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  1. Heard from my friend, he's in on his own vampire level. The group threw in, so that's another vampire. Plus Ebonwrath and Orcpocalypse. Then I'm converting my Sophie pledge into some giants, manors, more orcs, and whatever else I can manage. Our days of fighting american soldier goblins with their T-34 rats are over! Your discretion is most welcome, for tis a shameful joy I have.
  2. And then I did the rest of the first stage basecoat before blacklining. Hair is straight walnut. Those aren't eyebrows, either, just sloppy work. You'll notice I didn't fill in the eyes here. I'm going to use black for that. Walnut is recommended for more realism, I use black for the cartoonish effect. Torch handle is straight Shield Brown. The base, though you can't see it well, is my "dungeon tile" I give all minis who either have tile molded in or a smooth base. It's Rainy Gray, Granite, Dove Gray, and Stone Gray. This concludes the first round of basecoating. Now I'll do my blacks and then re-do these coats to work in so the lining is nice and neat. When all that's done, it'll be time to highlight.
  3. Next come the leathers. 3 Shield Brown to 1 Walnut. Not so sure about that colour on the belt. Was thining Chestnut instead, but it is pretty close to the red part so not sure if it'll look better that way, or better if it's dark and more differentiated.
  4. Painted her cloth. This is just straight RPP Aged Red Brick. I used to mix my red shade until I looked at ARB one day and thought it looked similar. So I put some on next to my mix, and it was exactly the same. Since then I just use it instead. Well, until it runs out anyway.
  5. Got her shirt and trousers done. This is 50/50 RPP Shield Brown and Griffon Tan. Noticed at this stage that the brush lost a bit of bristle to the side of her lips. I'll get rid of that when I do my touch-up after darklining.
  6. You know Bones doesn't count as plastic because it's... well... Bones. And he was my favourite Star Trek character.
  7. Well, y'know, see . . . the thing is . . . I mean . . . well, like you just kind of have to think of it this way . . . it's . . . uh, not so much important that he's not metal as it is . . . well . . . look, bunnies don't count, okay? They don't. It's in the rules. Somewhere. I'm sure there's a clause on this. In the fine print. The really fine print. Or possibly in a watermark only revealed under UV light. But I'm absolutely, totally, completely 100% positive that there's likely, maybe, possibly, I hope some sort of clause like that.
  8. So . . . uh . . . if we selected our reward already, we can change that, right? I mean, it's totally not like I'm thinking about switching my Reapercon sophie pledge to a pile of giants and dragons or anything. Totally not like that at all. I'm just doing, uh, research. Yeah? Strictly research, for informational purposes only. Curiousity, you might say.
  9. That Coat D'Arms Chainmail is a wunderpaint. I also love the old Reaper pro paint Truesilver, that stuff is amazing. Not so fond of the MSP metals that replaced it, though.
  10. Activate the cloak! Ok, another thing I seldom use is a palette. I do have one, and I do use it sometimes, but most of the time I just use standard ratios I create and mix them up in this: That's a white soda pop plastic cap. I've got a drawer full of them. This mix was actually a bit heavy on the shade so I dumped it and made a new batch for the cloak. This is 3 parts MSP Highland Moss to 1 part RPP Walnut. Not sure if it's quite dark enough, or maybe Highland Moss isn't quite light enough on its own for the next layer. Find out when I get there. Now she has some paint on the back, too.
  11. Time for some skin. This basecoat is 3 parts Reaper Pro Paint Fair Maiden to one part RPP Chestnut Brown. (I kind of feel like I'm teasing by using OOP paints, but it's what I've got in quantity - you can find equivalents in the HD and MSP lines). My 'gunk' mix is 1/4 future and the rest bottled water. I have a secondary gunk bottle that's the same ratio, only with reaper flow improver in place of future. For basecoats I always used the future mix. It thins it to manageable (so long as you keep your bristles moist) but also makes it just a little bit gooey so it sticks better, stays in place, and has the advantage of conferring a little extra protection with each layer. As you can see, I'm none too particular about being neat at this stage. This is actually a lot neater than usual for me, because she's small enough that I'm using a semi-retired 00 Series 7 for the job. You'll also notice the leg is only part-done. That's because I got that far before I realized: "hey, wait a minute - this isn't leg, these are pants!"
