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  1. Nope. Ideally everyone will play nice and we won't have to intervene, and the overwhelming majority of the time this is absolutely true. Most of what we do here is essentially housekeeping, and I think I can speak for everyone on the mod team when I say that we appreciate that this community doesn't make us do a lot of work. For its size and activity level, this forum is astonishingly peaceful and most of the credit for that goes to the users and how you all conduct yourselves.
  2. I haven't been to P&P, but for every decent person I find on World of Warships there's two extremely salty miscreants full of invective and abuse. Most of it is not directed towards me, but I don't like to see newish people getting harassed for "not playing right". It's a game, it's free to play, relax. It's just pixel botes, and nobody knew what they were doing starting out. There's a lot of real angry people out there. Don't get me wrong, the game itself makes me salty as hell and most mornings I just scream foul language at the screen for an hour or two - but there's a difference between that and taking it out on other people in the game.
  3. I started playing some 3 weeks before 2nd Edition launched, and I remember being overwhelmed with wonder at all of the possibilities of this peculiar game. Some three years later, I discovered miniatures existed to go with it. Eventually I came to like the miniatures more than the game, then the game became essentially an excuse for miniatures, and eventually I just dispensed with the formality of the game part altogether. It was fun for a while, had some good times, but the nature of the game and playing it comes with some requisite issues of scheduling, finding good players, workload, and eventually it just wasn't really worth it anymore.
  4. Floggings are their own source of joy, independent of any objective.
  5. Yes, absolutely. Being frustrated with the situation is entirely reasonable and, as you duly point out, there is a difference between having said frustration and taking things outside of Reaper's control out on employees or representatives. So long as people are being reasonable enough, you are not required to wear a smiley face at all times. Happiness is certainly the desired goal, but we don't impose it as a mandatory condition.
  6. I came in here because it's the legendary T'Char, but I'm commenting because that is a ridiculously good paintjob you did on it. I love T'Char, being an old-school chum from the Partha catalog, but if I hadn't seen this with my own eyes I wouldn't have believed it could look so good. You should be very proud of it.
  7. Use the larger needle, 30psi sounds about right. It may still gunk up at the tip, you can just pluck that off like Aaron Lovejoy does and keep going. If it still gives you grief, you can thin stynylrez just a little with a suitable acrylic airbrush thinner and it won't lose any robustness in the primer coat. If you do find you need to thin it, it should only be by a very small amount. For cleaning the airbrush, my go-to is Vallejo airbrush cleaner. In my experience, few things can clean out the innards of an airbrush as fast or as well as this stuff. It's not expensive and it's made to work, so I don't see the point in messing around with a home recipe to do the job.
  8. Same thing I do when it's not too hot - eat it right out of the can. Sometimes I won't even use a spoon, I just pour the contents down my throat like Popeye. We're a lot alike, only my superpower comes from beans instead of spinach.
  9. This thread is for new Base Boss bases you'd like to see in the future. Primarily the information should include: - the dimensions desired (as mm or inches, since Reaper offers bases in both measurements) - the rough shape of the base (oval, round, hex, etc) - the type of edge (RPG base flat sided, bevelled, so on) If anyone is not familiar with the different styles, you can check them out here: https://www.reapermini.com/search/Bases/latest
  10. If you want the ready-use version, you can use the Reaper wash medium. It's the same base, except pre-thinned. It's what I use for airbrush sealing now. But, yes, you can thin either of the brush-on sealers with either water or an airbrush thinner like Vallejo's, say about 50/50, should work a treat.
  11. Me too. At first I was like: "hey wait, are those..." and then I was all "stop asking questions, the mini is awesome".
  12. She looks great! Solid job! Having worked with this figure myself, I am extremely impressed by how straight you managed to get that sword.
  13. This is both beautiful and legendary.
  14. The first batch of four (The two I sent to Ed and Ron, plus the two for me and Guindyloo) are authentic originals. The other shirts and whatever from my Zazzle are authentic reproductions. And if Reaper ever puts them up on their own merch sites, then those would be Official Authentic Merch. Thus, in this system, there are no bootlegs. But if you see somebody in an "I <3 Ed Scalps" shirt then probably that's a fake.
  15. Shoulda bought a mug, m8. I think I'm the only one who did, now they're Ultra Super Rare.
  16. No... but I'll explain why. So that was all done, of course, on my own initiative and (initially) at my own expense. The things I do for stupid laughs. The original 4 shirts were made by Entripy. After not getting any answer as to whether Reaper wanted it or not, and with time running out, I put the design up on Zazzle so enough people could get them in time for Celebration Ed at RCon. That went well, and since it was never my intention to make money off it or anything then I gave the design over so Reaper could do anything they wanted with it. The last I heard anything about it, Ed said during one of the Terrain Tusedays that they were doing some shirts up for the trade shows, Covid happened after that and there were no shows, haven't heard a peep since. So I don't own the design anymore. No paperwork was signed or anything, just a verbal agreement, but I'm a goblin of my word so I won't be putting the design back up. Reaper will either make some, or not make some, at their own discretion. But, presently, there exists no way to obtain any new I <3 Ed Sculpts shirts, mugs, comfy blankets, etc.
