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  1. I am a huge fan of the P3 paint (and GASP paint pots!) I tend to paint in bursts, and after sitting for 3-4 months my dropper bottle Vallejo are all separated and sometimes dried up. I have heard a hint to add a stainless steel fishing weight to help keep them mixed. But my P3 paints are FINE! One or two quick shakes and they are ready to go! (hur hur). I honestly would love to replace all my paints with P3, but they just to have the range of tones that other companies have. Coat d'Arms (which used to be Citadel Paints) makes the P3 paints. I cant find anywhere that sells Coat D'Arms in the US. Anyone have a lead?
  2. We decided to land over at boardgamegeek.com. They have a pretty decent dice roller there. Thanks everyone. Love the community here!
  3. Dang, that would be really nice if they did. The community here is so pleasant.
  4. Me and some of my friends are looking for a good forum to do a Play by Post RPG. I had a lot of good times in the past on this forum. My only question is, has Reaper ever instituted some Dice Rolling to their forum software? If not, what do people use for their Dice Rollers? I know the forums over at boardgamegeek.com (rpggeek.com) have dice rolling built in, but their format is a bit hard to read at times.
  5. Hey guys, It looks like im going to be sent to St. Louis for buisness for the next two weeks, so We may have to go on hold for this. More info when I get it.
  6. Ah... ok. Well if Haldir checks in and is interested, we can drop and move forward. The only other thought I have had from moving forward with this game is perhaps playing some Mutants and Masterminds superhero style game instead. (now this is just a slight idea, so no one FREAK OUT like im uber changing my mind or something.) I know Megan wanted to run a fantasy style Forgotten Realms game. Either way Im super happy to run something, as I ahve this advenure already laid out.
  7. P.s. spike, how do you know these things? I cant find the info in my profile log. Do you have a secret camera in my house? Are you spying on me using der internez?
  8. Yes, Im a daily to every other day person. So Im fine with us moving forward. Im fine going back to 3.5, as my character was mostly a Pathfinder specific person, but it looks like im not going to be playing. Are we all find with moving forward with this campaign? Or do we want to switch things up?
  9. I will admit there is some level of frustration on my side gathering everyone together, getting the DM, then kinda stepping in for him, doing the maps and floorplans, and then *poof* it all cracks, but thats kinda the nature of these boards isnt it. I dont mind continuing forward with a Forgotten Realms 3.5 only game, but were not going to be able to pull people from the Pathfinder board to recruit some more. Savage may still be interested, as is Meghan and Spike. Haldir posted that he would be interested as well. That would be four live bodies. I would want to have a relatively active game. I know Megan your an every other day (minimum) poster, and Spike you post like nine times an hour. What are other peopels posting habits?
  10. So with just Spike and Megan left... it looks like once again this will be a bust without some kind of re-casting call.
  11. OK, im not sure where this game is going, but i seem to be sitting in a handbasket.
  12. Man Spike, I forgot that you put those viruses on my machine so you could watch what websites I go to. yes, I think im still interested in this, but Im really mostly interested if we can have people who are at a minimum every-other-day posters. The Characters are pure pathfinder, but I will allow some Forgotten Realms feats. Savage, if you want to change your character, you can do so. Do you want to keep him an elf, so that you can continue with the character as decribed, but just change the skillset?
  13. So we have two choices. We can drop back and punt with a new adventure with a new cast, or we can wait a few days and then re-open the casting call for this one. What say you guys?
  14. Well Guys, I was waiting for Atheolus to say if he wanted to continue or not.... offering for him to come back. But he is gone once again, so Im really not sure his heart is in it. Now me'mori has bowed out as well. I have not heard from Savage Seraphim despite my emails. Son of a!
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