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  1. No, that would still not explain it since Italeri previously made an all-new 1/72 scale Puma so by the time they got to this Warlord one they had already done a reduced-scale version. And the 1/72 scale one actually would have been a better plan template, being that it has both simplified suspension but also fully intact wheels. This is my original point, that it is weird for Italeri to choose to overcomplicate something that wasn't necessary to do and also oversimplify parts that did not need the simplification. (Italeri also sells a 1/48 Puma, but I could not determine if this is one they worked up or a rebox from somebody else so I didn't count it). In any case, all three sprue layouts in question are unique to their respective scale plastic kits so none is a copy of any other, they were all laid out from scratch. And to add even more oddity to the whole thing, this peculiar choice is not one Italeri made for the M8/M20 kit they make for Warlord - which has completely intact wheels. None of this is expecially relevant to anything, since by and large all of the detail in question is mostly difficult to see, it was only worth noting in passing that it's a somewhat peculiar deliberate design choice for them to make when they have prior experience both larger and smaller. It would make more sense if the suspension was also simplified like the 1/72 scale kit, or it would make sense to have the suspension build more like the 1/35 if the wheels were commensurately intact - but it does not make any sense to hollow out the wheels and also make extra fiddly detail where it won't be seen and is therefore not needed. Instead it's like they made the simple part complex and the part that might have used more detail (being the more visible of the two) too simple and it's just weird that they did it this way.
  2. That explains the extra detail for the suspension, but does not explain the hollow half wheels. That's what's weird about it. If it was extra detail and complete wheels it would not be weird. Similarly, if it was hollow half wheels and reduced suspension detail it would not be weird. It's the combination of both extra invisible suspension detail and incomplete wheels that makes it an odd choice.
  3. I have been begging for giant ants forever!
  4. I submit this as proof that one does not need Instagram in order to become a social influencer.
  5. I loved my Ryobi stuff, but I have to warn you not to overcharge the battery. I don't know if Ryobi has since fixed the problem, but leaving the batteries on the charger had the nasty tendency to brick them. I bricked two of mine that way and while trying to figure out what happened, discovered it was an alarmingly common issue. This may or may not still be true, so being cautious won't hurt. (My Ryobi stuff got written off in the fire) I replaced my lost Ryobi with a Black & Decker set, mostly because it was on sale and handy moving back in, but I am quite lazy so I appreciate that the B&D battery packs are somewhat more robust when I leave them on charge for a day. Week. Month. Ah hell, it's probably been two years now. Maybe three, I'm just gonna go unplug it while I think of it.
  6. My two Pumas (Pumae?) turned out okay, but I remain perplexed as to why Italeri made the suspension so fiddly but then also made the wheels hollow on the inner side. If the wheels are hollow because you can't really see it, then the same holds true of the suspension. If the suspension has fiddly detail then the wheels should not be hollow. It's just such a weird combo.
  7. You are much too nice to be a real wolf. I think you're actually a Lab. A Lab in wolf's clothing! Think about it - you were in the navy. Wolves don't like water, but Labs? You can't keep a Lab out of the sea. I'm on to you and your whole doghouse of lies, and the next time I'm near you in person I'm gonna throw a frisbee and blow your disguise.
  8. Beer makes me pretty cordial. Martinis make me very cordial. Screech, on the other hand, amplifies my dialect and makes me incomprehensible to mainlanders. This may still be very cordial, as it also compels me to fill everyone nearby with tea and jam jams. (Should I be particularly fond of you, you will get lemon creams)
  9. I will say that if you should happen to find yourself hankering for a StuG IIIG, and it's relatively easy for you to get it, the Rubicon StuG IIIG kit is almost infinitely better than the absolute dog that the Warlord kit is (I have both). I've been more or less happy with most of the Warlord plastics (Panthers, PzIVH, Pumas, M3 halftrack, Tiger, many others) but that StuG is just miserable. The Rubicon also has more options, which was a particular plus for me because I prefer the saukopf mantlet over the box type (Warlord only has the box mantlet). If it's not feasible or worth it to go out of your way for the Rubicon one then you can certainly live with the Warlord one - but if you have any choice at all it's the Rubi kit all the way.
