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  1. To be honest, so long as it's manageable within the ESPN system I don't really care what we do whether it's dynasty, keepers or redraft. I'd rather not have to fanny about with other mechanics to figure stuff out - let's let the system do that for us. Less mistakes and easier to find. To be honest I'd be happy with total redraft, live or automated
  2. Okay I'll keep the following: Gronk Megatron Jamaal Charles Zach Stacey I think that's 9, was in my head when I went through it all :o) Doubt I'll be at the draft, I'll set my team to auto-draft. Hope I get someone good.
  3. My girlfriend is in hospital with a pneumothorax, so I'll not be drafting for myself again. I've updated my auto-draft thingy and will await the results :o)
  4. Oh yeah, I can smell some football in the air!!! Wish I could get the pre-season games, I'm sooooooo stoked to watch me some football!!! Anway, enough excitement (can't believe I of all people said that), my keepers are as follows: Wes Welker, Den WR (3) Rob Gronkowski, NE TE (2) Calvin Johnson, Det WR (2) Jamaal Charles, KC RB (1) That leaves me 1 to bank for next year (since I already had 1 banked). If the app will let me draft then I'll be able to do it, but depending on She Who Must be Worshipped I may have to auto-draft - this'd be my 4th year in a row I think and while it's not terrible it's not bad either I guess. Are we gonna set our keepers as keepers in the system this year so we don't have to worry about accidently drafting another team's keeper (again)?
  5. Sorry for the delay in replying, I haven't had the best September (anyone got a 'turn back the clock' spell or something?). Yes we're still looking for players, the more the merrier.
  6. Start of games for each individual player, so if you're in a toss up you'll have to be careful if you have a 1pm and 4pm start choice.
  7. As I said, 400 BP. I'm basing the campaign in Seattle. I tend to be a little light on 'detective style' adventures but otherwise everything else is straight down the middle. Combat will be common, and hacking and rigging cry out to be included in those as well as does magic. Social engineering and working contacts will also be very common - it's not what you know but who you know afterall :o) I'm happy with any qualities, except Flashbacks or anything similar, and races and the like. Just remember a Sasquatch isn't especially common even in the 2070's. The only other exception is that everyone will gain the fixer I use for my campaign at Loyalty 2 and Connection 2 for free once we start play. I've found that in Shadowrun, 'tanks' don't work amazingly well. You need physicality to add to your survivaility (Damage Resistance Tests, although I ignore Armour Encumberance rules so long as you aren't silly) but killing quick is the best way to protect your more fragile team mates. What's the image on the cover of the main rulebook?
  8. The draft looks like it's gonna be way too early for me - going to see Total Recall with the better half so won't be back in time. Also I notice I have a full roster still..... I'll drop my non-keepers and let Stefan deal with the keepers in whatever manner he's using.
  9. So we've got 4 potential runners? Anyone have any ideas as to the character they'd like to play?
  10. 10pm UK time on the 2nd would be great for me, the better half will be in bed for work so I can stay up as long as needed. As for keepers, I'm keeping the following: Big Ben Wes Welker Rob Gronkowski Calvin Johnson Darren Sproles Want me to drop the rest?
  11. Sorry I've not posted, seems the forum forgot to email me and I've been working. Don't have to worry about that now so on with the Shadowrun! I'm planning on posting once a week, maybe every other week depending on how everyone works out. The Anniversary edition is slightly different but it's more the occaisional rule being reworked to include errata and FAQ info. @gwangi SR4 is actually quite different, it's not as complicated - and is based on dice pool modifiers as every TN is 5 & 6.
  12. I honestly don't know how much interest there will be for this but here goes...... Who wants to earn a rep? Anyone up for some easy nuyen? How about breaking laws for money? I'm thinking of running a Shadowrun game, based on Shadowrun 20th Anniversay Edition (published by Catalyst Game Labs) rules, which will be known as SR4A from now on :o) The campaign will start in 2071 and will include most, if not all, published adventures. All source books are open and so are all character options - wanna play a Drake? Or maybe an AI? So long as it's a 400 build point character and meets all the rules I'm happy :o) I'll be using HeroLabs software (produced by Lone Wolf Development) to manage characters and combat, so you won't even need any dice. I'll produce HL files for every character, and email a PDF of the character portfolio should you wish. If you want the software, by all means feel free but it's not essential and the whole package does cost around £90 at present. If anyone's interested please post. I'd like a minimum of 4 runners, no more than 10 please :oP
  13. So I've got enough for all three keepers this season? I really need to get my football brain in gear again :oP
  14. My Keepers: Ben Rothlisberger Wes Welker Chris Johnson Percy Harvin Not sure I'll be able to make the draft, once Stefan posts all keepers I'll move them down on the auto-pick. Should I drop all my other players?
  15. I'm in, I've texted Rupert. I think we should do an online draft, AND utilise the keepers feature of the ESPN website. Just set the max mumber of keepers 8 since we get $8 a year and no player is ever less than $1. That way we'll have the system do a lot of that crap for ut and we don't waste more time on correcting picks than we do actually picking!!!
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