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  1. Ok, I'll give it 24 hours from the time of post #17. Then we'll either know which one, or they'll fight until only one survivor remains.
  2. I thought only limited special edition Reaper figures went actually OOP. Is that what you mean, or are there DHL/Warlord pieces that have been excised from the online store? (That thought rather terrifies me, actually) $516, give or take. This takes in to account *only* the stretch goals that have been reached, and only the Vampire pledge level - no paid add-ons. It uses $5 as a baseline for the figures that either a) do not exist yet, or b) do not exist in metal (i.e. the two Bones models that went direct to Bones without metal versions first). Given the current cost of metal and the complexity of some of the figures, that amount is probably low-balled by a good $25. Oh, and... You're Welcome. ~v Hibba! Flitz! Buhhhh? Sfeh! Grogg! *panting* *incoherent jibber jabbering* *mouth foaming*
  3. I need to take my mind off this. Do some painting. *sits down* *Takes random blister out of drawer. 02760: Jalinrix, Female Devil.* "Ah, this'll do nicely." *takes out file, starts to work off seams and flash, humming contentedly* Jalinrix: "It's not so bad, you know." Me: "What!? What!? Am I losing my mind? Why are you talking?" Jalinrix: "Because I can, that's why. Anyway, it's really not so bad." Me: "What isn't?" Jalinrix: "Bones. They're not so bad." Me: "But they're plastic, and plastic is morally wrong. I'm religiously opposed to plastic." Jalinrix: "Would you like me, if I was in plastic?" Me: "Well, yes. No. Maybe?" Jalinrix: "And I know how much you HATE pre-painted plastic, but Bones you still have to paint. Right? It's the same thing, right?" Me: "No. No, it isn't the same at all!" Jalinrix: "But you remember when the D&D prepaints came out? And you said: 'What's the point of that?' But with Bones, the point is the same. It's the SAME, Buglips. THE SAME. And besides, there's one other thing . . ." Me: "What's that?" Jalinrix: "It's not your fault if you give in." Me: "It isn't?" Jalinrix: "No, no . . . it isn't. It's the company's fault . . . for making you want them so bad." Me: "It is?" Jalinrix (nods): Mm-hm. Me: "It . . . it is! It's their fault!" Jalinrix: "Exactly. Now go on, honey. Go get me some fire minions."
  4. Just wait. I've been doing mind olympics to avoid (at all costs!) calculating what the value of Vampire Level would be . . . if cast in metal.
  5. I like the use of purple and blue, I wouldn't have thought of that. I'm especially impressed with the shading/highlighting on the purple, because I find that an especially evil colour to work with.
  6. Wow, man! That's really nice of you! I accept! Awesome, I'll let you know . . . hey, wait a minute. I didn't say that. But it says I said that. How could that be? Witch! WITCH! Wiiiiiiiiiitch!!!!!!
  7. *Sometime in March* "Dang, painting these new Bones really is sweet. Oh, I can't believe I was going to turn this down. I mean, I . . ." *knock on the door, friend comes in abruptly* "Close the door! Close the door! Don't look at meeeeeeee!" No. No! Metal only! Metal only! Metal fire! Fire! Plastic fire! MUST HAVE THE FIRE! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Wheeeeee! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! *sometime late in 2013* TV: " . . . and scientists revealed today that Reaper Miniatures Bones Line was the Number One cause of mental illness in 2013. Scientists are unable to explain precisely what this correlation means, only saying that the spike in otherwise healthy people cradling these plastic miniatures and calling them 'precioussssss' has reached such epidemic proportions that the phenomenon has become known as Gollum's Disease. Stay tuned after the break for a surfboarding cat who plays the piano."
  8. I emailed the friend I've been harassing and told him he MUST PLEDGE NOW. If he does not, I will. Not for myself, of course. For the good of the group and the game. Definitely, certainly, almost probably not for myself. Have a reputation to maintain.
