy a W&N i might pick one up to try out if i can find a site. sorry about asking for sites like this but i have no idea of sites for such stuff
  21. Ok well first off i am going to say i have been painting for several years now but now that i have gotten togeather the reaper paints i have to say this is a whole new can of worms so here we go. 1) I know this may be a stupid question but whats the differance between the Inks, and the Liners? like what are they used for i ask this question because i have used inks a little but liners are new to me 2) can you advise a set or company of brushes that have stiff bristles? i have noticed i work better with stiff than flexable and actually it helps me because it forces me to do layers not just one thick one 3) now this is where i go off the deep end. is anyone in the area of seattle, WA? i am trying to find a good LGS and well the only one i have around me that i know of is GW and well they are less than friendly to anything non-GW thanks for any answers or advice and i know i am bound to post more questions later.
  22. ok thanks alot i had no idea what to do i have ordered a few other mulipart models and not had a problem yet so this time i was like HUH? i guess ill give them a ring today and find out what my next step is.
  23. Ok i am going to get to it quick because i am confused. I got a Silver Dragon along with a few other things for christmas and i just finished cleaning the mold lines off my dragon and i usually start with a dry build just so i know what wing is what and i noticed the tab on one of them is mabey an inch long while the slot is like 2 inchs long so i thought it was the wrong side but the other is the same. After looking into it a bit deeper just trying to figure out what happened i noticed i have 2 Left wings and one of them is not even to my dragon i have gone throught the catalog that comes with an order and it looks like the wing to either the Gaurdian Dragon or Narthalyssk Dragon so any advice would be great. Thanks
  24. ok well i know this is a bit off but i had a question regaurding brushes. i am looking at getting a new set since i have been using GW i mean i have done well with them but like everything they broke down so if you can refer a good set that would be great. also one thing i am wondering is if you guys know of any brushs that are quight stiff i noticed at least for fine detail if the brush doesn't bend and fan too much it helps me but the only reason i had a brush that did that is its one of my crapped out GW and well that brush finally got to the point that i can't use it Thanks
  25. Ok its me again i have a question i have started picking up referance material and such but it just hit me. How much Putty is good to buy at a time? Because i started thinking when you build around an armiture you have to use quight a bit of putty just to build it up to the point where you can start getting it to look like you want don't you
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