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  1. Since I had so much fun with the last one, I thought I'd go for a second. Only this time leave it up for a week so more people can get in on it and tell me what to do. Er, paint. *channels cylon* By. Your. Command. Anywhat, here's what we've got in the ring. 1. Representing Reaper Miniatures, weighing in with three skeletons and a hot chick, give it up for: 03100, Thanis, Bonecaller! *crowd cheers* *camera flashes strobe* 2. And from RAFM miniatures, for your entertainment with his whacky bag of tricks and prestidigitation, it's 3737, Lich Magician with Skeletal Rabbit! *hand goes up in audience* "Um, excuse me, is that rabbit really dead?" No, sir. It is undead! 3. And from Ral Partha, the woman who wrote the book on dragons, 03-092: Ellana, Dragonmistress. Smaug: "Boo! Hiss! You suck! Bring back my cookware!" 4. And last but not least, straight from the infinite layers of the Abyss, it's a trio from Ral Partha TSR 11-651: Dretch! *Three Stooges Sounds* Who will be crowned Miss Macross . . . uh, I mean who will be painted? You, the Reaperinos, will decide!
  2. And she's pretty much done. I have to tidy up the base a bit. The edges of the stones will get a line of white. This will violate every rule on light and shadow, but it does look pretty neat and is something I do on all my bases with tiles or smooth. Mostly on my Parthas. They also get the black border on bottom. The torch was done with Coat D'Arms because nobody has more vibrant pigments than they. Bright yellow with a smidge of reaper linen white to stabilize it, then angel orange, finally vampire red. There are a few tutorials on fire out there on the interwebz that are pretty cool, but if you just want a quick effect it's just reverse highlighting. Bright to dark instead of dark to bright. See? Easy? Hair is walnut, then Reaper something or other that I got in my first order back in 2004. I suspect it may be warm walnut, but it could be anything. Then I slapped some Coat D'arms barbarian leather in to lighten the "warm walnut". I wasn't too picky about where I put the highlights, I just didn't want her to look like she was wearing a brown mop. The torch handle got a few quick jabs of Coat D'arms brown ink for variety, followed by some jabs of reaper woodland brown. So here she is sans dullcote. When I spritz her, probably tomorrow, I'll take another macro pic and see if it covered up my face ruining surgery. And if we zoom out a bit to intended viewing distance, well . . . who'd complain about that for a total of about an hour and half's work? I picked at her in between doing other things, and I only started this WIP yesterday afternoon.
  3. I'm going to leave the translucents the way they are, but all the rest of my bones are going to get quick paintjobs. Probably lots of washes, some inks, and a bit of drybrush. They're all destined as NPCs and Monsters and are likely to undergo significant abuse. But they won't be board game pieces, and they'll be Presented in Technicolor.
  4. Final highlights and details painted. I don't have a set method for highlights, I just take my middle layer colour and throw linen white or pure white into it until I think it's done, then thin the heck out of it. Next I'll do the sword, then the torch, and finally her hair. You can see I've already rubbed paint and primer off her head and the torch. The hair will be my final grab point, and the metallic paint on the sword is rub-resistant if I need to use that. When I do her hair I'll rest her on the table because I can reach everything from there.
  5. I actually love 1E more, but 2E is easier for people and more organized. I just love reading the old books, like the DMG especially, where Gary Gygax explains something and then says "Here, have a big pile of math!"
  6. And now Brother Buglips will read from the Plastinomicon. "Ezak iziri kickstartus, maledictu nosferatu in plastici . . . "
  7. That's pretty awesome. The people I game with we've gamed for 20+ years now, and all the spoiler players are gone. What's left is a mature and creative game, and it's fantastic. (It's also old AD&D 2nd Edition, which is the only game I'll play - Long Live 2E!)
  8. I'll admit my technique could use refinement, but I'll seldom (if ever) deviate from the old school "Classic" style. For me, that's what miniatures should look like. Retain their gaming heritage - even their company heritage. I guess it's kind of like cars in a way. If you took a Ford Mustang you'd find people who love the new ones, people who love the old ones, people who want to chop them up into racers and rods, and people who want to preserve them as close to original factory spec as possible. And it's all good. ETA: I don't mind hijacks, I'm a notorious threadjacker. On another board there's a saying that the minute you see me post the topic is off-topic. Even if it's my topic. ETA 2: The WIP isn't done yet, I just had to sleep.
  9. You know what else is like a ghost? The last of my anti-plastic resolve. And not just any ghost. Oh no. My anti-plastic resolve is gone like Gozer at the end of Ghostbusters. Thanks for the reply about the greens, Bryan. Makes sense.
  10. I find, and not so much on this board as others, that there's wayyyyy too much emphasis on taking it seriously and working to get better and better. I'm lazy. I'm so lazy I told a sloth to ease off 'cause he was trying too hard. This little bride of frankenmini project has been a delight to do, and fun is the point. That I might mess it up along the way or do something horrible (and be content to leave it like that) is just more fun. And you're right, it is accessible. Lots of really high end stuff is nice and all, but it can be intimidating to come into the hobby and feel like that goal is what's expected. I'm durn proud of my mediocrity, so I'm going to showcase it because it's fun to do that. It's fun to mess up and not really worry too much about it. It's like one time I went to a model club meeting and this guy brought a Klingon Bird of Prey. In neon green. The thing was an eyesore, but he'd put a lot of time into it, he was new at it, and he was proud. Then every "expert" got together and browbeat him about how to Do It The Right Way. I just asked him if he liked the ship he'd done. He said he did. So I told him it's his shelf, his time, his money, and his paint - do whatever the heck you want and don't listen to anybody you don't want to. The only right way is the fun way. And that's why I'm going to intersperse "Colour My Mini" WIPs in spots between this Choose Your WIP Adventure ones. You guys vote on the colours, and if that means a hot pink troll then that means a hot pink troll. I bet he'd be smashing. And I don't know about you, but that sounds like a heck of a lot of fun to me.
