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  1. Yeah, I decided to settle down into one survival world to play long-term and just pick at for a few hours a week. Once I got into it, I started planning out projects so that working on one also works towards another - so when I had to dig out and make an enormous storage basement under that for long-term permanent item storage, all of the cobblestone that came out of it went into building a road network (some 350,000 blocks worth so far). I came up with a quick and efficient house design for when I have to go fix and build up villages for trade. It's a fine little kingdom I've set up, full
  2. Nice. Stick with it, lifting is great fun. I still haven't replaced all my gear from the house fire and all the gyms are closed so the best I can manage is exercising like I'm in a POW camp.
  3. I have no information about what may or may not be among the missing items. But I'll bring it up and see if there is more information that can be revealed.
  4. My understanding, which may be outdated and/or subject to change, is that Canadian orders will be processed as a group so that they can be sent as a pallet (or multiple, if needed). This will be shipped to a postal hub of some sort, which may be UPS or UPS/Canada Post (i.e. Purolator), and then broken up for shipping to end points from there. UPS operates within Canada as its own entity now, but also sometimes subcontracts to Purolator et al. so I'm not even sure if Reaper will know what happens on that end. I expect that this hub will likely be in the vicinity of Toronto. AF
  5. Well, technically then there could be pictures of it. There won't be, because no eyes should ever gaze upon it again, but there theoretically could be.
  6. If it's the abomination both of us worked on, I fully agree that no human eyes should ever look upon it again for fear of mortal peril.
  7. No problem. We've had a few sneaky bots or bot-adjacent spam come up, so it's a big help if people notify us if anything looks fishy. If it is, we can deal with it and if it's not, then we can make that determination too. Some of the attacks can be fairly clever.
  8. Now I want donuts. And I can get donuts, there's a donut shop behind my house. But it's raining. You're gonna make me walk in the rain for donuts. It's practically like taking a shower! Well if I die of soap poisoning, I hope you're happy.
  9. Mod Reminder: If you see suspicious activity that might be a bot, please REPORT IT. Engaging in banter with the bot does not help us identify and remove them. Smash that report button so we can investigate!
  10. I got tricked, you see. Ten, maybe even five years ago if they'd made me a mod I would have immediately abused my power and set about building a cult. But then they made a figure out of me, which meant I had to uphold better standards of behaviour, and then they gave me mod powers. And also I suspect Ron kept the initial print, which is probably linked to my soul like some sort of magic jar, and if I step out of line I get the acetone. All of that might only exist in my head, but it's a plausible enough threat to keep me in line.
  11. Nope. Ideally everyone will play nice and we won't have to intervene, and the overwhelming majority of the time this is absolutely true. Most of what we do here is essentially housekeeping, and I think I can speak for everyone on the mod team when I say that we appreciate that this community doesn't make us do a lot of work. For its size and activity level, this forum is astonishingly peaceful and most of the credit for that goes to the users and how you all conduct yourselves.
  12. I haven't been to P&P, but for every decent person I find on World of Warships there's two extremely salty miscreants full of invective and abuse. Most of it is not directed towards me, but I don't like to see newish people getting harassed for "not playing right". It's a game, it's free to play, relax. It's just pixel botes, and nobody knew what they were doing starting out. There's a lot of real angry people out there. Don't get me wrong, the game itself makes me salty as hell and most mornings I just scream foul language at the screen for an hour or two - but there's a difference
  13. On the assumption that you're asking me and not Kuro, then no, I have no information of any sort about appearing in any other material than Bones. I've never asked about it, Reaper was exceptionally nice to make a Buglips figure of any sort so whatever they choose to do with it is solely up to them.
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