  12. Ha ha ha, no. :-p I probably could, and I have a miniature destined for that experiment (Siobhana, Vampiress), but no OSL for this lady. She's getting the "Partha Catalog" treatment with a few tweaks. Right, then, on with this thing. I'll be committing some possible blasphemies along the way in this project and where I do I'll try to note them so new people will know where I've deviated, why I've deviated, and why the standard method might work better for them and is worth a try. Blasphemy the First is that I do not mount my miniatures to cork, or bottles, or vice grips, or anything. I'll be using the top of her hair, the top of the torch, and the sword as grab points for my fingers and resting the base in my palm. I do it this way because I have incredibly jittery hands and this is the only way for me to contort myself so the mini is steady. I tried holding onto a piece of cork with the mini on top and it was like trying to paint an easter egg in a washing machine. Mounting the miniature is recommended, so I wouldn't do it my way unless you had no other choice. Ok, so here she is primed up. I used Reaper New Pro Paint brush-on white for this, because I bought a zillion bottles of it. I prefer it over a spray because it reacts less poorly to varied temperature and humidity, and I can use it year-round.
  13. In the Show-Off section, at the end of my RAFM/Partha thread, I asked if anybody wanted to see a WIP. The answer was yes, so I offered a choice of one out of four. #3 won, so here we are. More to follow.
  14. Hey Buglips, your group just emailed me. Apparantly there is a problem with your mail server, they couldn't get hold of you. It seems they ALL want in, so they asked me to tell you to get doubles of each and not to wait. Besides, you want to see what's under the next head stone too, right? Don't youuuuuuuu......? I do . . . I doooooo . . . *blinks* Oh no you don't! I've tangled with your sorcery before. My mind is much stronger than that, and my will nigh invincible. You will not find me so easily tricked. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go double my pledge. Heh. That showed him.
  15. If two more people I game with reply in the affirmative, I'm adding Vampire + Ebonwrath + Orcpocalypse to my Liche. For them, you understand. Not for me. For them, because I'm such a kind, considerate goblin and I just want them to be able to use the best tabletop plastic figures at an affordable FIRE, GIVE USSS THE FIRE! WE NEEEDSSSS IT! WE NEEEEEEDDDDDSSS IT! AH HA HA HA HA HA HA
  16. Ok- time's expired. #2 or #3? I could cast a vote, or I can roll me a 6-sider. Even's 2 Odd's 3 . . . . . . . . . Couldn't find a 6-sider handy, used an 8. The result was 5, so 3 it shall be (feels like I'm working on a wizard formula or something). Ral Partha Silver n' Steel Torch Girl.
  17. The dream dragon is nice, and there's an army set of dream warriors to go with. RAFM's Necro Drake is also awesome. I mean really, REALLY awesome. http://www.coolminiornot.com/176376?browseid=2408917
  18. I'd kill players with that. I'd be very happy to kill players with that. They'd be all like: "What harm could a bunny do?" And then one wiseguy would make a Monty Python Holy Grail quip. And then I'd get up . . . go over to the closet . . . open it up to reveal Harvey . . . and say: He's to scale.
  19. wait a second, you can make money doing this?! I just picked up the hobby to help control anxiety Be warned that, as somebody who did do it for money (standards were a lot lower in the early 90's), there is some risk that it may suck all the fun out of it. For some people it doesn't. It turned me off the hobby for ten whole years.
  20. Surprisingly, it's actually just a cheap Canon powershot A480 10 megapixel. I've just spent a lot of time in super macro mode.
  21. She's very pretty. Here's the best shot resized to 50%. As you can see by the lighting, being too dry wasn't an issue for very long. I'd have liked better lighting, but I wasn't going to set off a flash right in her eyes. It's bright enough for my needs, and I can probably manipulate it in an editor later.
  22. I got sucked in by succubi already. I was thinking about your username today. I found an orb weaver outside a window facing the inside and got a real nice close-up. I've been trying to get a good snap of an orb weaver's pattern for at least two years, but they keep dancing around when I get close. Now I've got a good reference for when I tackle all my dark elf pets.
  23. Right, that's what I thought but I wondered if something had changed. Thank you for the clarification, I can breathe easier knowing that I still have all the pre SKU-03xxx DHL to pick through.
  24. I have 187 WIPs. 50% of these will go to The Table of Defeat, where I admit they're not getting done anytime soon and it's as well to simple green them off. 25% of the remainder will be done within a year. The other 25% have until next year to be promoted to this level, or herded off to TToD. I have more than 700 lurking about in drawers, and under things (not in underthings . . . not yet), and whatnot. And . . . say maybe 200 still in blister? This is, I'll note, after pruning no less than three times and getting rid of at least 150-200 each time. (If you want to know how well that worked, all the sculpts have returned anew - I forgot I'd bought them and gotten rid of them)
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