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  1. Wow... Great job on that! Well deserved gold.
  2. That is one lovely paint job! Very nice free hand on the shield. Its cool how refreshing it can be to shift from sculpting to painting (or back), its nice because right when you seem like your at the end of your rope with one you can flip to the other and feel instantly re energized. The latest hell born stuff you have done as well as that great bard are very good pieces.
  3. Yup, I sculpted it too. I'm glad you like the horns, I was unsure about them.
  4. Hey guys, its been a while since I showed any of my stuff on here. This is a dragon I just painted about a week and a half ago. take care - 88
  5. IG88

    New Stuff

    Hi, Thanks guys I sculpted the Bog Raiders and my Brother Sculpted the snake priestess.
  6. Hey all, I painted up some miniatures we just came out with, Bog raiders and a snake lady, I hope you like the paint jobs. Take Care
  7. Hey Renowyth, that sickle came out great. Big Difference between the first one. Nice work on that.
  8. I like the scales, over all this mini is coming along well, I can't wait to see it with the completed head and weapon. good work.
  9. Hi, These are some examples of finished pieces(well the Masai needs work but the other two are) Tech is used on the Masai's spear and shield (this is a good way to make shield too) Vampires candle was made the same way, I obviously took more than 3 minutes shaping that, it was tough and i ruined one in the process but practice makes perfect as usual. Conan's sword was made the same way. 1. Draw, imagine, or pirate a sword or other weapon design. historical weapon books with pics are always nice. 2. Get some sheet metal, tin snips and a dremel with cutting bit, a hard grinding bit and a wire brush buffer bit, not sure what there actually called. 3. With tin snips cut out a piece of metal that's just a little bit bigger than the weapon you intend to make. 4. Trace or freehand the design you want on to the metal with something, i use pens and they do rub off, just be careful when you handle it, hold by the edges 5. As best as you can, cut the weapon out with the tin snips. This is a rough cut leave any small precise work like hand guards and fancy curvature to the dremel. 6. Dremel time. hold the weapon with some needle nose pliars, A. its easier to handle that way and will not fly out of your hand, B. the metal gets hot due to friction so you will not burn your hand that way. C. wear safety goggles, glasses, Oakley's, some kind of eye protection. 7. Use the grinder and the cutting disc to shape the weapon. I don't have time to make a video or anything to sell on CMON or whatever but if you play around with a few swords you would be suprised how fast you can get good results. 8. Once your done shaping the piece shine it up real nice with the wire buffer bit, this cleans the surface and removes grit and metal shards that would other wise make your life difficult when you add the putty. It also saves wear and tear on your color shaper(if you don't have one of those order one, there the best sculpting tools out there) 9. Add putty, I normally add a base coat on blades by rolling the putty nice and thin then slapping if on the metal with a wet brush so I don't have any air bubble's caught underneath. Make the blade as crisp as you can then once that dries add little details. I generally do one side at a time so I'm not getting finger prints all over creation. 10. Crack open a beer and marvel at the cold instrument of death you just created.
  10. I use the same tech. Zazeem uses, I cut the rough shape out of steel sheet metal with some tin snips and do the precision work with a dremel, Ive made all types of weapons with this tech. I just do one side at a time to keep it clean. This lady has a sword made using the tech. It can be as fancy or as basic as you like, its strong as steel though...literally so you don't have to worry much about it. you can see this is a pretty basic design, no diling or sanding needed though so to me its easier, I can dremel out a weapon like this out in 3 minutes normally.
  11. no... it probably won't , hehe
  12. My latest lady, comments welcome.
  13. Yes, very nice. I especially like the Spanish guy and the guy with the halberd, they are all top notch.
  14. Great work, love all those greens! and the frog, hehe
  15. There all awesome, I especially like the orc posed next to his bike, I bet that will win something.
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