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  1. Your team went out in the mail this morning at 10 a.m. So unless the postman is REAL slow ... you should have it for Thanksgiving break. Norse under the newest revised rules are a lot of fun ... especially if you play against heavily armoured teams where your Snow Troll can really use his skills. We don't yet have figures for the Ulfwereners. Phil Bowen's sculpts for those are currently at Iron Wind getting moulded and cast so they are coming. Anyway ... have fun with the team. I love the new Norse roster. Galak @ Impact!
  2. Fully agree with this comment. They also just updated the rulebook for the game and instead of making you pay your left arm to get another Codex ... the new rulebook is available for free on their website. A playtester team worked for 2 1/2 years to develop the new rulebook and I strongly believe its the most fun version of Blood Bowl to date. New rulebook: http://www.specialist-games.com/assets/LivingRulebook5.pdf New background for the game: http://www.specialist-games.com/assets/BBbackground.pdf Blood Bowl also has the largest player organisation of any of the GW games (including WFB and W40k). With over 2000 active members the NAF is the big daddy of the GW player organisations. http://www.bloodbowl.net The Blood Bowl tournament is held in Nottingham every spring ... 200 folks attend every year to bash heads. There are many online leagues as well as mentioned earlier. Its a great game ... the new rules made it an even better game .... definitely try it out. Tom Anders
  3. When you do that search that Ewan just recommended ... pay particular attention to the Sponsored Links on the right of the screen. Galak
  4. First off apologies for thread necromancy. I just found this forum. Just wanted to mention that my friends and I loved that sculpt so much we had to work with Ewan to get him to make some more. Ewan has done some halfling sized zombies since then ... and he is working on several other figures (which he won't send us work in progress pics for yet). So I'm looking forward to seeing his next work as well. Here is sample of what the Ice Troll looked like after we had it cast and painted.
  5. Just an FYI on this topic. Impact! Miniatures will be carrying ProCreate in our store by the end of the month. Planned Prices as of now should be: USA: $9.00 ... shipping will be $4.00 Canada: $12.00 CAD ... shipping will be $4.50 CAD UK: £8,00 ... shipping will be £2,50 Europe: 11,00€ ... shipping will be 4€ Quick footnote to the admins ... realizing this is Reaper's board ... if the admin have knowledge that Reaper is planning on carrying ProCreate ... PLEASE remove this post. I have no intention to come onto another company's board and mess with their sales. Thanks ... just was posting this because there are currently only two suppliers of this stuff in the world online and wanted to folks know that a 3rd was coming soon.
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