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  1. Given that Warlords of Erewhon is specifically designed to be used with any fantasy miniatures, and since it is a convention for a fantasy miniature company, I would suggest that one should be an absolute given. It is by far the easiest sell to the crowd that will be there. Bolt Action, of course, is a solid favourite at any con. But if you don't run Erewhon demos it would be incredibly silly to squander the opportunity.
  2. @Cyradis You're probably going to check in on this thread anyway, but to be 100% sure you don't miss it then the chart Jon provided supercedes the information I gave and everyone should use those values to calculate expected fees and taxes owed. That information was not available to me earlier, and I will now make corrections to those previous posts with links to the posted info so (hopefully) everybody gets caught up to current. So it does look like you will be 12%.
  3. I can now confirm that the system should flag P.O. Boxes and those will be sent via USPS instead of UPS.
  4. Way back in Bones I, Reaper didn't even know about the brokerage fee (at that time $25). When they announced that they would be shipping to Canada using UPS, several people (including myself) immediately jumped in to make sure they understood there would be an additional fee above and beyond taxes + shipping, why this was more peculiar to courier services than regular mail, etc. This was so that they would know what was involved to either A) choose a different option for Canada (USPS, using RAFM as a distributor hub, etc) or B) Making sure people know about the fee, but this was a problem because the kickstarter had already closed and this fee was not mentioned in the original deal. In between this and that, for whatever reason the USPS and RAFM-as-hub options didn't work out. That left UPS, and the aforementioned problem with that surprise fee, and so whatever was worked out with UPS we didn't have to pay it (I presume Reaper ate it instead). Since that was an emergency measure, that's why I presume we have been (or should have been) responsible for all taxes and fees subsequent to Bones I (or, at least, subsequent to the expiry of that original deal with UPS).
  5. Previously Reaper loaded pallets and sent those pallets to local distribution centers to break up and send out. Whatever happened with that, the only thing that has been stated is that Ed said during the Q&A tonight that it "didn't work out, either for us or them". So presumably the logistics of doing them as pallets was no better (indeed possibly worse) than just feeding them into the system as they fulfill. How exactly they get from Denton to us is eldritch magick I don't know. As for the taxes and fees, I haven't gotten much out of Bones kickstarters since Bones I. I only got Ma'al Drakkar from IV and that one was free. So I've been out of personal experience with the tax loop for the KS for a while. My understanding, however, is that we have been subject to said taxes and fees for several kickstarters. This may or may not be correct. However, I can definitively state that it is perfectly in line with ginormous boxes I've sent home from Reapercon and AFAIK those go through the same UPS system. This also applies to regular Reaper orders which may come UPS instead of USPS (I've had two like that). So the fees and taxes might be new, and might be part of the new set-up. I didn't really see them as unusual since said taxes and fees are routine for me anyway. If we did not previously owe taxes and fees for any kickstarter, then that would have been part of the original agreement made with UPS during Bones I. At some point, I don't recall when exactly, that contract came up for renegotiation. This new arrangement might be part of that. It's a lot of moving parts and I'm not privy to any of the real inner working deets. I don't know the exact numbers, except "less than retail but more than initial backers".
  6. Is it a community mailbox P.O. or a post office P.O.? (I presume a post office P.O. since the community ones normally use the street address and not a P.O. number) While waiting on your reply which might need me to clarify things specific to you more, there are essentially three ways delivery might occur. Reaper uses UPS and USPS (those exclusively). So it might be sent USPS, depending on how their system recognizes a P.O. Box as an address. But I think it's likely to be UPS in either case, since that's probably the simplest and most elegant solution. Depending on how rural your rural is, that essentially gives you for a package of significant size (I do not know how much you got) either home delivery or pick-up at the post office. If you do not usually get packages at home, or if your mailing address provided to Reaper is a P.O. Box then it will be pick-up at the P.O. (I presume you do not have a UPS store in your area, but if you do it could theoretically wind up there instead). Where this gets a little squirrelly is with the taxes owed. My recommendation is to sign up at UPS.com. I don't normally recommend such things, but I had to do this after my house fire in order to intercept and redirect my Reapercon 2018 package to a neighbour since it couldn't be delivered to en empty house foundation (for some silly reason). Since I did that, anytime I get something due with taxes I get a notification and can sign in and pay before delivery. Way less hassle. You can also additionally sign up for MyChoice, which lets you set some delivery options. Those options might be helpful to you, or at least give you a clearer idea of what to expect. (Incidentally, UPS's payment system is much nicer than FedEx's which apparently has yet to realize we're 20 years into the 21st century and is abysmal. Whatever else anyone can say about UPS, that website and pre-delivery pay is a breeze) That's all a lot of info, but I have to cover a lot of bases with the answer. For the tl;dr - I expect it will likely be UPS, it will likely be dropped off at the appropriate location for you to pick up, your adventure with all this will be made much easier by signing up to UPS. I'll see if I can get some clarity as to how P.O. Boxes (in particular Canadian ones) will be handled.
  7. Correction edit: The information provided in the below post has been superceded by a chart of expected fees & taxes, found in this post: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/89441-reaper-bones-5-enthusiasm-and-commentary-thread/&do=findComment&comment=2020168 Sorry, I was unclear on this point, but the $5 should cover the brokerage fee. So it should be that plus the taxes and nothing more. So I went to look, and BC is a GST/PST province. In case my previous explanation was a bit byzantine, that means BC calculates GST and PST (provincial sales tax) separately. So when you go to the store in your area, you pay the provincial rate and the GST (federal) at the same time for a total of 12%. But because BC separates them, for your cross-border import you should only be on the hook for the federal GST portion - which is the 5%. For me as an HST province I have to pay the full 15% because there's no distinction applied between provincial/federal for that assessment, so I pay the 15% and the province and federal gov't divvy it up later.
