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  1. I was admiring that piece earlier. Love those wraiths!
  2. By flesh wash, do you mean the ink? I wasn't planning on buying that anyway, never use the stuff. Master Series paints are very good, but they just don't thrill me. I haven't painted a mini in more than a year. But a new Pro Paint line... that got the blood pumping. Mebbe I'm just weird. It's a distinct possibility.
  3. Sweet. This place is giving me a serious urge to paint. Just haveta wait until I have enough gold scraped together for mmm-mmmm New Formula Pro Paints. And better brushes. All my pro brushes have sprouted horns. Serves me right for being cheap.
  4. If you're talking eBay sales, it's probably a combination of things. eBay has brought in a lot of changes which have shaken things up. For good or for bad, so many changes in such a short time do have the effect of creating confusion in the marketplace. I haunt the eBay U.S. boards as my primary spot, and I think on the buyer end two things may be affecting user confidence. The first is eBay's response to fraudulent offers by anonymizing all userID's. This has been going on for a while, and I'm still amazed at the sheer number of people who are confused by this and think something fishy is going on. It's a pretty high percentage of posters, and only a small fraction of users post on the discussion boards. So there could be a lot of people confused/suspicious who don't post and just curtail or suspend their buying. Second, and perhaps the worse of the two, eBay keeps volunteering people into its New Search Experience. Which, I can attest personally, is virtually USELESS. It's also frustrating and unpopular, and the "opt out" link is hidden away at the bottom in tiny text. These two factors alone would have at least some negative impact on sales, but combined with reduced consumer spending it's a recipe for slumping sales. However, this is not a uniform effect. Some categories are shrinking or suffering more than others, some categories and items still do well or even better. So the above observations are only some possibilities as to why sales might be slow. Of course if you're not talking about eBay sales, then none of it applies anyway.
  5. I'm all for it. I remember back in the 90's when the whole lead fiasco happened. How many people lick or eat their miniatures anyway? Brushes, yeah... brushes are tasty. Anybody remember when Ral Partha decided to experiment with resin plastic as a lead-free alternative? *shudder* The "Monsters" box set still ranks high on my list of awful abominations. I think the Green Slime was the only casting that actually came out usable. I hope Reaper can do this without being deluged with nonsense. I don't mind paying more for metal, but cheaper is good too and the lead alloys do have the flexibility and weight advantage.
  6. I was browsing in there today, and I have a question. Will there be an asylum listing for a full set (one of each) or will I have to add them to my cart individually? I'm pretty excited about these new paints and want to get a complete set in one go. If I have to add them in one by one I will, but if there's an easier way I don't know about I'd be much obliged to know.
  7. Well, I was going to build a model railroad and bought a ton of Woodland Scenics supplies. Then I got back into miniatures and decided to sacrifice the layout's alloted space for a painting table. Which left me with quite a nice collection of materials for basing, so that's what I use. It's an expensive route, but the material was already purchased beforehand and it'd be a shame to just leave it sitting there... I use baking soda for snow, though. I haven't tried the WS snow, but at $15 a shaker vs. $1 a box I think the soda wins, fatality.
  8. The only thing I can think of, since it seems you're saying it came off on its own, is that there was some mold-release agent under the primer/paint. It's a good idea to wash the minis first before you work on them. Mold release issues might be infrequent, but they crop up now and then. Mold release, in case you don't already know, is the stuff they put on minis to help them come out of the mold they're cast in.
  9. I think she might be my all-time favorite sculptor, ever since I got into minis in the early 90's. One very early purchase was her AD&D Frost Giant. That guy is still cool. She also did the AD&D White Dragon, and those two are my favorite monsters. In fact, when Reaper came along I was working in a game store and absolutely an exclusive RP guy. Only when I discovered that she was sculpting for Reaper as well (Sidrith, Sword Sister if I recall) did I actually take them seriously as a contender. Of course we all know how things turned out, but back then Reaper was just an upstart. I gave up minis in 1997, and came back in 2004. At first I intended to collect only old RP, but then I wandered into this website and took a look around. Ral who? lol. Reaper is awesome.
  10. Time. Time, time, time. There's never enough. This is why I have no intention of doing NMM. Or winning any contests. Or even being particularly picky about layering. If it looks good, that's fine. So long as the eyes ain't googly, the colours are smooth, and there's enough highlighting and shading to get by... you're done. Off the table, make room for the others. I get two - four hours a week if I'm clever (and this required abandoning all TV except for Hell's Kitchen). Don't get me wrong... y'all produce some fine looking little people. But given the choice between 2-3 awesome paint jobs with a mountain of unpainted metal and frustration -or...- a nice collection of fairly decent minis that most people will only ever view from 2 feet away... seemed a no-brainer for me. Simple, quick, and fun... that's my motto. I'll leave the Golden Demons for other folks.
  11. I prefer the Pro Paints. I can't give you a good reason why, I just do. I just like 'em. It might be because I don't use the triads much. It might be because my skills aren't far enough along for me to appreciate the difference. All I know is that if I have a choice between RMS or similar colours in Pro Paints I'll break out the PP and I have way more fun. Yet, I was also the one who argued against putting RMS series in strip pots for the LTP kits. Which is no different from using Pro Paints, really. What can I say? In my world, logic is optional.
  12. Yeah, it does make it shiny with multiple layers. But I dullcote anyway, so that isn't a problem. I just never heard of any other side effects, or even that it wasn't recommended.
  13. I'm curious what problems people have had with Future and MSP. I've been using future with mine and haven't seen any problems. This is the first I've heard of it, actually (but I'm not around this forum a whole lot). Not to de-rail the thread, but can someone elighten me as to what's happened in these cases? Might help me prevent a possible future (pun intended) problem.
