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  1. Hehehehe.... I am still way interested as well.....
  2. Hehehehehehe..... Anyway posty 2 is up. A day late but none the less its up. I must say I like the interrgation rote you took on the poor porr driver lol. Laterz Jay
  3. Letting the ring roll in his hand Zaak begins to ponder to himself, "Hmmm scarelett brotherhood. [email protected]#@'d them all! They will die by hands for what they did to my mother and father. I will need to get a better sense of this organization and find the ones responsible for the heinous act." Drifting off in the darkness with his hood pulled over his head he continues, "Same with the guard. Worthless human scum ----- every one o' em. I think a few of em will also need ta feel a lil discomfort befor the end of my days in this town."
  4. <Part 2...... for the group> On the move to the North Ward….. The Carriage…. After the carriage comes to rest; Vargos, Rothgar, and Eligos make their way out and proceed off into the alleyway; and the driver makes his way into the carriage with Quintilas and Kurith. After taking a few more pulls from the bottle the driver does not really pay attention to his surroundings nor does her really care about the group that departed down the alleyway. However it is apparent he does like the dwarven booze and has quite a taste for the stuff. “My little sister and I” he motion
  5. Short update..... I was able to get part 1 up for Tempest. However I am still working on part 2 so it should be up Tueday after I get home from work... Heheheh wiffey gave me some unexpected / expected news the other day which threw me off into never never land. Laters
  6. <Part 1...... for Tempest> The Hawkwinter Estate…… Lord Hawkwinters Office….. Tempest….. Lord Hawkwinter replies, “You see there is a watch that makes sure all living visitors are out of the cemetery before sundown. Now after sundown it is rumored there is a rogue guild responsible for keeping the walls guarded with traps and the such. Deepwinter Vault is located in the North Western part of the City of the Dead. Now as for the vault itself it is very small however it does contain a secret passage to the Dungeon of the Crypt. You see Tempest the wards have vanished g
  7. Zaak listening to the exchanges of words begins thinking to himself, "Well if ya want to match arrows I can stick you with one as well" looking directly at the sgt. AsHelegar and the watch make their way down into the hold of the ship Zaak makes his way back into the shadows awaiting their return.
  8. Watching the others enter the building Vincent follows. However before he enters the building he does in fact peer off into the distance to se if he cay spy any movement 'out of the ordinary'.
  9. Dimmesius looks to Karyn and says, "Was just helping clean up. Hows your little friend?" Dimmesius says, "Sure ---- hoping there a place ta eat for rations are getting kinda old." After saying that he grabs up some of the other camp belonging and follws Karyn into the town.
  10. Heyas all, Imma back finally.... My powersupply did a lil more dmg then I would have liked. Friend of mine had to take my pc and do some recovery work as well. But everything seems to be in it proper working order. I believe at the beginning of the new year I have a new PC to buy. (After holidays). But I am going to start to work on our story today and have a post up by tomorrow. Then hopefully without a catch I can get back to 2X a week. Laterz
  11. Heyas all, Sorry for not posting a little in a few days. Unfortunatly for me my PC died at home heh. Needs new power supply and another hard drive. I'll be getting back up this week (hopefully tomorrow) and then I'll post either Tuesday or Wednesday. Right now Imma using a friends PC and better get off of it and continue my visit. Laterz Jay
  12. Dimmesius pulls 'headplitter' free of the log. Thinking to himself, "That was easy enough....." he sheathes his sword and turns around. Looking back in the direction of the camp at where the other two had been he sees noone except the remains of the camp. He then proceeds back to the camp wondering what had happened to the other two. As he proceeds to the camp he does pay particular attention to his surrioundings for anything else that might catch his attention.
  13. Making his way to Toth and Ray, Vincent takes a fast glance down at the corpse. Doing a triple take he looks over at the two and scratches his head. He then takes another look dwon carefully inspecting the corpse. Thinking to himself, "Hmmm mound people???????????????" Vincent then moves away from where Toth and Ray making note not to diisturbe anything in the area he starts to take a closer look at the ground, looking around for tracks, evidence of a scuffle, or anything that may be in the area as well as anything that might appear out of the ordinary. Hearing Toth ask, " Who were the peo
  14. The Hawkwinter Estate…… Lord Hawkwinters Office….. Lord Hawkwinter looks at you wryly and states, “Aye ----- that may just put you into a tight spot. Give me a chance to think of something that may aid you in this predicament.” Lord Hawkwinter looks to you and replies, “I see Tempest ----- I was sure that the staff would in fact intrigue you. With the discussions I had with Lady we were sure you would of liked to be a player in such an instance. Also as for assuming would take on such a role was lets say ‘coincidence’.” Lord Hawkwinter looks to you and replies
  15. Walking the perimeter of the log Dimmesius spies a crack. Thinking to himself, "It might just be worth a shot." he grabs headsplitter in his hands. He approaches the crack to one side of the opening and thrusts headsplitter to the inside furiously......
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