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  1. ok guys i want to start off by thanking you for any advice you can give i haven't done any sculping so please bear with my stupid questions. 1) ok right now i have been using GW greenstuff what do you belive is the best putty to start with? 2) next is do you do some kind of framework for the model? or just run straight putty and if you use a frame why? 3) what would you advise me to start with i mean should i just do small work on existing minis or try at making one? thank you guys very much ill probally be posting far more questions in the future
  2. well my previous results were i was able to see a differance between the shade and the base color but i can't see it now would the differance be i used to use a GW Black spray primer and this thime i used a grey primer by someone else?
  3. well here is my 2 cents i have used GW paints for like 3 years till i found reaper like last month i have to say reaper takes some getting used to but i would say about 2-3 drops of water is good for GW paint. if its hard my advice for you is to heat water up in the microwave and put a little in the pot and take a stiff metal wire and stir it that usually helps but i do agree RMS paints are much better the only thing i like of GW's right now is their inks. Hope that helps
  4. ok guys i was wondering if anyone could tell me how to do armor i started with shaded steel i think its called but it doesn't look right. i was kind of wondering how you do it i am new to reaper paints but have been painting for a few years now and i can't seem to get the same results i used to get i have to admit i went from GW paints so i was thinking mabey you have to handle RMS paints differant. thanks
  5. ok guys i have no idea how to post this but i have an older 35mm Minolta camera one is a X-700 and the other is an X-570, a Wide Angle 35~70mm it goes from 2.8-22 asa i belive, than i have a telephoto that is 80~200mm and that is 4.5-22 asa, a 50mm lense that goes from 1.4-18 asa, and lastly a body mounted flash. so my question is what should i use to take my pictures with i also have a weird little thing that lets me scroll the lense in closer but i am not sure what thats called and what should i do about lighting? thanks
  6. ok i know that the title does not help much but i was wondering what paints are in them i have read several posts and been confused by the answers. i am slowly working my way from GW paints to master series i mean ill say i have had good practice with my GW paints but i have just been cranking out models but i bought a bunch of models at this years indy gencon and tryed the master paints and well i don't want to use my GW paints on them. And on a second note how do you guys prime? i was thinking about going to my GW store and buying some spray white or black primer but am not sure if thats such a how idea. thanks for any answers
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