  14. Bronze is my favorite metallic. I use it a lot. When I wash it, I thin based on what I'm using. If I'm using black, for example, for a crisp look I'll thin it much more than usual. 5, maybe 6 drops of water per drop of black. This takes a couple of gos, but it seeps into the joints and makes them pop. If it's getting gold, that goes on over it. If it's staying bronze, I'll do a very light drybrush. If I'm looking for something warmer, I'll wash with mahogony brown. The slight reddish tinge works well with the bronze, at least to my eyes. I'll thin this less than black, 3-4 drops. But above all, the trick I use to avoid graininess is to thin it well. Your mileage may vary, but that's what my experiments have shown me.
  15. There is no such thing as skin too dark for a redhead! I have a RAFM "Evil Female Fighter" done up with a spiffy tan and red hair. She kinda looks like a Valkyrie. A RED Valkyrie. Who never shoots food, or potions. lol I also converted 03084 : Virina, Female Demon sans wings and painted her up like Tayuya the Sound Ninja from Naruto. She has quite dark skin and really bright intense red hair. "Redhead" is a malleable term anyway, methinks, and there's plenty of shades to be had.
  16. I had a cat for a while as a temporary, and she got curious one day and sent minis and supplies flying. My solution was to jump up and down, hooting and hollering like some mad jungle pygmy, whereupon I dashed after her and chased her into hiding. Faced with the choice between strange-dancing-howling-human or human-who-gives-treats-and-scratches the cat decided to steer clear of that area and behave. Sometimes all you gotta do is disconcert 'em a little.
  17. I donate my trashies to either my old gaming group or people who want to practice painting. My old D&D group let me steal almost all their old minis for ones to paint, and I got a hoard of old RP that way when I first took up the hobby again. So when I get a glut of figures I sort 'em and any I don't want to keep and do up I let them pick through. Mostly these are ones from bulk eBay auctions. I usually wind up with lots of duplicates or genre stuff (like cowboys, aliens and robots) that are all lumped in. But I would NEVER throw one away.
  18. I have mostly MSP currently, thanks to the new LTP kits. To be honest, I'm still undecided which is better. It's a matter of taste and personal style. The PP, at least for now, seem to suit me better. I find that with MSP's I discard the triad theory anyway and wind up using them the old way like PP in dropper bottles. That will probably change, but for now I'm leaning toward PP as my preferred choice.
  19. Thank you for the quick reply! I'll probably stock up in the next couple of months, then. I still have some colors from 2002 that are just fine, so the stuff lasts. Three bottles of each will probably set me up for years. Then no worries if it gets dropped. This way I can have everything I need on hand for the basic minis, and start building a collection of triads for the more advanced pieces.
  20. I'm still grappling with thinned paints. For many years I used Tamiya colors (no primer, straight from the lid) with a sewing pin for details. Yes, they looked as atrocious as it sounds. An entire army of orange-tinged warriors with shocked looks on their faces, facing off against gigantic cheesie-looking (as in they looked like cheesies) giants and army olive dragons. I bought the 3 learn to paint kits, and it changed my world. Though I'm still highlight-shy. I just can't bring myself to go really light. I also hate, hate, HATE working with reds. Reds are evil. I've also had tremendous difficulty with the fleshtone triads (though it's slowly coming together). White Primer is a lifesaver. I love it. I use the brush-on kind because I lack a suitable spray area most of the year. All my spray dullcoating takes place in spring and summer, when all the winter paintjobs get coated. I don't recall getting any swag points on my paint kits, though. I still have the packs.
  21. I was thinking about rounding up a full set of pro paints to have a nice selection of colors on hand. I'm not using the triads I have much, and figure I can make do in the meantime the old fashioned way. I noticed quite a few colors from the PP line are no longer listed in casketworks, but are shown on here for ordering. Are they still being made, or is this older stock? Are they even actually still available, or has the category just not been updated? When will pro paint be discontinued? Some colours in particular I like to use, and if they're going to be dropped it'd be handy to know so I can buy what I need.
  22. Agitators! I never thought about the agitators! I probably already have a bunch sitting in old pro paint pots. Prolly solidified now, but some simple green will excavate them. I'll check that out. Thanks, Aryanum!
  23. Thanks for answering my questions! Yeah, kit 3 is showing today. Wasn't yesterday, though. Weird. Glitch of some kind, I guess. The revamped paint kits sound like they'll be well worth getting. I'll keep an eye out for them in the future.
  24. Ok, so I have a few more Q's. Will there still be a kit 1 (even if not called kit 1)? Or will Armor and Fur get separated (I noticed a long time back that Kit 5, Armor, was mentioned but has yet to appear)? Will these kits use the same minis as existing kits, or new ones? What happened to kit 3? It's not available anymore. Has it already been re-done and is just waiting release? Finally, is there any kind of loose estimate of when these will be available? I've been trying to get some friends to try the kits so they can paint their own and leave me alone. Lol. I like to test things out before I recommend them, though. I'm looking forward to trying the new kits now that my aversion to the pots has faded. I got a lot of use, fun, and instruction out of the 4 kits already. You did a wonderful job explaining and illustrating, IMO.
  25. Some skulls would be nice. There's bases of all skulls, a set of humanoid skulls, but no set of generic human skulls. It's almost cheaper for me to buy skeletons and saw off their heads than buy packs and packs of humanoid skulls for the one or two usable ones. I just sacrificed a levy of old RP skeletons to the #11 guillotine. Skulls are very useful additions to dress up demon bases, dragon bases, heck I'd even stick 'em on mushroom men. Carnivorous mushroom men. Of course if there's already a Reaper pack of skulls I just haven't found, or if somebody knows where I can otherwise get some, I'd appreciate it.
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