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  1. https://www.reapermini.com/search/stirge Here's the link to Reaper's current metal ones. I have a dozen of them kicking around here somewhere.
  2. These are the two chaps who sacrificed their legs to fit into the driver compartments of my Sdkfz 251s, just so you can see what it might look like before deciding if it's worth the bother to do it.
  3. Seems about normal to me, assembly takes me a bazillion years.
  4. Oh, I was just letting you know what they were in case it made a difference to you, it doesn't matter to me any. They're not particularly crisp moldings so I was just identifying bits that might look a bit vague, like when a reaper figure has a... thing... and you can't quite tell if it's supposed to be a potion, pouch, or bag. As soon as I saw that Sdkfz 251/10 I was gonna ask if you got the BoB Starter (I did as well) but forgot to mention it, lol. Your halftrack is already top sealed, but I chopped down one of the passengers from the sprue to about his belt area to fit him in and give it a driver. Being able to see into the compartment with nobody there bugged me. I'm pretty sure the US M3 halftrack kit comes with a driver, and I know the Warlord resin/metal WC 52 jeep does, so I'm not sure why the Sdkfz 251 didn't get one. Anyway, probably it won't bug you as much as it did me, but if it does and you can still get in there then it's a workable solution.
  5. There is also the advantage that you won't feel bad if you just do quick paint jobs because more work won't make any difference. (I considered this a genuine plus, I've painted a lot of BA figures this past year). In any case, they'll do their job just fine. And supporting the store is always worthwhile. My FLGS, which is essentially right next door to my house, had a lot of Bolt Action but didn't want to bring more in because another store already is and there's just not enough customers to support two stores, so they made an arrangement to not poach on each other. But it's still lucky for me to have that place for supplies, but in particular for Vallejo and AK paints since all these army mans and tonks need unusual colours I'd rather not mix. Anyway, all your stuff is looking good and I hope you find the game a fun time. By next Sunday I should be able to test-run my gigantic 4-player 10,000 point game and see if it works and can be finished in less than 24 hours. If you ever want to talk Bolt Action, hit me up. I'm always down to chat BA.
  6. Be forewarned that the metal figures in that set are pretty horrid sculpts. When I did mine I found them so awful I actually felt compelled to write to Ron to thank him for being Reaper's Art Director because he would never approve such awful things. As a rule, Warlord's metals are not very good. There's a lot you pretty much have no choice but to get from them, or sometimes it's easier than trying to source stuff from a dozen different manufacturers, but yeah... ghastly stuff.
  7. Just so you know, these guys with the lumpier looking helmets don't have camo fabric on them, it's loose netting over the basic bare helmet. It doesn't really make a difference and probably nobody will notice either way, but in case it might matter to you then now you know.
  8. Very cool, I have a platoon of these done already and another platoon to do sometime in the future. I've built a lot of these box sets now and I've found that for a full 33-man platoon (3 squads 10 each, Lt w/ two attendants) it's two boxes to get full customization and not have to scrabble for bits. These sprues also do not have enough equipment (gas mask canisters, bread bags, canteens) provided, which I found quite annoying - but if you ever do the early war blitzkrieg german infantry that box actually has a surplus of equipment and the early/late basic equipment is the same. I'll be going back to add some to my already completed grenadiers now that I've just about finished my early war platoon. So I see that you're doing the full 10-man squad, but I'm not sure if it's your plan to do the whole platoon that way with 10-man squads. If it is, and if you have enough bits, I recommend that instead of spreading out the StGs you concentrate them in one squad. The other 2 squads can be mostly rifles and an MG team (for easy visual ID, I tend to give the NCOs of these squads SMGs but it doesn't matter if you can easily tell who is who - I do this because invited players will use my stuff and it makes life easier for them). Anyway, this organization would give you two basic squads and an assault squad which I have found an effective combination. But as they're individually based anyway, so long as somewhere in there you have an NCO + 9 guys with StGs you can vary your squad composition as you like. You may find spreading them out is more utilitarian depending on how you play, I just wanted to give you a heads-up to consider if you're still building them out.
  9. As one of the architects of the policy, purple or not this is precisely the point. This forum exists as a sort of demi-plane in the .01% of the internet where people who enjoy a hobby can go and enjoy their hobby with like-minded hobby friends in a consistent, friendly, lighthearted environment that remains consistently friendly and lighthearted regardless of the degree to which the outside world may or may not be on fire. The question, therefore, is less why we don't allow people to set fires here so much as it is why would anyone want to try and set this place on fire in the first place.
