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  1. Thanks everyone for the good advice. And thanks Anne for the invite to the Paint Club. I might be able to get out there in a couple of weeks. I'm looking forward to it.
  2. Ron, thanks for the advice. It all sounds pretty good to me. I hadn't had anyone recommend the triad colors before, so I think I'll get a couple and try them out. As for live clinics, I live in the DFW area (Rockwall), so I can go to one of the Asylum clinics and get advice from a good source. I think there was one yesterday that I found out about yesterday. Too late to go, but I'll make time for the next one. Thanks again. And any more advice (from anyone) will be most welcome.
  3. I painted minis as a kid, but hadn't painted any until about two years ago, when I started painting again. Up till now, I've always used a pretty simple method of painting. I just paint a base coat/color, and then apply a black wash (black paint heavily diluted in water) to add a shadow effect. Just recently, I decided to try the more in-depth method in painting a base coat, then shadowing, then highlighting, and then applying a gloss coat. But I've got a few questions from my first attempt, which has left me frustrated with my results. First, since I'm trying the more involved method for the first time, should I just stick to using the colors out of the bottle for my base coats instead of trying to mix colors? I've got a pretty good selection of the standard Reaper paints and some Games Workshop paints. If I do mix paints for base coats, what tools are best for mixing them in? How do I keep them from drying out in case I have to use them later to correct a mistake? Should I just pour them out of the bottle, or use a dropper or something? And how do I know what colors to mix to get other colors? Are there any references or rules of thumb? I found out I'm not very good at making up my own. Next, I think I know what a wash is -- diluting a color in water so it settles in the crevices. How do I know what color to use for a shadowing wash for my base coats? Is there a good rule of thumb? Do I simply use the next darker shade of a color from the base coat color? If I mix colors for a base coat color, do I use the darkest color in the mixture for the wash, or do I use some other color or more than one color for the wash? Same goes for highlight colors. How do I know which color to use for highlighting? The next-lightest shade from the base coat, or the lightest color of a mixture? Also, do you generally dry brush on the highlight color, or apply it some other way? I know you can't wash on a highlight color because it would settle in the crevices. I read a few of the painting articles on the Reaper website, and they gave me some good ideas. But they also brought up these questions, so they really didn't help much other than show me how to mix specific colors and how to shade and highlight certain colors. Is there a good How To article anywhere? Any help would be very much appreciated. I don't want to go back to my old basic way of painting because I was getting bored w/ it. But I got really frustrated w/ my first try at the base coat/shade/highlight method. Thanks.
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