  9. A paint bottle? Luxury! Back in my day we fought dice. And any other detritus on the table. ;-> I have slain legions of Axis & Allies soldiers. Once even a dead bug! Is that a good oh my? STOP MAKING ME WANT BONES! Trying to corrupt my metal purity with your . . . your . . . plastic. Fire . . . things . . . *bites lip until tears form* Stay strong, buglips. Stay strong.
  10. Aw, youse guys is makin' me blush. They're "Partha Catalog" quality, which is sort of the point. I'd say nostalgia is 50% of the enjoyment I get out of painting. So I'll concede they might be average to sometimes pretty good. I mean, I'd love them this style anyway even if I put them up on CMON and got nothing but razzies and loathing. Partha Catalog color pages were my favourite way back when, and Ral Partha is my favourite company (Reaper runs a very close second, being mostly the same sculptors and especially with that HUGE collection of Sandra Garrity [my most favouritest of all sculptors] in the DHL line). Which brings me to RAFM. I'm not surprised to hear you're not familiar with them, they don't get a lot of attention these days. Back in the 80's and 90's, maybe more. Most of the things you'll see are from their Cthulu line or USX Modern Day Heroes. You'll almost never see much fantasy. There's a good reason for this, if we're honest. The quality varies drastically, even with the same sculptor. One mini might look great, the next is hideous. The number of really good fantasy sculpts is miniscule next to something like Reaper's DHL line - almost microscopic. And I don't think they've even made a new fantasy line green since 1994. To be frank, I was surprised to find they still exist. Mostly I like them because of nostalgia. And they're Canadian. Late teens, trip to the FLGS with some cronies, spend my money on Parthas and RAFM. A precious few sculpts are actually nice, and interesting. I would say they make a good start for a nervous beginner, since the fine detail of some of the Reaper and Partha can be intimidating starting out. RAFM is a little more liberating and inviting that way, they look more simple. This RAFM witch is from the Women of the Ninth Meridian collection by Stephen Koo. One of the rare lines not sculpted by Bob Murch for RAFM. This one is nice, and the other two in the blister are also nice. Some of the other sets in the same line . . . not so much. Again, consistent quality has always been the bane of RAFM. These are no longer in catalog (even online), but if you have the order numbers out of an old catalog you can ask and RAFM will cast some up. They're good people. I was thinking about this WIP a little and I think I'll do more of these, and make them "people's choice" like this. Choose Your WIP Adventure! It'll be a different 4 each time, but each segment of my unpainted collection represented like above. You pick it, I paint it. And every now and again, for kicks, maybe I'll even get you guys to vote on the colors. I think that could be a fun way to do it, and I'm all about fun. Plus I'll make my way through my backlog. All win. Also, how come no love for the Gladiator Girl? Does she have cooties? Don't worry, my sweet, I'll still love you. I'll paint you on the side and have you slaying Thri-Kreen in the arena in no time. You'll be a superstar.
  11. What's most interesting to me with these is seeing how you camouflaged the fact that you were rushed. Where certain bits might normally need more attention on a blander color scheme, you manage to distract from the small detail flaws and reward with truly amazing colors.
  12. Awesome. I'm going to be posting a Work in Progress soon, too, that might be helpful. In my RAFM thread you can cast a vote for which mini you want to see painted up.
  13. Oh, I remembered something about Sir Sneer and Lord Scowl. IWM doesn't seem to list sculptor credits, but those two were done by the late great Dennis Mize. I'm not sure when the greens were done, but given that we know Mr. Mize had some crazy skills I suspect the weird leg pose(s) were intentional and tongue-in-cheek. Seems to fit with the overall look of the face and the piecemeal armor, too.
  14. Anybody want me to do up a WIP? If yes, I'll offer 4 choices: 1. Reaper Miniatures, 02001, Reaper of Famine (The granpappy of all DHL) 2. RAFM Women of the Ninth Meridian 3695 Witches, witch #2 3. Ral Partha/IWM Silver & Steel Box Set 1, uh . . . I don't know the number. She's the only one with a torch, though. 4. Ral Partha TSR (this is big enough to be its own category in my collection) 11-024 Gladiators (Female). Pick one and I'll document my frequently haphazard method of business. ETA: Some of these don't have pics on the interwebz anymore, so to save you confusion or digging through catalogs, here they are:
  15. The Beholderkin blister appears semi-regularly on eBay as a BIN around $40 US. Rarer to find on auction because the category is virtually dead. So if that BIN price doesn't suit your tastes, you might be waiting a while. I sometimes wind up with duplicate blisters or minis, though, and if I do I'll try to remember you're looking.