  10. I was big into Spider-Man and helicopters, which made this just about the most incredibly satisfying object I have ever owned: I didn't even have a Mego Spider-Man to go with it, but that didn't matter. It's probably also worth noting that this is an object for which I have zero nostlagia, which I presume means it was so satisfying at the time that the satisfaction it imbued is for life.
  11. Very nice, and I really, really like the aesthetic of those skinny homecast 40mm troops.
  12. Yeah, I was there. I didn't specify the Canadian shipping threshold because we don't know what that revision will be so it's not especially useful at present and it is therefore easier to compare the difference between like starting values over the course of the past year. What we do know is that Reaper was $40 and Warlord was $40 but now Reaper's 40 has become 50 and Warlord's 40 has become 175 in the same currency (USD). From that we can reasonably extrapolate that whatever the new upped limit for Canada is then the relatively modest domestic US increase suggests (barring additional unknowns we don't or can't know) it should be commensurately modest when compared to the much more drastic increases seen in their peer hobby companies. That might be $10, which would be nice, but will probably be more like $15-$20. And if it's the latter (or more) then it's certain to be above the tax threshold in any case, so I would count on any future orders from Denton to Canada to be "GST/HST assured". We had the sweet spot for a while, and it was nice, but I always considered that handy little loophole a time-limited entity that was inevitably going to be closed from one end or the other (theoretically it should not have existed in the first place, since on paper it does not but in practice it did). Depending on one's point of view, this change will either be a big pain in the butt or it's just removing the de facto upper limit. Having the tax free sweet spot made it make sense for me to stay at that level (i.e. between $81-$85), but if we hit the threshold where it's tax either way then larger orders like con packages or paint set become much more attractive because I'm no longer incentivized to stay in that $4 zone. In any event, all it means in a practical sense is that buying from Reaper will be the same price as buying from my LGS (if my LGS stocked Reaper, which they do not) instead of being a nicer bargain. For those without HST, it will still probably work out less.
  13. Well, whatever it turns out to be it's probably going to be much less horrifying than this: To be fair, shipping costs are what they are and are outside the control of companies. And to be fair to Warlord, this is fairly reasonable for their circumstances. But it does show how good Reaper is to us about it, and unfortunately for Warlord that threshold is too high for me and prices me out - mostly because I'd be hard-pressed to find $175 USD worth of what I need to fill it out (the Perrys have been similarly compelled to boost their free shipping threshold to an equally too large amount). And by way of further comparison, a year ago both Reaper and Warlord had the same free shipping threshold of $40 USD. It's all terribly inconvenient, but we're living in terribly inconvenient times.
  14. The sidebar has been a forum feature for some years now, way back in 2016/2017 when the software was upgraded and broken some usernames (making me, for some time, buglips*the*gobli n). It didn't really have a purpose, it was just there and showed recent topics and posts as a new feature. The board itself is big enough, top to bottom, to give a lot of empty space on that side and even now still has a lot once you scroll down far enough. The recent additions are using that unused space in order to cross-advertise other parts of the Reaper community, and it should be a self-evident truth that the best place for Reaper to advertise its community stuff is where it engages most directly with its core community audience. The alternative, which we could call the former system, was for information to be scattered here and there like breadcrumbs and many people found it frustrating to determine what the twitch schedule was or where contests and other events were. Now that information is provided, and all it cost us was wasted space that only appears on the main forum page anyways. It is objectively an improvement over having to wander hither and yon to find anything out. It is also objectively an improvement over forcing everyone here to go to the discord to find information out. The forum can either be a part of things or not a part of things, but it cannot be both at the same time like schroedinger's message board. The twitch show information, in particular, has been a bugbear of mine for far too long and it was well past due for that to be added here since an awful lot of people only knew shows were on when @Serenity posted about them (I gave at least one gift cert in thanks for doing that). It's all well and good to say this is all stuff you already knew, and I have no doubt that this is true for you, but I can tell you for a fact that for too many people it was not true and I've seen the complaints. Changes that are made are made with the view of achieving the most good for the least cost, and this does that. There may be additional tweaks to come in the future to refine this. But I do not agree that adding three boxes into the white space of the already extant sideboard is introducing an obtrusive element.
