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  1. I haven't been given any specific information as to how the system for fulfillment is going to precisely operate. I do know that whatever system it is, it was organized before the precise arrival of specific containers was known. It's a significant logistical job, and while I do not know the specifics of the system in place I imagine it is not easy to just start going now even though the GitD ships ship separately. (they may ship in separate boxes, for example, but still need to be processed at the same time for the order) That said, AFAIK the plan was, is, and remains that everything comes in, gets organized, teams are set loose, and then fulfillment begins. It sucks to be waiting on the ships if you don't have any of the ships to wait on, but if there's one thing Reaper's been really good with it's their logistics (that being why it doesn't usually take them three weeks to process web orders, or longer, like some companies I've dealt with). The objective is that once fulfillment does begin, all of our stuff goes out the door in a timely and efficient manner. They've had a lot of time to figure the system out by now, and they've had to try and build contingencies into it for container delays, etc. It turned out that the last container was this one, but it could have been any of them. It's a lot of moving parts. But in any case, that's why we still have to wait for the GitD ships even if we didn't get any GitD ships. (I did not get any ships)
  2. Nice to see a Thanis! She's a fun piece, one of my absolute favourites by Bob Ridolf and he's done quite a lot of great stuff. What other pieces are you going to be adding to complete the scene?
  3. The post in question was replete with political references, and thus violated our No Politics rule. There are no exceptions given for this, it is a rule everyone must abide by. You are welcome to post things on this board and in its assorted subforums that are not political, to make some friends, to have a good time. If the price for entry is too high for you, then it is regrettable and we wish you luck in all your future endeavours.
  4. I don't have 70.925 so I'll have to guess with that one from online swatches (which may not be accurate) but it looks like these would be the contenders: https://www.reapermini.com/search/blue/latest/09418 https://www.reapermini.com/search/blue/latest/09472 Here's what "blue" brings up for swatches in the store if you want to judge them against the colour you have in hand: https://www.reapermini.com/search/blue For Red 70.926 this seems a good match: https://www.reapermini.com/search/red/sku-up/89505 It's probably the closest for intensity and hue, but I'd also advise searching for red in the webstore to see if you want to take your chances. I have Vallejo flat red, not 926 but if those two are close to each other the 89505 should be very, very close to 70.926. 70.856 probably doesn't have an exact match, but this looks like a starting place: https://www.reapermini.com/search/ochre And this might make for a fairly useful substitute: https://www.reapermini.com/search/brown/latest/09129 So hopefully that helps you out on your quest.
  5. Agreed, I think with Reaper's entry into the market then a new section would be handy.
  6. I have it on good authority that I am acutely obtuse.
  7. You are very on the ball sharing the show links, @Serenity! Thanks for doing it!
  8. Hey, I got full dumpster diving privileges now that there's a pizza dungeon. I just gotta fight off the pigeons and crows.
  9. As if I have ever engaged in any sort of mischief in my entire life. I am an absolute angle, wings n hulu n everything.
  10. Fan Favs was in one of the containers, so thousands of Tiny Buglips have now infiltrated arrived at Reaper HQ!
  11. My collection could use thinning, but mostly that's just to eliminate unnecessary duplicates. Which are distinct from necessary duplicates. Which, if I'm honest, is probably a broad enough category to encompass all of the duplicates so that means I won't actually get rid of any. I'll just kick the box further back in the closet where I don't have to look at it. Job well done! That was easy!
  12. It's hypnotic... like watching ants eat an ice cream cone.
  13. Trooth. Same reason we'll be living with incorrect Tank Museum colour guides for about 1,000 years.
  14. No politics. One of those links literally had in the headline: "stirs political controversy".
  15. DARRRRRRRRRK MOOOOOODE Now I won't get flashblinded switching between the discord and here anymore.
  16. It was an invision update, not our choice. It broke a lot of the themes, now it will take some time to sort it out and either find adequate replacements or construct new ones. Not many forums have been around for 19 years and retained almost all of their content. Preserving that content, which we believe is an important feature of this particular community, complicates our ability to quickly fix large mandatory updates replete with many different changes that alter or disable many of our established features. It won't kill anyone to wait a few days while we re-establish functionality and then try to make things look prettier.
  17. To what extent the update contains necessary non-optional features, and to what extent there may be some quality-of-life tweaks is presently still an open question that will take some time to resolve. That said, the present appearance is quite horrid so I hope we can get most of it back.
  18. Fun Fact: My old DM, who is a Churchill, had a son and we managed to talk his wife into naming him Jack and it was totally not for this reason. Also, if you like kooky British warfighters, Orde Wingate is pretty high on the list for "not sure if crazy, or just British".
