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  1. That thing is absolutely incredible.
  2. I'm not looking for any more. It's way too spoopy.
  3. I think, but don't take this as fact, that Royal Mail and some other services have suspended tracking for the time being. I read something like this somewhere while browsing (as you can see, very precise). AFAIK, which might not be much, only couriers are still offering tracking. I presume this would be because there are currently too many moving parts where things can go oopsie than normal (like sitting in a sorting center long enough to come out eligible to vote).
  4. I think there might be Dark Powers at work with this. I might need a circle of protection. OK, make it TWO circles of protection, a ward, and three high level chants.
  5. I ordered some new buildings from 4Ground, which I expect to arrive eventually. Since I will need them eventually, this more or less works out. I thought about waiting for things to clear up before ordering them, but decided that since that might take as eventually long as it would to eventually get them anyway, then I might as well order them now and then forget about them until they arrive. Only I clearly remembered them for this post, so I've done a poor job of it so far.
  6. We are being friends again. Hitman called off. Oh, you are such a bad! Why must you be such a bad? Can you not see that this is being a bad? Stop being the bad! To reinforce my grave seriousness, please enjoy this nightmare fuel AI interpretation of a LEGO minifig.
  7. Guns N' Roses is the greatest rock n' roll band of all time*. Fite Me. And, to go all the way, Appetite For Destruction is the tightest album ever made. No bad songs, every one an anthem. *I do genuinely believe this, but it is also bait. When I'm bored I go to music forums and trollpost this to cause chaos. Great fun, really.
  8. You are my best worst friend. 10/10, would be badly influenced by.
  9. I am 100% certain we would have hit 3000 this year if not for unexpected circumstances, so I imagine next year will definitely be a record.
  10. The sidebar is those new posts you see on the right side if you're on the main forum page. It takes the ignored user's post and eliminates it, replacing it with a line the same colour as the grey background that says "You are ignoring posts by XXXXX". It does not block the content if it is quoted. Pretty useless, tbh. (I had to go scour for posts by the blocked parties to find out if this was the case because I couldn't remember) It does not prevent the blocked users from seeing, or responding, to your own posts. You just won't see the response unless you choose to, it's quoted, or it appears on the main page sidebar.
  11. It does, actually. (no, you're not on it) Only three people have ever made it to mine, and I'm pretty sure one of those was a spam bot. Edit: It does not, however, prevent posts from being seen in the sidebar.
  12. Second Rubicon. Also, they use ABS plastic which has a reputation for not working with many plastic model glues - but I can conclusively report that the ubiquitous and cheap Testors Red tube glue does work. Works too good, in fact. My Rubicon StuG had parts mislabelled in the instructions so I glued the early roof on instead of the mid, and by the time I realized the goof I couldn't get it back off. But Rubicon kits are quite splendid all the same. I particularly like that they include a lot of options. Their figure kits are actual 1/56 and not "heroic 28mm" so they look small next to the Warlord ones. If you invest big into Warlord first (like I did) then it would be best to continue with the larger 28mm gun and infantry teams if you don't want things to look weird. But, in any case, the Warlord vehicle kits are scaled to 1/56 (particularly the plastic ones), which means Rubicon's vehicle crew figures are appropriately sized for those. I intend to get some for my M8 Greyhound.
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