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  1. My cousin worked in a junkyard and had the chance to get a Bren Carrier for free, and it was even in running condition (it was doing duty as a tractor). It needed some cosmetic work, and some bits weren't original, but it was free. But we couldn't figure out transport for it or a place to keep it in time, and then somebody offered money for it so off it went. This also somewhat resembles my experience the time I found a vintage Star Wars arcade cabinet for $100, and in the time it took me to go outside and call my friend with a truck (if you bought it, you had to take it right away) and come back in, somebody else had grabbed it. In retrospect, I could have gone with my original plan to buy it and wheel it outside by the payphone to call him and wait however long it took. (This was in 1995)
  2. I had this same discussion with Guindy about the Mig-17 I saw outside the antique shop. Texas is a unique place full of unusual charm, beauty, and oddly random war machines.
  3. I found I had a lot more trouble with this when I thought about it in terms of work and motivation. There were a lot of days back then when I wasn't "feeling it" or I'd start feeling guilty because I wasn't painting. Now I don't have that issue, but it wasn't really a secret formula or anything. But in case it should be of some help to you, here's how I solved the issue permanently for myself: 1. Enjoy the process. And I mean this on the most primal, lizard-brain level you can manage. Just enjoy the basic satisfaction of smearing paint on things. If you can remember this joy, one we all knew once, no task will ever defeat you again no matter how godlessly boring it might be. 2. Why are you doing this? This is a serious question. I bought all this crap and all these figures for some reason, so what was it? Was it for fun? If so, then it's easy. Paint something fun. But that's also a dirty trick, because even the fun ones have unfun parts to them. So you can't count on or wait for motivation. So why else did I bother with it? It can only be because I wanted to get something done. Very good, that makes it an easy decision to just do it so I do. Right now I have about 35-40, depending on how you count, British Infantry to paint. I'm doing this because I want to play with them. There will never come a day when, fired up by the rays of sunrise and a cup of strong coffee that I'm going to exult: "YESSSS! Today I get to paint 40 pairs of brown trousers!" But, those trousers gotta be done. So I will sit down and do them, if it's important for me to get them done. There's no other way to escape that fate, no matter how wretched said fate might be. So I reset my brain to #1 above, and paint brown trousers until there are no more brown trousers to paint. Then I start doing boots. 3. It's work, it's fun, but most of all it's a hierarchy of wants. If I want to do something, I will therefore do it. If I don't want to do it, then there must exist a more compelling reason (want) in order for me to do it - in the case of the British Infantry, I want to play with them. If I want to do that more than I want to paint them, I will still paint them. But if I don't want to paint them and my want to play with them is not strong enough, I go and play Minecraft instead. My want to trade carrots to villagers for emeralds is greater. If it is, I never feel guilty about it. I have decided that the price of delayed deployment on the grass mat is a fair one to pay for some vidya games. If there's any question or doubt of that, then it means I probably want to get them done more and so I should sit down and do that instead. (this is a basic law of happiness, if I'm going to feel bad and guilty for playing minecraft then I'd clearly be happier slogging through trousers instead). Don't make yourself feel bad for no reason! 4. It's more satisfying than exciting. Our hobby is sitting down, often alone, for long periods of time doing repetitive tasks. This matches no definition of exciting. It is, by nature, dead boring. But it's also something we find compelling or we wouldn't be here. That's because the reward at the end is satisfaction in getting things done and slowly watching a shelf of completed items grow. If you remember this, then it follows that if you make the time to sit down, turn your brain to #1, and do it then things will finish of their own accord eventually and your satisfaction will increase. If you're having trouble finishing it's because your reward expectation is off - you're expecting the immediate task to give satisfaction. If you get stuck there then you don't finish, and so you cheat yourself out of the satisfaction payoff in the end. This deadly trap ensnares many, it's why there are shelves of shame. But remember that IT IS A TRAP! You will get mostly there, lose moitivation, and look for an exciting new thing. Often you might do the same when the charm of that piece wears thin. Enough repetitions of it and you'll be left wholly unsatisfied. Don't fall into the trap. It's not about motivation, it's about completion. Keep going, keep going, keep going. Do that often enough and you'll retrain your expectations of satisfaction and it will never even occur to you to abandon something. So: Figure out the simplest enjoyment you can get from it and remember that's your core motivation. Remember why you bothered doing it to start with. Be comfortable and aware of your hierarchy of wants and how they conflict. When in doubt, sit down and do it anyway because it does have a guaranteed payoff in the end. If you do all of this then I can pretty much give you my 100% pure guarantee that you will never feel burnout or dead motivation again, and your shelf of finished items will bloom. Edit to add: I should also note that there is never going to be a circumstance where painting a platoon (or more) of infantry (or orcs) will be anything except exhausting. It's baked-in as an essential nutrient. Doing my first platoon of German Grenadiers had my brain goo leaking out of my ears. But now there's a whole big whack of them on my shelf and that, I gotta say, feels pretty damn nice. And somehow I found myself buying another box of them, so I can do it all over again. It's still probably going to cost me some leaky brain goo to get through another batch, but it did pay off enough for me to re-up for another tour. I consider that proof of my above method.