  8. Edit: the information provided in the below post has been superceded by a chart of expected fees and taxes, found here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/89441-reaper-bones-5-enthusiasm-and-commentary-thread/&do=findComment&comment=2020168 You're BC, aren't you? I think BC is a GST/PST (provincial sales tax) province, so if that's correct then you ought to only be on the hook for the 5% GST (plus the $5 handling/brokerage fee). Depending on how much you got that may still be a fair penny, but it's at least better than HST or 15%. If you're unsure what the difference between HST and GST/PST is, GST is the actual tax on imported goods federally but some provinces combined (harmonized) their sales tax with the GST at point of sale and for imports. This was basically a deal they made when having them separate cost a combined 19% point of sale in some places, so to ease that but still keep the revenue they then combined it so everyone's overall tax burden is therefore lessened with a smaller number than before for most things but a higher number than before on international imports . That's why if BC is a GST/PST province then they should be only counting the GST for imports but still GST+PST at point of sale retail. (tl;dr - your taxes owed on your Kickstarter, percentagewise, should actually be less than if you bought them at your FLGS for the same price)
  9. A chart of expected fees & taxes can be found in this post: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/89441-reaper-bones-5-enthusiasm-and-commentary-thread/&do=findComment&comment=2020168
  10. Another Canadian update: If what you order is over $40 it is $5 fee + GST/HST (as applicable). So you can calculate what our final charges will be from that. A chart of expected costs has been provided, found here in this post: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/89441-reaper-bones-5-enthusiasm-and-commentary-thread/&do=findComment&comment=2020168
  11. Update for this information: Canadian Orders will not be batch-processed this time, they're mixed in with US & The Americas to be sent out individually in the normal stream direct through UPS.
  12. It's less about competition (we do allow people to discuss other company's products here and post pictures of their work on them after all) and more the fact that if we weren't strict about commerce links we would be overrun with both spam, and people trying to hawk their own ebay/etsy/whatever wares. We don't want a lot of people trying to flog their stuff to our forum members, and we don't want to expend moderator time and attention trying to figure out if each individual example is okay or not, so the solution is to not permit commerce links at all. The sole exception being kickstarter, which we have provided a separate forum for.
  13. Yeah, I decided to settle down into one survival world to play long-term and just pick at for a few hours a week. Once I got into it, I started planning out projects so that working on one also works towards another - so when I had to dig out and make an enormous storage basement under that for long-term permanent item storage, all of the cobblestone that came out of it went into building a road network (some 350,000 blocks worth so far). I came up with a quick and efficient house design for when I have to go fix and build up villages for trade. It's a fine little kingdom I've set up, full of very happy peasants and somewhat less happy goats.
  14. Nice. Stick with it, lifting is great fun. I still haven't replaced all my gear from the house fire and all the gyms are closed so the best I can manage is exercising like I'm in a POW camp.
  15. I have no information about what may or may not be among the missing items. But I'll bring it up and see if there is more information that can be revealed.
  16. My understanding, which may be outdated and/or subject to change, is that Canadian orders will be processed as a group so that they can be sent as a pallet (or multiple, if needed). This will be shipped to a postal hub of some sort, which may be UPS or UPS/Canada Post (i.e. Purolator), and then broken up for shipping to end points from there. UPS operates within Canada as its own entity now, but also sometimes subcontracts to Purolator et al. so I'm not even sure if Reaper will know what happens on that end. I expect that this hub will likely be in the vicinity of Toronto. AFAIK, no information has been given as to where in fulfillment Canadian fulfillment will fall. It might be early like last time, might be in the middle, might be in the end. It's probably going to be subject to the missing items delays, if any, since all of our stuff pretty much must go onto a single pallet. If I get any information that's more clear on this, I'll post it in the thread. I think at the moment there are too many moving parts to make a certain determination. Edit to update: Canadian orders will not be batch-processed this time, they'll be sent out individually direct by UPS as part of the regular fulfillment for US & Americas.
  17. Well, technically then there could be pictures of it. There won't be, because no eyes should ever gaze upon it again, but there theoretically could be.
  18. If it's the abomination both of us worked on, I fully agree that no human eyes should ever look upon it again for fear of mortal peril.
  19. No problem. We've had a few sneaky bots or bot-adjacent spam come up, so it's a big help if people notify us if anything looks fishy. If it is, we can deal with it and if it's not, then we can make that determination too. Some of the attacks can be fairly clever.
  20. Now I want donuts. And I can get donuts, there's a donut shop behind my house. But it's raining. You're gonna make me walk in the rain for donuts. It's practically like taking a shower! Well if I die of soap poisoning, I hope you're happy.
  21. Mod Reminder: If you see suspicious activity that might be a bot, please REPORT IT. Engaging in banter with the bot does not help us identify and remove them. Smash that report button so we can investigate!
  22. I got tricked, you see. Ten, maybe even five years ago if they'd made me a mod I would have immediately abused my power and set about building a cult. But then they made a figure out of me, which meant I had to uphold better standards of behaviour, and then they gave me mod powers. And also I suspect Ron kept the initial print, which is probably linked to my soul like some sort of magic jar, and if I step out of line I get the acetone. All of that might only exist in my head, but it's a plausible enough threat to keep me in line.
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