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  1. I don't think I'd ever feel qualified to call somebody else's paint jobs "bad". I used to paint miniatures with model paint and a sewing pin. Yes, that's just as gruesome as it sounds. Then I came here, and discovered the wide wonderful world of primer... thinned paints... paint brushes. Actually I think she's coming along nicely, and there's something to be said for the fun of the early stages when you can be a little bit sloppy. Harkens back to mud and being a kid or something. Or fingerpainting. Priming is my favorite part, because it's the part I'm least likely to screw up.
  2. I found another clue that seems to prove you right, All-Terrain Monkey. I found the enclosed sheet that listed the RPP stock numbers and their equivalent MSP #'s, and Warm Walnut is listed as # 8075. This would put it between Gloss Coat and The Metallics on the chart, where it is not entered. So that leads me to believe it was a mix just for the NMM kit and thus given a stock number, but not put into distribution beyond that kit.
  3. All this time I thought I was the only one rolling my eyes over the endless rehash/recycle/regurgitate/remake fest that's been going on this decade. I'm sick of CGI. I'm sick of re-makes. I'm sick of Lucas and Spielberg. I wasn't a huge fan of LoTR when it came out. Mostly because it was so overhyped. I cam back to it after the commercial furor died down (and there was no more Frodo Cola on the shelves). I've revised my opinion. I think that trilogy was the high water mark of the 00's. Well, maybe excepting The Dark Knight. I haven't seen that yet, but all indications are that it's pretty awesome. I think there's been some good flicks that were way underrated. The Mist comes to mind. It was a pretty neat adaptation of the mini-novel, it had some cool Lovecraftian beasties, and a killer classic horror/twilight zone ending. Put in context, I think it's a pretty awesome film. I was actually considering filmmaking as a career for a long time, but when I saw where the industry was headed I got so sick to my stomach I wanted no part of it. Mebbe I should've. You'd have to work pretty hard to be worse than what's out there glutting up the cinemas.
  4. Mixed for the kit makes sense, actually. Thanks for the info. It's not urgent so I can wait 'til Anne gets back to get the specifics if it's a mix.
  5. I've got some old Pro Paint stock coming my way, so I decided to take another crack at the NMM kit. When I bought it it had the MSP equivalents but it didn't work out so well. In the sheet, one of the colours called for is "Warm Walnut". But "Warm Walnut" isn't on the old PP chart ( I mean the original list before Plains, Elderberry, etc. were discontinued). Anybody know what colour this is? Is it just plain ol' Walnut?
  6. When it's done right the first time it doesn't need a remake. It couldn't be duplicated, it's useless to try.
  7. I didn't think about the plasticizers being the cause. A future dip likely won't work in that case. Hey, I didn't say it was good advice... only that it's what I'd try.
  8. I had a rubber skull do the same thing, and even 5 months later it still never dried. I don't know what the specific chemical problem is, but it's like the undersurface leaches oils into the enamel. Acrylics didn't do much good either, they'd quickly clump or bead. If I did manage a decently smooth coat it would eventually flake off. The skull was just display, it wasn't being handled. I also tried dullcote, and it reacted the same way so it was completely unpaintable. I don't have any solutions to offer, but I have had the same kind of problem. ****Edited to add: This was all before I started playing with future, though. If I was messing with it now I might dip the whole thing in Future and see if that took. If that gave a decent solid surface, then I'd try priming over that. If you can get something to act as a barrier between the rubber it might work.
  9. I'd like to see a crazy cat lady. I don't think that's been done as a mini, and a crazy cat lady is just a fun addition to the normal townsfolk. Plus it can be used as an alternative to the weird old hermit/witch who lives out all alone that has that piece of vital info the player's need. "Let's all go talk to the old crone!" And then she's a crazy cat lady. And won't tell anybody anything until they appreciate her beloved cats. Pet them, love them, if they like you I'll tell you where the secret path through the evil swamp is. Maybe it's just me, but I could have oodles of fun with that. And it'd be fun to paint.
  10. *picks jaw up off floor* I have nothing to say except "Wow!"
  11. There's always room for goblins! Nice work!
  12. I agree with a listing for a complete set. I'm saving up for a set now, to get all in one batch. I don't even care if it's discounted, I just don't want to do 108 clicks. I'd also like to see the Pro Paint rack make a comeback. Years ago it was a swag item and I was saving up for it, but it disappeared. I think it was also briefly available online.
  13. Actually, if you look in the old AD&D 1st Edition DMG, there's rules for solitaire play. I'm not kidding, they're in there. So I guess... really... you probably don't need a group either. But y'know... prolly should anyways. But you don't need it. Just a real good idea for mental and social health.
  14. I suppose to put it all in perspective, I remember a guy who told our group we were stupid for moving from 1st to 2nd. Sticking to 2nd made sense for us. We had a giant shelf of books, house rules had already fixed any bugs we encountered, and we had a smooth-running machine that catered to the hardcore role-players (like me, all about the story) and those who wanted to just show up and spelunk for some goodies. I think it comes down to a matter of taste. Our group was divided on third, but most of us didn't like it. Myself, I view the entirety after the WoTC takeover as abominable. Just a matter of taste. Heck, if people wanted to they could just play the original basic game. The Core Rules hardcover can be found, all you need to run a game. If people like 4th, that's cool. Nothing wrong with loving it *or* hating it. It's just preference, and it's happened with every incarnation since the first.
  15. No fair slapping goblins! Seriously, though, she looks very nice. Reminds me of an old-school fantasy painting.
  16. Skills & Powers was the beginning of the Great Munchkin Age, and I haven't used a supplement or book that came out after 1996.
  17. I want 'em I want 'em I want 'em! All of 'em. I just have to wait on money. End of the month, baby. Come to Buglips, my precioussesss.
  18. I use Testors Dullcote for my flat finishes. It goes on over a sealer coat of future. I picked this trick up decaling model airplanes and tried it to see if it transferred over to minis. It did, quite well by my estimation. It gives them protection from wear and a real sweet flat finish. Stinky stuff, though. Use in a WELL ventilated area or those fumes will leave you high and stupid for days. Lol.
  19. I haven't had many problems with Reaper, but when they happen on occassion the Reaper crew has always been 110% awesome. Not like the Iron Wind Metals bunch. Don't get me started on them. Reaper earned my love and loyalty on the first order. Simply a fantastic company.
  20. At least the skeleton was sacrificed for a good cause! I lopped the head off an RAFM skeletal troll when I decided the skull was better suited to a Sophie base. Skeletons, unsung heroes all.
  21. I never even thought that could be why my triad seemed so close together. I assumed it was because being lighter it would be less noticeable. Oh well, too late now. I already "fixed" 'em. By which I mean I had a brilliant idea that really wasn't so brilliant and now I use them to paint shoes. *cough* Oh well, live and don't learn! It's the Buglips creed.
  22. The old Pro Paint chart I have from 2005 shows a Flesh Shading Ink #8205, but that's it. I was away for a year or more though, so I don't know if there were any interim mixes between that and the new releases.
  23. Most likely, so now I know what you were playing with. You're right, it does seem rather brown.
  24. I used to give game minis heavy coats of gloss and tell the players that when they learned how to handle the remedial minis without damage, then they could have the good ones.
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