  4. It's theoreticially the subforum for "tabletop quality" paintjobs, and all of the discussion which would therefore pertain to that. In practice, however, most of the tabeltop stuff just winds up in the other painting threads. Since this has always been the case, and since we do not choose to arbitrate between what is tabletop quality and what is not - a subjective measurement we prefer to leave for the indvidual to decide for themselves - then we're not especially strict about making tabletop stuff go in here. Therefore this forum acts as a voluntary subdivision where people who are solely interested in fast/tabletop/army batch jobs can come and talk without having to work around other topics.
  5. There was a big hobby/game/toy manifest aboard. It's harder to find an outfit that didn't get caught up in it than it is to find ones that did.
  6. Before I went all-in on 28mm I thought about it for a few weeks to decide on scale. 15mm was a non-starter because once Battlefront obliterated their back catalog it would ensure availability of some items would be an issue. That left 1/72-1/76, which had availability but many things would still have to be hunted down individually. 28mm had the advantage of concentrating vehicles and figures into essentially four sites: Perrys, Warlord Games, Rubicon, and Blitzkrieg Miniatures. Between those 4 I would be able to get absolutely everything and combine items on orders to reduce shipping cost. Some people do play it in 15mm, it works fine, but whether it's worth doing depends on one's own objective. It will odd-scale you out, for example, if you want to build an army and bring it around to play with most other players. In any event, all options other than 28mm for me would have just meant more expense for less utility. I'm only cramped on space because I like to run atypically-large games anyway, so I could just drop the point cap or use reserves to have less stuff on the table at one time.
  7. Since so many in here are big on them ol' stroopwaffels... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95bpu0VCgNg
  8. Brinwind presents Miniature's Den going LIIIIIIIVE! https://www.twitch.tv/reaperminiatures Come watch Vincenzo paint his amazing NMM Wyrmgear!
  9. That's why I always try to be the screaming infant, beat everyone else to it.
  10. Maruchan is not a brand we have here, so it's a treat when I'm in the US. I literally stuff myself full of it and Top Ramen. Living my best life.
  11. They ARE Reaper figures! In fact, our mod Astley the Monk on discord found a thread from some years back where we discussed it, even: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/55329-retro/&do=findComment&comment=898580 I was even in that thread, don't remember a thing. But it is weird that it's so hard to find information about these, so this is something I'm going to try and run down so we can get it into some kind of archive.
  12. Yeah, I can't find any information about these. Even searching LMW by SKU turned up zip.
  13. Thank you! I know a good bit about assorted manufacturer legacy product, but this was one I didn't know about. So to give you an answer: no, those are not available from Reaper. Edit to add: Do you know what catalog that is? I can't find any additional information, so I'm not presently sure those are even Reaper figures. I can't find a 16XX SKU outside of more recent Special Edition releases. Edit to add part two: Yes, they are Reaper figures.
  14. I'm not sure what a SMEGAN is, can you provide more information?
  15. Yeah, he and Justin were messing around with some stuff on the Reaperland Twitch stream today. The loose plan presently is to put filters in place and work out a way for viewers to redeem channel points (Sophie's Doubloons) to choose and add filters to the faces of the people on the stream. It's a fun idea, but today they were just randomly testing it out and it's not linked to the channel points yet. But Jon was playing a neat video game that's audience-interactive and we could vote in chat to give him extra wizard powers or make bad things happen (like dumping lava on him).
  16. IIRC, an M8 also took out a Tiger II by shooting it in the butt. Like you said, it's probably not the ideal choice but in a pinch it might have a slim chance.
  17. https://www.twitch.tv/reaperminiatures Minatures Den is going live soon. If you haven't checked out Luca yet, it's worth your time. He's painting Wyrmgear!
  18. Those are some pretty cool walkers, they fit in very nicely. I'm feeling particularly tempted by the AT-AT.
  19. Short answer is yes, but they will need a primer. Stynylrez would work if you have that, Reaper Brown Liner can do in a pinch. (any suitable primer for plastics will do, I just don't know what you might have handy) As mentioned above, they will need a gloss topcoat to look right. Whether your spray this on or hand brush it on, remember to cover, mask, or otherwise protect any clear parts like windows. Long answer is that for really top-end work on cars, enamels are usually superior to acrylics because, again as mentioned above, they take much better to sanding and polishing without the tendency to peel that many acrylics exhibit. But if it's just meant to be a half-decent bit of fun and not a show-quality job, Reaper will do the trick.
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