  11. See, now, I could have used you a few hours ago. That would have been a great idea. Now I've gone and made her look like she has bad acne. It's ok, though. The dullcoat will probably smooth it all out. It's covered up worse. I have an old Partha ravenloft druid who had a badly damaged face. She turned out ok. Then again, I've never put her under the super macro.
  12. So I have a dumb question. If I were to, say, pledge a significant amount for one of those greens . . . do I have to have that green? Because if you've got some more, I dunno, Dennis Mize sexy lady greens kicking around I'd find that infinitely more tempting than the others. Not that the others aren't good, but you only offered one Mize sexy lady green and she was gone before I even found out about the kickstarter. I do, however, understand that "altering the deal" after pledges for greens have already happened might seem unfair and make people feel a bit Lando Calrissian. So I expect I already know the answer to my stupid question. But . . . figured it was worth asking. A lot can happen in 16 days. And just so you know . . . I would do unspeakable things for a Dennis Mize green. Unthinkable things. Unthingable things!
  13. Also, I checked the submission guidelines and I didn't see anything telling me to take the finished final picture and put it in Show-Off. So, unless anybody objects I'm going to put it here when I get to it - because nothing annoys me more than reading a WIP and then having to link off (or worse, go find) the end result. Not sure if I'm breaking a board protocol there, but if I have a choice I'm putting it at the end of this.
  14. Now I have the first layers done. Aware that at this magnification she looks . . . well, rather a bit hideous, I thought it might be illustrative to include a picture closer to what I'm seeing. Because I'm sitting there thinking she looks pretty neat, then I see the blow-up and it's all like "recoil in horror".
  15. If you should like to know, and I am not kidding, that cat's actual name is Emergency Rations. ETA: To placate the vet, I let them call her Emma Rae and put that on documents. I also put that on the tag, lest she get out and give somebody an idea. 'Cause, y'know, a cat comes up with a label that says Emergency Rations you just don't know what's going to happen.
  16. *checks budget* *looks at cat sitting contentedly in corner* You gonna be eatin the real cheap food, puss. I know you ain't gonna like it. But you gonna do it.
  17. Cleaned up the lining. Tried to fix the schmutz on her face, only succeeded in making it significantly worse. I'm going to press on and hope the highlighting and dullcoat at the end will cover it up. I've been here before, and I'm pretty lazy. Eyes are better. Might need some more work. I'll see how it looks with some other stuff done on the face. I've lived with worse, and this level of macro shows the model looking way worse than it does when I'm squinting at it under light.
  18. That's a fine horde of goblins, and I ought to know good-looking goblins when I see 'em.
  19. I also do the eyes at this stage. Again, cartoonish is the key so I use bright white and a simple black dot. For more realism, do the eyes in walnut and then a nice off-white. Make the dot color with a little tiny black dot inside. Add a tiny drop of white in a corner for fancy reflection. But all that is beyond the scope of this WIP. Here I'm disposing of all that neat stuff in order to pursue a certain look. Not quite this look, as she appears horrified now that she can see what I've done. Not quite screaming and railing against the cruel god that would bring her into the world so. Not like the cyclops did. But close. She's clearly skeptical. Pish, little metal adventurer. Have some faith. This ought to clean up in the next step. Or might need a re-do. Find out when I get there!
  20. Now things are getting ugly! The blacklining is done, and it should be immediately apparent why I do it at this stage and not at the end. This is black. Not just any ordinary black, this is Coat D'Arms black. I've never seen such black. It's the consumer of all light! A bit glossy when it goes on, but that'll change. What's important is that it gives me that stark cartoonish look.
  21. I'll have to watch them carefully. They're tricksy! False! The bones are mine! My own! They wants to take it from us!
  22. My budget screamed at me. I told it to be a man and take the pain for the kickstarter. I had to raid my replacement digital projector fund for this. Now I'll have to make do with this . . . puny (makes disgusted face) 42" TV. God, I can't even stand to look at it after getting used to 110" of AMAZING. Pathetic, wretched, vile pretender. Fiend of liquid crystals! Well, amazing until it came down with a case of Terminal Pixel Death. But in its time it served with stoic grace, unimpeachable honour, and it shall have a funeral worthy of a hero to kings. Small children years hence shall hear the name BenQ and know that here stood a legend, here were cast away the shadows of inferior quality, here we feasted on popcorn and watched Rocky on blu-ray.
  23. That would be quite the kickstart! Also, does anybody else feel like this is sort of a Telethon? Like we're raising money for disadvantaged Orcs or something. Dig deep, people. Let's give little Grummsh the chance to go to school.
  24. So I don't see the add-ons in the reward list, so I guess we input the amount and then pick those when the confirmation of reward is emailed out?
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