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  1. Yeah, you have to scroll down just a bit and it's there. Got one myself. Many thanks, Reaper for providing this for those of us that didn't make it.
  2. Holy smokes! My account is still active here?? Thought for sure it would have been scrubbed. Anyway, after seeing several folks on FB posting photos and updates from the latest ReaperCon, I'm seriously tempted to plan a trip there next year. Never been able to make it there, but next year looks promising on the schedule. Not sure what all I'll do; maybe take a class or two? Pick up a few minis to put on the workbench to stare at me judgmentally for not painting them? Stand in the corner and try not to be a nuisance? Guess I'll think of something if it works out.
  3. Congratulations on the upcoming nuptials!
  4. Four A Miniatures http://www.fouraminiatures.com/ El Greco http://www.elgrecominiatures.co.uk/ Terragnosis http://www.terragnosis.co.uk/competition_time.shtml Studio McVey http://www.seditionwars.com Pegaso Models http://www.pegasomodels.it/home_en.asp Corsar Rex Miniatures http://www.modelsculpt.org/chief2010/gallery/toy-igrushka/ Tartar Miniatures http://tartarminiaturs.blogspot.com/ Smart Max http://www.smartmaxstore.com/
  5. Darksword http://www.darkswordminiatures.com/ Scorpio Models http://www.scorpio-models.com/portal/index.php Four A Miniatures http://www.fouraminiatures.com/ Elite Miniaturas www.eliteminiaturas.com/ DGS Games http://www.dgsgames.com/ Taban Miniatures http://www.taban-miniatures.com/ Militmodel http://www.militmodel.it/ Wargames and Miniatures Paradise http://wamp-forum.com
  6. Price increases, new minis and bases, and a report from James in the UK: Andrea Miniatures http://www.andrea-miniatures.com Elodie Mae http://elodiemae.com Scale 75 http://www.scale75.com/ Fiendish Fabrications http://www.fiendishfabrications.com.au/index.html Crooked Dice http://www.crooked-dice.co.uk/minis.html Foundations of War https://sslrelay.com/www.foundationsofwar.co.uk GiganticDark http://www.giganticminiatures.com/shop.htm Warlord Games http://www.warlordgames.co.uk/ Immortal Miniatures http://www.immortalminiatures.com/ Victrix http://www.victrixlimited.com/ Perry Miniatures http://www.perry-miniatures.com/
  7. Okay, before I post anything else, let me explain something for those that might be wondering what's going on here. Several months ago, I started doing video reviews for things related to the hobby of painting miniatures. It started out as just goofing around, but it's really started to take off here lately. If you want, you can check out my channel on YouTube (Hinton's YouTube Channel) and start with the Twilight Knight Pin-up Model review to see where it all began. And it's not just minis that I review, either. There are reviews of tools of the hobby (such as brushes), video tutorials and, in the case of this latest one, games. Anyway, on to the InSpectres review. Ever had the dream of being a ghostbuster? Of course you have. With InSpectres, you get the chance to be a supernatural investigator and eliminator. But, is it any good? InSpectres: InSpectres website
  8. Items in this edition: MiniPaintingWiki.com http://minipaintingwiki.com Puppets War: http://www.puppetswar.eu/ Mantic Games: http://www.manticgames.com/home.html Westwind: http://www.westwindproductions.co.uk/ Tale of War: http://www.taleofwar.com/shop/ Studio Miniatures: http://www.studiominiatures.com/ Copplestone Castings: http://www.copplestonecastings.co.uk/ Maurice Corry: http://www.120mini.com/ Armorama: http://armorama.com/
  9. For those that weren't aware of this, Brett (Darklord at WaMP) has put together a massive online contest, all for charity (click the link in my signature for more information). Originally, my plan was to build a chessboard and auction it off for this. However, others mentioned that having pieces painted for the set might help raise more money; some offered to help by painting pieces and donating them to the set. After a great deal of discussion and contemplation, we’re going to go for it. We’ll be using a Living vs. Zombie theme, so we’ll need minis for both sides of the conflict to fit into this. So, here’s the deal: the deadline for entries into the Little Angels Auction Contest is February 14th, 2010. That means that I need to have the all of the pieces in hand no later than February 10th, 2010. That’s just over two months to complete the set. It’s close, I know, but I think we do this. If you wish to take part in this (and there are many ways you can help out), please be sure to check out the guidelines and then sign up or send me a PM.
  10. Reaper sells these: http://www.reapermini.com/store/customer/p...at=0&page=1 Freebooter has these (although the War Store is currently out of stock; maybe you can go straight through FB to get them): http://www.thewarstore.com/product26498.html You can also search for "skulls" at the War Store and there are a few returns. Hasslefree has heads: http://www.hasslefreeminiatures.co.uk/range.php?range_id=60 That's about all I know of.
