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  1. They have to be very cold (at least -5) and in that environment for a fair bit of time (6-12 hours) before crystals will form and damage them. The binder/medium has a different freezing point than water. I mean, I generally try not to take risks I don't have to, but it has come up that I've risked ordering in the unseasonable months and haven't had dead paint yet. Mind you, I have the advantage of a maritime climate and not inland continental so my low extremes are generally not as extreme. Under normal circumstances tracking cuts off once processed through customs and will arrive the week following (usually by that Wednesday) - but Covid stuff essentially adds an extra week to that and maybe some change. Based on that I would expect your package to arrive in your mail by the 30th.
  2. Awwwww... most people just say I inspire revulsion and horror.
  3. Everyone else went for the low-hanging froot, but you know the real secrets of a goblin's heart.
  4. You don't count, since having a goblin avatar means you like to suffer. Punishment is only for people who don't like it. In your case, as in mine, the appropriate punishment would be the forced consumption of good, nutritious, or otherwise normally tasty food. Semi-related: I had a cat once who loved plain cake donuts. Would go absolutely mental over them, god only knows why. He loved them so much that if you were eating one he'd climb up on your chest and tickle your face with his whiskers to try and make you laugh. If you did, the second you opened your mouth he'd stick his face in to get at the tasty donut mush inside. I will never stop missing that stoopid cat.
  5. I got enough plain donuts for everyone, sir. I've even got some with raisins.
  6. No. In addition to being conscious, I further demand that you be of good cheer with a spring in your step and a smile on your face. In fact, if you are not the most insufferable sort of bright-eyed morning person, full of pep and good vibes, I can assure you there will be most dreadful consquences. You may, for example, be allowed to only consume donuts with neither glaze nor sprinkles. This will continue until you decide to be a team player and your morale improves. As a sign of good faith and my full confidence that you will choose the right path, you may now indulge yourself with one or more pastry confections of your choosing.
  7. This is correct, the ghoulie bag line item is preselected when you check out and you can only choose to not receive it. I'm not sure why anybody would not want free stuff, but in the theoretical instance where somebody did not want the ghoulie bag they can choose to remove it.
  8. Treasure is treasure. Delicious, delicious treasure. The original idea was to try and make a compromise between "maybe they are coins" and "but maybe they are paint lids". If it was necessary to choose one or the other, I said go with coins because while paint pots would be funnier it would be best to make it a useful piece for people who are not in on the joke. So they are theoretically coins, theoretically paint pot lids, and theoretically peanut butter cups. Good loot either way, tbh.
  9. Me, too. That old school head doesn't get nearly enough love in miniature form.
  10. I have a usual winter germ protocol with gloves, mask, and everything I buy I wash when I bring it home. Used to be people laughed at me for washing my bags of chips, but turns out I was just ahead of the trend.
  11. No, Reaper is going to reduce some number of SKUs in the current MSP line and an official announcement to this effect will be coming soon.
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