  16. Coat D'arms still makes the old school GW colours under different names, if that helps you find equivalent substitutes.
  17. Oh, well, you know I've also got Lord Scowl of Smashface. Can't have Sir Sneer without Lord Scowl. They're a team. Together they've annoyed countless villains, from Larry the Listless Lich to Dormat the Dominated Dragon. They're a legend, you know. And if you don't, they'll be sure to tell you. Again and again. And then once more. Tell the bard to spell their names right.
  18. Actually, I am pretty proud of her skin because it's the first time I ever took my time with the layering. I like the result, but it was a bit time-consuming so most of my work won't get that level of attention. And thank you for the compliment!
  19. And finally the last assault on your eyes for now is my personal favourite: Ral Partha/IWM Fighter in Plate. This guy (well, not this guy but his long-ago lead cousin) was My Very First Mini. Two dollars and fifty cents. I call him Sir Sneer of Twistleg, and I totally bet he could take your character. With both hands behind his back. AND a gypsy curse! Why? Because Sir Sneer of Twistleg sneers at your puny notion of danger, and bares his mighty teeth (tooth?) in donkey-like laughter at your puny notion of bravery. And all the rest of your puny notions as well. Look at him, you know that's how he roll.
  20. Next up is a Ral Partha/IWM Demon Woman from a set of three. The other two aren't done yet. But when they are? Oh. Oh my. Oh you better believe many Fighters and Wizards will know what it is to be roasted in the depths of the Slor that day, let me tell you. Sorry she's a little blurry. Shy, I guess. Doesn't get out much.
  21. Next we have ourselves a Ral Partha TSR Beholder-kin: The Spectator. And boy is he ever happy to see you! Or anybody! All those years hanging out, guarding that treasure, nobody to talk to. Maybe he has some tea. Or a cookie? Would you like a cookie? I'm sure he has something he could offer his new guest. Stay a while. Chat. Chat forever. Forever.
  22. I figured since I was taking snaps, I'd grab a few of some things off my Shelf of Not-Shame. You can comment on these if you want, I'll just let you know in advance that they're purposely cartoonish and I'm quite lazy so it's mostly just posting for fun. Or maybe to keep the bar low so new people who learn quick can say: "Well, they ain't perfect - but at least they're better than Buglips!" Never say I don't work to support our community spirit. Anyway, we start this cavalcade of the slack and cartoonish with a RAFM classic - The Troll Matron. And quite a looker she is, let me tell you. Mmm-hmm, that is some fine greenskin right there. She could totally marry up to, like, bugbear - or maybe even ogre! As you can see, she's also very gentle. She barely even hit that guy with her club.
  23. Since I have the camera out anyway, I thought I'd take a second and also mention inks. A while ago I bought a full set of Coat D'Arms paint when I learned they were the manufacturer for the old Citadel line in the 80's and 90's. Still making the same colours, and still in the same old-school flip-top pots. Old Citadel Colour is what got me started (I painted from 1991-1994, getting out of the hobby just before Reaper came on the scene big, and coming back in 2004), so I had to have these. Immediately. Yesterday, if possible. Anyway, they came with a set of ink washes. I'd never used inks, and didn't plan to. On a whim one day, I thought I would give them a try. These two skeletons were painted the same week. The one on the left my normal way, the one on the right using inks for shading. Now, I still have some way to go with figuring out how to use them properly - but the difference astonished me. For large areas and things like cloth or linen, and also skintones, I'd probably not use inks as a shader. But for metals, and rough things like undead bone, or wood bits? Totally. I'm all kinds of sold. I'm planning to raid all of Reaper's DHL Skeleton Army Packs just for an excuse to use them again.
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