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  1. You hoomans just do things the stoopid way. The best thing you can do is get new germs to help beat up the germs you already have and then you're more immune. It's exactly the same way as when you shoot yourself with little bullets to build up an immunity to larger bullets. That's why I can withstand over 300 rpm of sketchy 20mm hot dogs. This is also why I've been banned from Costco.
  2. Zadbras are nothing to mess around with.
  3. It was just a reaction image to @Chaoswolf and his joke. As it seems to have caused confusion to use a human, I shall instead stick to using animals.
  4. Also, if you really want to eliminate bots then what you'd do is make it mandatory to answer a skill-testing math question. It can be simple or hard, it doesn't matter. Eliminate everyone who bothers to do it correctly. Anyone who answers wrong, or something like (CAT!), or just licks at the screen counts a hooman. Dumb, lazy even, but hooman. Bots can't resist math, that's how I trap all the feral furbies and roboraptors that escaped their owners - I just leave colorful plastic numbers lying around as bait, gets em every time.
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