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Status Updates posted by buglips*the*goblin

  1. For a limited time, everyone who follows me gets a 2-day all-access pass to Dizzyworld!  Unrelated: I just found a perfectly good spin-dryer somebody just threw away.

    1. Pezler the Polychromatic

      Pezler the Polychromatic

      I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

  2. Well, the important thing is that everyone got hurt.

    1. ub3r_n3rd


      I told you if you raged while using my axe, this would be the case. Good job!

  3. That Eurydian is selling lies!

    1. Adrift


      so says a goblin...

    2. buglips*the*goblin


      I never sell lies. I give them away for free!

  4. What Does The Drax say?

    1. araziel



    2. Adept Legacy

      Adept Legacy

      Give me all your money, this is a stick-up?

  5. Suffering lozenge blindness

  6. Can't Wait to Wrangle My Monkey

  7. . . . and in the end, it turned out to be Kaladrax. True story.

    1. jaryth000


      Nope, pretty sure it was actually Wyrmgear! Mwhahaaha!

  8. Some people have voices in their head. I have an entire society.

    1. Adrift


      So long as everyone gets along...

  9. The Goblin That Makes You Want To Buy Things

  10. I hath nine-and-ninety problems, but a strumpet nay one.

  11. Having recovered from Flu Plague, I'll be painting again.

  12. Flying monkeys are hunting me!

    1. Adrift


      I guess it's better than other alternatives.

  13. Flying Monkey hunting season soon opens.

  14. If you read this, you are now a goblin

  15. Paint is not cookies, cookies is yum.

    1. Exwilly


      thx now i'm hungry for painted cookies

  16. CMON voters are racist against Tangerine Goblins

  17. How did my randomly colored candy girl become my top rated CMON entry?

  18. All my WIPs will be updated soonish.

  19. All my WIPs will be updated soon.

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