  11. A girl I was dating a few months back bought me one of these for Christmas. It's pretty nice, but the lights are a bit on the dim side. I've tried finding replacement bulbs that are brighter, but no luck there. And yeah, the tripod isn't very good either. Still, the tent itself is pretty nice.
  12. Happy Birthday, Rob. Hope all is well on your end.
  13. Yeah, the taxpayers definitely paid for this one. The government continues to try and legislate things like this when they should know it's going to get shot down. I find it interesting that the governor that started this said: "We know violent and sexually explicit video games pose a direct risk to kids, so we should make every effort to keep them out of kids' hands." I'd like to see the research and studies that prove this.
  14. I hope it's ok to post this since it is something about another miniature company. Wyrd Miniatures has released the inaugral issue of Wyrd Chronicles, a free ezine (in .pdf format - about 18 MB in size) filled with all kinds of things Wyrd, including a painting tutorial and a sculpting tutorial. There's also a bit of information on the skirmish game Malifaux that they're working on and an interview with the founder and owner, Nathan Caroland. You can check it out here: Wyrd Chronicles, Issue 1
  15. After doing a bit digging, I've found a few things: The diorama was the idea of the late General John C. L. Scribner, founding director of the museum (and for whom the museum was renamed). Glen Frakes sent updates (which included photos) and called General Scribner several times about the progress on the diorama. General Scribner kept the board of directors informed and even provided Jeff Hunt's book to Mr. Frakes as a guide. So Scribner and the board did know how it was being put together. As far as the inaccuracies, what follows are statements made by other people, not Jeff Hunt himself. As far as I know, there hasn't been an official press release or statement from Hunt. 1. The hills/mountains in the background are probably too high...that is a coastal area where the battle took place so it may only have sand dune hills for many miles inland. 2. The river current flow is in the wrong direction. 3. The Confederates may not have possessed swords. 4. No record of that paddlewheeler having canon. 5. The paddlewheeler is too close to the shore. 6. The steamboat in the diorama was a stern wheeler, when supposedly ALL steamboats on that particular river were of a different kind. 7. The paddlewheeler in the battle was a dual-paddle, not single as was depicted in the diorama. 8. The French soldiers supporting troops in the background were wearing French uniforms. Jeff Hunt (supposedly) says they weren't wearing their uniforms during the battle. Again, just statements from others.
  16. And what's THAT supposed to mean,huh? And how'd you get such a high Charisma? Did you go to one of those Glamour-Shots things? Nooooothing. As for the Charisma, it's amazing what a great photographer and a lot of photoshop work can do.
  17. Hmmm...I always pictured myself as Lawful Neutral..... I am: Neutral Good Half-Orc Fighter (6th Level) Ability Scores: Strength- 19 Dexterity- 18 Constitution- 18 Intelligence- 12 Wisdom- 16 Charisma- 16 Half-orc?? Seriously? I mean, I know I'm not good looking, but come on! And what's with the low INT score? I know I'm smarter than that. At least, I think I am...
  18. This is some pretty good advice. I was struggling quite a bit with highlighting and proper shading, so I took an Intermediate Painting class at GenCon this year. Having someone show me in person how to do it really helped. I'm planning on taking more advanced classes next year to see if I can push myself even further. As has been suggested, try different techniques or different types of mini. Also, make sure you have good tools (brushes, paints, etc). You could try entering some online competitions, especially ones that encourage comments and feedback. Keep practicing and posting your work and you'll improve.
  19. Thanks for the comments. @tanker: Yeah, the skin does need work. As I said, I still have a long way to go. I'm reading up on using washes and glazes on skin to give it a more natural or realistic look.
  20. Most of you probably have no idea who I am, but I used to post here a bit. I stopped posting here mostly because I started painting minis from companies other than Reaper. It wasn't anything against Reaper; just branching out and expanding my horizons. Anyway... It was a year ago in September (2006) that I painted my very first miniature, Ragnor the Barbarian from Reaper. It was definitely a fun experience and ignited the passion (obsession?) for miniature painting. I always said that I wanted to go back and paint another one to see how I had progressed and I finally got the chance. The first one (either on top or on the left, depending on your screen size) is from 2006; the other is the most recent one. I still have a long way to go and my basing still needs some work, but I think I have improved since that first attempt. I've used the same photo from 2006 as well, just to see (and show) how my photography has progressed along with my painting. Edit: there are a couple of places that are a bit rough that I should have cleaned up, but I didn't see them until after I had uploaded the pictures. Yet another lesson learned. :)
  21. I use Netfilx and other than one disc that was all scratched up, I've never had a single complaint about them. I'm pretty close to a hub, so I get my movies in about 2 days. Plus, I like the option to watch stuff online at their website. Overall, they're pretty good.
  22. Truly sorry to hear about all of the problems that life has thrown at you. But you've stayed in there and kept fighting and now things are starting to turn your way again. Good luck in school! (What are you studying, by the way?)
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