  19. After thinking on it some, I realized that my mod explanation on the previous page was somewhat more opaque than I intended. I feel that the most effective moderation we can have is one where the community knows the how and why of why we do things and that, knowing this, people can understand it and not be on tenterhooks wondering where the line is. So if you'll indulge me, I'll elaborate a little. A post was removed that contained the image of Bernie that was making the rounds as the meme some time back, and since we moderated use of that meme then I decided that post was meme-adjacent enough to warrant removal simply as a matter of consistency. This is more of a janitorial thing, and not the sort of thing we would issue any sort of sanction about. The extremely strict moderation of politics pertains specifically to discussion of a political nature, memes of a political nature, and display of political or ideological symbols. These we almost universally axe, and we do that for the reasons outlined in my previous posts, which boil down to a matter of effectively preventing proliferation or attempts to troll around rules. Thus, to give an example, if somebody were to post a picture in acquisitions that they recently bought a zippo lighter with Trump on it, we would zap it on sight. We would also zap the meme of Joe biden being sworn in on a stack of D&D books. So this can be considered one tier, and the harshest one, of what we consider "political" that we do not want. This tier does not require the context of making any particular statement, since there exists no germane reason for it to be a matter of discussion on a miniatures-oriented forum. Primarily this is janitorial, and primarily this is to prevent circumvention or proliferation in the fairest and most consistent manner we can. We do not always catch them ourselves, so if you see something you think breaches this policy then you should report it so we are aware of it. The next tier covers things that are germane to our main topic, which might have additional political implications or statements attached. This is the more lenient tier. So a picture of a 3D-printed Bernie who, in context, is merely Bernie existing with no political statement attached is not something we would moderate. In the same way, we would not moderate somebody's civil war wargame army. Context is taken into account in these cases, and we also try to take intent into account. Nobody is going to get modded for making a Dukes General Lee or anything like that, or for having Bernie chilling in a Zombicide game. But some imagination on the part of the reader could, I'm sure, conjure many examples of the sorts of things we might not want to see. We would perhaps forgive somebody making historical models or dioramas who put swastika flags in where contextually appropriate (such as the final battle in berlin). But we would be less forgiving if somebody were to post an entire platoon of zinnfiguren Hitler Youth and if in our estimation the intent was to get a rise out of people. So there's some discretional leeway that we employ, and I hope you all can see how and why that makes sense. We also do not want to create a hard rule here, since a hard rule would not cover every possible instance. While we have considerable discretional power, we are eager to have your trust that we employ this wisely - this is why I choose to elaborate on things for the sake of transparency. All of you can tell when something seems okay and when something feels hinky and somebody might be trying to stir things up. So can we, and we require some discretion in order to eliminate things in those instances in order to preserve the board for people to enjoy and discuss their shared hobby on. A record is made of moderation actions as an additional check, and we routinely discuss extant policies in order to see if they are working as intended or if we need to adjust things. But one thing I want to be absolutely clear on is this: It is always our preference never to have to mod at all. The intent of moderation is shared with all of you because we trust that the community will see why things are done and that you will exercise best judgement to help us make this board a good place to be. I am both pleased and proud to say that in my opinion you all do a splendid job of it and our moderation activity is consequently extremely low. I would also like to add that if any of you, at any time, wish additional clarification on these things you can reach out to me by PM. I've been in this community a long time, and I like this place a lot, and I want it to continue to be pretty awesome. It is not, and it will never be, our intention to have a board populace kept in the dark and paranoid about what, when, or how a moderation action might happen. That is not fair to any of you. Thank you for reading my many words, and I hope this has made things rather less opaque and mysterious.
  20. It was announced during the stream last week. He's trying a new time so that he doesn't have to take his new puppy out at midnight. He's in Italy so it's very late for him to do the show for Reaper after all day streaming.
  21. Quite possibly, and we have already moderated posts of completed miniatures and works in progress that were too political. Any art can be used to make a statement, and if it makes a statement that is political we would certainly remove it. We will also remove any posting of political figures and related memes and pictures in general. We *may* remove miniature pieces if we feel they are too political and this may be a stricter standard than that used on other websites. There are few very good tools to use to prevent the proliferation of politics in a consistent and fair manner, and especially so when some people may feel compelled to try to find clever workarounds. It is our preference that people exercise their own prior best judgement before posting content with political elements. I get around, I know that other communities have taken a turn for the Mad Max because of things going on outside. I know that for us, here, Beekeepers became a toxic pit of bad feelings so that's why we sent it off into the sun never to return. If you want a nice place to hang out and talk miniatures without a lot of outside-world garbage ruining your day, then that's why this rule exists and that's why it's so strict.
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