  17. I never thought anyone would ever convince me to buy grooming supplies, but you found a way.
  18. Vincenzo of Miniature's Den really loves Reaper paint. Granted Reaper sponsored him and he does a wednesday show on the Twitch, but he genuinely loves it and talks about it on his own stream. He also said Kirill Kanaev really likes using Reaper paint. So the stuff does get used by top end painters as a preference, it's mostly that as @Heisler said most places GW and Vallejo are going to be easier to find in-store. So some of those painters might use what they've found and are used to, some might use popular brands because that can make a difference for their audience who may want to know how to use common brands, etc. It's not really an easy calculation as to why it is what it is. Army Painter is a common brand I see, but Army Painter also has a reputation for being complete rubbish. This might seem a weird incongruity, but it depends on what's being demonstrated, who's doing it, who they're doing it for, etc. If there's an audience of quick n' dirty wargamers, Army Painter might be a perfect choice for them. If somebody is trying to do careful blending with lots of thin layers, I suppose it's theoretically possible to do it with AP but it's going to be a ridiculous amount of work. It's not really what it's designed for. Given the vast selection of paint, what's best is going to come down to a lot of personal preference for what people are trying to do and how they're doing it. This is why most people will work with several brands. I love Reaper, I have lots of Reaper, it's great paint - but I also use a lot of Vallejo, because for some tasks it's the better solution. There is, so far as I know or anyone else has determined, no One Great Paint line that does everything. Lots of very good ones, and lots of very good ones with some subtle differences, but which is going to work best is going to be subject to a lot of individual factors. This is part of why Reaper began doing sponsorships, to help get the paint out to more people to try it out and see what it can do. It's been pretty successful, it's gotten some pretty big praise. Hopefully the brand awareness will grow and you'll see more of it alongside the present hobby/game store staples making the rounds.
  19. I hate it when they tell me I have to sign for it, and I try to digitially sign for it so I don't have to wait, and of course that never works so I have to wait around all day and then the only notice is a soft *thump* on the porch. Except, of course, for the one time I assumed it was going to be like all the other times but because I didn't spend all day waiting around then that time was the time they really actually needed somebody to sign for it.
  20. Thursday they said that usually UPS takes bulk pallets, brings them in to a facility, then breaks up the pallet to distribute from there. I would presume this is what we would call "the regular method" that they have always used for Canadian KS fulfillment. However, Ed also said UPS had suggested some options that they're looking into, but no details about what those options might be or how they would work were given. So, unless we hear additional information on the matter, my default assumption would be that it's the same as last time.
  21. You mean within three months? If so, that being the end of July, then: 1. If you are continental US 2. Assuming mail services and couriers are functioning more or less normally 3. If the last container is not extremely delayed 4. Assuming no major disasters, weather events, alien invasions Then I would consider that likely in the context of present known variables. But there is no 100% guarantee. So if you want to gamble, it's probably pretty good odds. But if you don't want to gamble, select an alternative trusted address and go here to change your delivery address: https://pm.reapermini.com/ If you go there and sign in, you can also get a banner that gives your estimated shipping date. (Mine just says May-june) Bear in mind that this is only an estimate based on present known factors, and may be subject to change. So use this information to inform your decision as to what you want to do and how much risk is acceptable.
  22. Bones Black are more-or-less injection-molded plastic like regular Bones are, so those are made in China. There are some manufacturing differences, so my understanding is that these differences are enough that Bones molds can't be used for Bones Black (and presumably vice-versa). Bones USA are an entirely different kind of process. I'm not 100% sure on the details of the process, but it's much more along the lines of how they cast metal figures than it is injection molding. It seems to be some sort of space-age resin type plastic. Per mini it works out to slightly more expensive than the injection-molded ones, but it has the distinct advantages of A) being something Reaper can do in-house and B) it is a significantly better material for holding detail. So far we've mostly seen it on smallish figures, and I don't know how scalable it might be for larger ones. I presume we will at some point get the answer to that question, right now the material is still sort of "in testing". But, all that said, it's a splendid material for figures and, so long as no weird habits or issues are discovered with it, my opinion is that it's good enough quality that if it eventually started replacing metal as a material I'd be fine with it.
  23. That's a very cool modification! What myth is the one sitting down supposed to bust? I think you said before, but I have the memory of a dead goldfish.
  24. They promoted me to keep me from causing trouble. I'm more rational than goblin now, twisted and reasonable.
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