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  1. Pucker up, Sir Forscale, it's smoochin' time. Rools iz rools! Great work, Rhonda!
  2. Very nice! I'm subscribed to your youtube channel, actually. Good stuff there!
  3. I agree with this. In addition, if you take the whole body of 'correct colours' from sources over the years you'll find a lot of disagreement, and in some cases colours long accepted as fact that later turned out to be incorrect anyway. An example of this is that early german panzers were long thought to be dark grey overall, but were actually largely dark grey and chocolate brown - only in black and white photos this is difficult to detect. While dark grey and brown is probably more correct, dark grey overall is an aesthetic I like better and one that suits the more common expectation, so that is the one I pick. Probably an even more extreme of this is British North Africa "caunter" paint schemes. Inaccurate caunter: More accurate caunter: That's a very significant difference. The inaccurate caunter decorated the Matilda at Bovington Tank Museum, and everyone presumed that the Tank Museum ought to know, so it entered into the record as correct. Now we know it isn't. However, like the early german armour dark grey without the chocolate, my preference is definitely for the much jauntier blue, grey, and yellow-tan scheme so that is the one I will probably pick. In any case, when it comes to game pieces there's a fair bit of room to play with anyway - if for no other reason than it is usually impractical to expect somebody to purchase the same forces multiple times rather than re-use an existing force for different scenarios where the unit composition is suitable. Thus we have some camouflage patterns common for late war germans in the East that vary markedly from those in Normandy, and then come the fall and into the Ardennes we start to see the dotted ambush scheme. After this we see the "paint shortage" scheme with 'close enough' colours slapped on over bare oxide primer. If somebody chose to paint their Tiger IIs and other vehicles in dotted ambush, but then also chose to use them in the Late-August 1944 Cobra-Falaise action I think anyone who would nitpick it is probably just being overly pedantic. I did my Germans in Normandy style camouflage, and would happily use them in any engagement the equipment was suitable for. That force for Bolt Action cost me a fair penny, and I'd much rather have a different army altogether than buy 2 or 3 extra german forces just to paint differently. Anyway, those are some sexy tonks you've got there so it was fun to read through the thread!
  4. I bought another box of these for no particular reason, so I think I might build a second platoon for no particular reason. Your Landser are looking good!
  5. Reminder that tonight's Reaper Live is show #100 with 100 giveaways on Twitch! 6 Central Time.
  6. You have no idea how peculiar a coincidence it is, because how I came about to needing those bits was a twisty weird path. The British were the first army I started to build for Bolt Action, even before I had the rules. They were part of the random grab of things I got a Reapercon 2018, and at that time consisted of one infantry box and a bagged Cromwell. That being not much to work with, after I got the rules and compared them to all the Germans and US infantry I'd bought at the same time, I then decided to see what I had with those and what I could add to them to make two equal forces with some neat stuff. Whatever else I needed I'd source at RCon 2019. I did precisely that, and wound up with two 2200 point forces. Since they were now full, I abandoned the British to work on them. At some point I was buying something off Amazon and needed another item to hit the free shipping, so I added a Sherman Firefly VC because I knew eventually I'd need it. Eventually. Having worked out my US and German forces, it seemed that the thing to do would be to organize and build the British closely along the same lines of organization so that we could swap US for Brits for some variety. So I knew I needed more infantry and Cromwells. Well, a couple of months back I discovered an LGS had opened up pretty much next door and their store pics showed some Bolt Action stuff. I figured if they didn't have what I needed, they might at least be able to order the rest. Turned out he wasn't bringing in any more Bolt Action, but whatever he had he had on sale. So I got me a couple of universal carriers and some more Cromwells. The US Rangers were made with a 57mm AT gun, so in order to match I'd also need a 57mm (6-pound) for the British. I had an 8th army one I'd picked up randomly at RCon, so I figured worst case I might make do with that - only they're North Africa campaign and I don't have any of the paint I need for North Africa yet. So all this left me with a very peculiar set of leftover bits I needed, compiled together from random events over several years, and supporting an atypical force build. So when I got the Black Friday newsletter I decided to go and poke around to see if there was anything interesting, figuring at best I might find a British pack with a 25-pound gun or maybe a Vickers or even a mortar team. Probably with a Churchill or Sherman V thrown in. Maybe a Firefly. But definitely, certainly, absolutely not a package with everything I would want, because what I want is a weird and stupid pack of odd leftovers. Until I hit page 8, and there it was. I figure it was meant to be.
  7. Me three weeks ago: Now that I've finished my Bolt Action Germans and US Rangers, it'd be nice to finish off my British force. I need another box of British Infantry to fill out the platoon, a 57mm gun, one more Cromwell, a support group, and a sniper team would be nice. But it'll be a bit of a pain in the butt to do separately and probably I'll do it sometime after Christmas. Warlord Games Black Friday bundles: That's very nice. Also a touch creepy, but very nice. It's not often you find a package deal that is precisely, perfectly, exactly what you need without anything missing or anything extra.
  8. It was me. Only it was less cutting them and more eating them raw and breathing over your shoulder.
  9. I can't guarantee that it will work in every case, but in the tests I did on my MSP-painted Bones 6-7 years ago I was able to boil them after painting to reshape bent parts without damaging the paint. So it might work, and it worked for me, but it tested a limited number of variables so if you choose to try, you do so at your own risk.
  10. It's the soup that eats like a meal! Also, it's a global rule that there's no such thing as too many noodles for chicken noodle soup. If you can patch the driveway with it, you've done it right.
  11. We've known each other a while, m8, so when I say this you know it is straight from the heart: Better you than me. Thanks for taking one for the team, I guess?
  12. The solution, therefore, is to curl them into a yin yang and then stuff the works in your mouth.
  13. No, that was just re-use of an actor which is, of course, extremely common (this is why Ben Sisko's dad isn't just an extremely well-aged Admiral Cartwright). But since Tom Paris used Nick Locarno as a template, and since it was the same actor in both roles, then it's easy to just head-retcon that Locarno is Paris and that he was in the prison colony for the incident in The First Duty. Given the proliferation of retcons in Star Trek lore as a whole, this is a relatively simple and unobtrusive one that helps fill out the universe a touch more.
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