  10. That's nice and all, but I'm really digging the retro early 2000s feel of your desk. It's very comfy. Also, it's deeply disturbing to me to consider early 2000s retro... but them Boston speakers don't lie. (As I recall, my identical Bostons were very nice speakers)
  11. I use Reaper round bases for my AT and Arty guns. The 80mm round in particular is very handy for medium artillery bases. I use a smaller one (50mm? 60mm? I should remember these things) for my 57mm and 75mm AT guns. But anyway, the Reaper rounds are great and usually have a litte space for a bit extra if you feel like it.
  12. This is how it happens. You just wake up one day and somebody has changed your time zone calculation difficulty from hard to very hard. Now when I'm tryna figure out what time people are in I'll have to add the half hour and then adjust for the time zone, probably weigh a duck, dress in chicken entrails, and create a circle of salt and iron filings. Some of those might not actually be required, I just needed an excuse for circles and chicken entrails. Math, sorcery, all the same to me.
  13. You just need to have the right attitude. Think of it as filling out a character sheet. Just like when I had to do data entry so I pretended it was a text-based vidya game. I like to imagine the entry about being eaten by grue still gets migrated because nobody who knows what it is has seen it yet.
  14. Well... I don't pay you, and I don't have to pay your bills, and honestly none of the consequences of giving you advice will affect me at all, so... yes. Yes, you can go home.
  15. I am interested in learning more about this niche branch of falconry.
  16. Clean off the couch so you can loaf on it. I have the answers to all of life's difficult questions. I'd start an advice column, but I just cleaned off my couch so I could loaf on it and am far too busy to do that today.
  17. There are many ways to organize your paint rack, but in the end nearly everyone comes back to doing it by SKU. Not me, I just throw them into a box which is why I only use the same ten paints for everything. Orc skin? Olive Drab. Ranger cloak? Olive drab. Troll? Olive Drab. WW2 US Army Ranger? Hot Pink, because they're gonna be looking for people dressed as army guys.
  18. Sending a sauced-up Kraken out for more booze is just asking for trouble. Whatever it went out as, when it eventually finds its way back home it's gonna be nothing but Sloptopus.
  19. Yes, there's a KV-2 in the shadows behind it. Warlord rather thoughtfully made it so all you have to do is swap the turrets for either version.
  20. Nice. This is a handy thing to have, especially since a number of people buy (or have bought) the Vex as their entry into airbrushes and can use a guide to help them along.
  21. I couldn't be bothered making extra figs to swap out and in any case didn't have enough bodies to do it at the time anyway. My solution was to clip the loose panzerfausts off (there should be one per sprue), paint em up, and just lay them on the bases between their feet. Once fired, simply remove the piece. You could do it with toothpicks if you were of a mind to, or needed a lot of them for a big army. Something to consider if you don't really want to make and paint the extra figs. Doing it this way also gave me the ability later to not only re-use them to give to late war soviets as captured equipment without having to source more bespoke panzerfaust, but also gave me the opportunity to make a house rule where dropped panzerfaust are capturable weapons. I kept the points the same since doing that allows the rest of the squad to simply pick up the panzerfaust rather than lose it in the case of a catastrophic kill (which usually deletes any carried weapons), a reasonably significant bonus, but I figure this is balanced out because it means an enemy squad that destroys a panzerfaust-equipped squad can also loot and use them. None of that is to suggest making bespoke extra figures isn't worth it, it's just some options worth noting are available if desired.
  22. For fantasy (well, in general really, but particularly for fantasy) Reaper is by far the bulk of my collection. To such an extent that it has become much easier to count how many Reaper figures I have by cubic feet than individually. Not only do I have no idea how many I have, I expect at this point it is impossible to ever know how many I have. Somewhere between more than usual and (probably) less than the factory.
  23. https://www.reapermini.com/search/stirge Here's the link to Reaper's current metal ones. I have a dozen of them kicking around here somewhere.
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