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  1. buglips*the*goblin

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    And people said I don't have what it takes to be an arrowface emjineer.
  2. buglips*the*goblin

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Make way for Willie!
  3. buglips*the*goblin

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    That's what everyone else thought, but I know that smearing yourself with something greasy and making yourself shrieky and hard to hold onto is the #1 way to be way too much trouble to kill and/or eat. You ever have a real slippery bar of soap continually slip your grasp? Imagine that with four flailing limbs and screaming like a jet engine.
  4. buglips*the*goblin

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    This is why we haven't been back to the moon.
  5. So long as it's the awesome GoLion Voltron and not the stupid ones. I never cared much for Star Wars, but man...did I ever get Crazy Go Nuts for those Voltron toys.
  6. Theoretically you could make an I Heart Ed corset. Theoretically.
  7. buglips*the*goblin

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    I wish I had a week's worth of freeze dried food. Hmmmm... I'm thinking about buying some and not robbing scouts, btw. They're too far away.
  8. buglips*the*goblin

    Ed Ribbon and Ed Shirt Info

    It was a PNG. Probably that was the original file type, I just embiggened it. To some 13mb, apparently. Any real issue will be that the boundary pixels might be a bit fuzzy. I cleaned up the white part, but didn't try to sharpen up the black and red edges. I figured I was more likely to make a mess of them. Edit: I'm not sure what they accept outside of .jpg, .png, and .bmp. I'd have to look later, presently I'm trying to mow my lawn patches with a weed trimmer. This is taking a while, but the lawnmower might pick up remaining debris. I'd hate to shoot out somebody's car window with a rock while they're driving down the highway. Yes, definitely. That's part of why I picked Saturday, to get all the Ed shirts in one photo (in addition to the forum pic, but all the Ed Shirters whether forum people or not). And also to get Ed in it in the center. Ron, too, if we can (the con being somewhat busy, we may not be able to wrangle both at once). This also means that if medal winners are on camera again during the ceremony there should be lots of Ed Shirts caught on video. I put some thought into this.
  9. buglips*the*goblin

    Ed Ribbon and Ed Shirt Info

    You should be able to select most any colour, I may have to set something there - I thought it was that way by default. Check it out and if it's just b&w I'll see if I can set it to more. White text might be possible, I can see what I can do. Of course, if you have some sort of photoshop and know what to do I'd be happy to forward the file and you could see what could be done with it and I could add it to the store. (I have GIMP, and my skillz are primitive). My initial task was to enlarge the image and clean it up as best I could in something of a timely manner, so I didn't mess around with it beyond that.
  10. buglips*the*goblin

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    They look about 7-9 days old. They've got their pin feathers and they look fairly lengthy. Another 12 days or thereabouts and they should be fledged away.
  11. buglips*the*goblin

    Ed Ribbon and Ed Shirt Info

    Looks good printed with the white background, too. I set it so it could be pretty much put on anything, so it's interesting to see how people choose to customize it.
  12. On a phone, if you press the screen and hold, it should bring up some selection... I guess we'll call them parentheses... that you can move around to select text and pictures. Then it will say "quote selection" or similar. It's not quite as easy as on a pc, but it's not as bad as it used to be where you'd quote a post and then have to go trim out everything you didn't want. Also, this actually doesn't work on my android, but it's an ancient dinosaur phone now and probably due for a trip to the tar pit. I'm mostly still using it because it's a survivor and I've grown attached to it. I ought to give it a name. Anyway, where I must post from dino-phone and can't easily crop I just refer to the post or item in question. Unless it's a dozen pages back, that will usually suffice. Re: GEM and mobile users browsing the site, I mostly do this from my wi-fi so I hadn't considered it - but trimming pics from quotes will also be nice and friendly for anyone browsing while roaming and not nibble away their data. My data plan was apocalyptic last year, being not just roaming but international roaming, so the Reapercon thread quotes probably cost me a few coins. It's just something for folks to keep in mind to help make things user-friendly for everybody.
  13. This is nothing against you, PaganMegan, but could people in general maybe not quote huge posts full of pictures if they only want to comment on one? This was particularly prevalent in the Reapercon thread last year and it just clogs up threads when people quote yards of pictures. Please trim out what you need, many would appreciate it (you can even highlight and quote specific parts now as part of the board code). Again, not singling you specifically, I just decided it was time to mention it. Anyone who has had to go back into a thread like that to find information knows what I'm talking about, it looks like your browser is wonky but it's just the same picture-heavy post quoted 5 times with single-line replies. That's a lot of digital real estate for one-liners.
  14. buglips*the*goblin

    Ed Ribbon and Ed Shirt Info

    I got my zazzle sample, so here is a comparison picture of the original Ed shirt (left) and the zazzle version (right). The batch that Ron and Ed's Live shirts came from was a batch of four, so the left one is identical to those. There's not a whole lot of variation between the two. Please forgive the wrinkles.
  15. buglips*the*goblin

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    I tried. None of the three (I, II, or Legends) to be found. But Free Play might be close by, and might have one of 'em.