  15. Well, as a general reply I'd like to point out that while a number of people seem to interpret the addition of new things to this board as a sign of unwelcome changes designed to reduce or eliminate this forum - it is in fact all the opposite. It demonstrates effort being made to keep the forum alive, vital, and an integral part of things. This forum is pushing 20 years old, which is practically ancient in internet terms. Even as other places may feel assorted forums have had their day, this one has been deemed to still have use and a role to play in the Reaper ecosystem. I should think everyone here would welcome these efforts to keep the board relevant instead of griping every time there's a change. Things are going to change on the internet over time, the places people use are going to change on the internet over time, but this place is still here because somebody still thinks it's worth keeping the lights on. Give them a little credit for doing that, they're not under any obligation to keep paying for the place and a lot of other companies simply wouldn't.
  16. Discord is different from those other socials, though. The Reaper discord is a community hub using Discord software like this place is a community hub using Invision software, more suitable to customization and unique attributes. Essentially the discord and the forum are co-equal and, ideally, most people would like to be a part of both because they each do different things well. But Reaper recognizes that it is important for people to decide where they want to hang out and what level of participation they desire. Given all of those parameters then it is best served not only by making them integrate better but for the discord to be more prominently displayed as a community option than the other socials. So for anyone who wants in, it's easy to do and for anyone who doesn't then it's easy to opt out of.
  17. This is correct, it's so we don't have two separate villages that never have contact. Neither a forum main nor a discord main is required to join the other, but those who do want to be part of both can integrate the experience and make life a touch easier for keeping up on content. Besides, without a forum to be mascot of I'd be out of a job, and if I was out of a job I'd get bored and start getting into things, and if I started getting into things then I'd break things, and since I have a reputation as an absolute menace then the safest thing to do is keep me where I am.
  18. I haven't seen chiclets in years, now that you mention it. Also dirt pillows. $1.80 is cheap enough and the material source is only four houses away so if I misjudge how much I have on hand I can rectify it within 5 minutes. 13 of these will do 6 feet, so 26 is a full table end to end of a "trench" if necessary, or whatever combination of fortifications and revetments are required. It's basically $40 and two weeks of low effort work for permanent modular fortifications of known durability. Given that my resin T-35 by itself was near $100, this is not a comparitively egregious enough expense to be worth additional effort to save a few dollars. ***Bearing in mind that this is $1.80 in Canadian dollars, which presently is probably less than a small bag of chips. Or, put another way, it is 1/10th the price of a pack of cigarettes.
  19. I've been looking for some new walls and other "fortified" terrain and can't find anything I like enough or is cheap enough for what I want. And then I realized that since I made sandbags to spruce up my artillery bases there's no reason I couldn't do the same to make sandbag walls. So yesterday I took out the milliput, did a row 5.5 inches long by a bit over 1/2" high (or 5 layers of bags) and worked out that to do one wall takes 1/5th of a box of milliput. Milliput presently goes for $9 canadian at the LGS next door, which gives me $1.80 per wall. That's not bad overall, so I went up and asked how much Milliput they had in store. And then I took all of it. Because I'm gonna need a lot of walls. (I may also make other emplacements)
  20. Thanks. 'Excellent' might be overselling them a bit, but they didn't turn out half bad for some quick jobs.
  21. I fail to see what the purpose of this is. The history of these vehicles is replete with colloquial terms that make for useful shorthand due to their longevity, it doesn't matter so long as all parties know which particular object is being discussed. And to be clear, it's not that I don't know these things it's that I don't care because it's not that important. Jumping into a conversation to nitpick about longstanding colloquial terminology doesn't further the discussion, it just makes you come off as a jerk.
  22. There's no such thing as a "Hetzer" either, but when a term is in common enough usage I don't see the need to be pedantic about such things. Everyone knows what "FT-17" refers to, so it is a clear and useful term. Whether it is technically correct or not is perhaps not the most salient point, especially since when one is searching for a model of the subject then FT-17 is likely to produce the desired result. (Trenchworx makes one, they call it FT-17 on the box)
  23. Right? (I voted for the French, tho) It's nice, but an Italian army is a ways off for me right now, seeing as I have to finish my IJA, US Marines, Early War Germans, Soviets, US Airborne, and a gigantic horde of regiments for Quatre-Bras/Waterloo first. If it had turned out to be plastic French I might have bumped them up in the queue since I already have a Char B1bis and FT-17, but I have zero Italian kit on hand. But I'm slowly eating through all the stuff I bought two years ago, anyway:
  24. I now have a gaming store that's only three houses down from me, and he had some Warlord stuff but didn't like having to get it directly from them so now he doesn't have any. But, at least I have a consistent supply for paint and tools now.
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