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  1. Haaaaaaa... still representin'! ED SCULPTS 4LYFE!
  2. Given that Warlords of Erewhon is specifically designed to be used with any fantasy miniatures, and since it is a convention for a fantasy miniature company, I would suggest that one should be an absolute given. It is by far the easiest sell to the crowd that will be there. Bolt Action, of course, is a solid favourite at any con. But if you don't run Erewhon demos it would be incredibly silly to squander the opportunity.
  3. @Cyradis You're probably going to check in on this thread anyway, but to be 100% sure you don't miss it then the chart Jon provided supercedes the information I gave and everyone should use those values to calculate expected fees and taxes owed. That information was not available to me earlier, and I will now make corrections to those previous posts with links to the posted info so (hopefully) everybody gets caught up to current. So it does look like you will be 12%.
  4. I can now confirm that the system should flag P.O. Boxes and those will be sent via USPS instead of UPS.
  5. Way back in Bones I, Reaper didn't even know about the brokerage fee (at that time $25). When they announced that they would be shipping to Canada using UPS, several people (including myself) immediately jumped in to make sure they understood there would be an additional fee above and beyond taxes + shipping, why this was more peculiar to courier services than regular mail, etc. This was so that they would know what was involved to either A) choose a different option for Canada (USPS, using RAFM as a distributor hub, etc) or B) Making sure people know about the fee, but this was a problem be
  6. Previously Reaper loaded pallets and sent those pallets to local distribution centers to break up and send out. Whatever happened with that, the only thing that has been stated is that Ed said during the Q&A tonight that it "didn't work out, either for us or them". So presumably the logistics of doing them as pallets was no better (indeed possibly worse) than just feeding them into the system as they fulfill. How exactly they get from Denton to us is eldritch magick I don't know. As for the taxes and fees, I haven't gotten much out of Bones kickstarters since Bones I. I o
  7. Is it a community mailbox P.O. or a post office P.O.? (I presume a post office P.O. since the community ones normally use the street address and not a P.O. number) While waiting on your reply which might need me to clarify things specific to you more, there are essentially three ways delivery might occur. Reaper uses UPS and USPS (those exclusively). So it might be sent USPS, depending on how their system recognizes a P.O. Box as an address. But I think it's likely to be UPS in either case, since that's probably the simplest and most elegant solution. Depending on h
  8. Correction edit: The information provided in the below post has been superceded by a chart of expected fees & taxes, found in this post: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/89441-reaper-bones-5-enthusiasm-and-commentary-thread/&do=findComment&comment=2020168 Sorry, I was unclear on this point, but the $5 should cover the brokerage fee. So it should be that plus the taxes and nothing more. So I went to look, and BC is a GST/PST province. In case my previous explanation was a bit byzantine, that means BC calculates GST and P
  9. Edit: the information provided in the below post has been superceded by a chart of expected fees and taxes, found here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/89441-reaper-bones-5-enthusiasm-and-commentary-thread/&do=findComment&comment=2020168 You're BC, aren't you? I think BC is a GST/PST (provincial sales tax) province, so if that's correct then you ought to only be on the hook for the 5% GST (plus the $5 handling/brokerage fee). Depending on how much you got that may still be a fair penny, but it's at least better than HST or 15%. If you're unsure
  10. A chart of expected fees & taxes can be found in this post: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/89441-reaper-bones-5-enthusiasm-and-commentary-thread/&do=findComment&comment=2020168
  11. Another Canadian update: If what you order is over $40 it is $5 fee + GST/HST (as applicable). So you can calculate what our final charges will be from that. A chart of expected costs has been provided, found here in this post: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/89441-reaper-bones-5-enthusiasm-and-commentary-thread/&do=findComment&comment=2020168
  12. Update for this information: Canadian Orders will not be batch-processed this time, they're mixed in with US & The Americas to be sent out individually in the normal stream direct through UPS.
  13. It's less about competition (we do allow people to discuss other company's products here and post pictures of their work on them after all) and more the fact that if we weren't strict about commerce links we would be overrun with both spam, and people trying to hawk their own ebay/etsy/whatever wares. We don't want a lot of people trying to flog their stuff to our forum members, and we don't want to expend moderator time and attention trying to figure out if each individual example is okay or not, so the solution is to not permit commerce links at all. The sole exception being kickstarter, w
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