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  1. Here's a list of the MSP's that for the time being come with the first three kits: LPTK-1 Armor and Fur -9003 Blood Red -9014 Grass Green -9017 True Blue -9136 Walnut Brown -9029 Earth Brown -9047 Fair Skin -9039 Pure White -9037 Pure Black -9054 Polished Silver LTPK-2 Skin and Cloth -9135 Carnage Red -9008 Sun Yellow -9011 Leaf Green -9055 Breonne Blue -9110 Oiled Leather -9044 Tanned Skin -9049 Ancient Bronze -9037 Pure Black -9061 Linen White LTPK-3 Non-Metallic Metal -9070 Mahogany Brown -9074 Palomino Gold -9083 Highlands Moss -9057 Ashen Blue -9110 Oiled Leather -9038 Rainy Grey -9139 Blackened Brown -9037 Pure Black -9039 Pure White As you can see, there's some minor repetition but overall it's a nice variety of colors and shades. With a bit of mixing these can go a very long way for additional minis beyond the ones that come with the kits. You don't get any full triads, but you do get a sweet starter palette.
  2. Ok, that's actually pretty helpful. It means I'll probably get some answers soon. At least I emailed the right place. The lack of a reply had me concerned, before you mentioned the turnaround time. Now I feel better. I'll just wait and see, then. If the package doesn't show an email should appear in the next few days. Thanks!
  3. They still have the pro paint packaging, but if you order them from Reaper right now they come with master series and have a sticker on them declaring this. It was a surprise when I got mine last month. If you go shopping in a store, look for the big yellow/green sticker that says they have MSP inside. These kits will be re-done sometime in the future but no definite timeline has been given. So you'll probably want to round them up sooner if you can to get the MSP versions.
  4. The first three are still shipping currently with all bottles, they are scheduled to be redone with the pots. Only kit 4 currently has the pots. Which is why you gotta get while the gettin's good before they change the format. (Noooooooo!!!)
  5. I chose the USPS shipping, and there was no tracking number in the email. I already wrote to [email protected] some days back, but have received no reply. A tracking number is actually what I'd like, as I could use that to get some info and maybe find out where it went/is.
  6. I'm waiting on an order that's taking a very long time to arrive. Based on previous orders, once processed and ready for mailing, this order is now 2 weeks past due. I'm starting to think it isn't coming. Does anyone know what the process if for reporting an order if it doesn't show? And/or has anyone else had an order be mysteriously very slow but show up ok even if it's a bit late? Normally it's five business days from the email that it's being shipped out to arrival, but it's closing on 15 now.
  7. In the long run, cheaping out on the paints early on will probably wind up costing you more. (that's what happened to me) What you would want, I think, is to build a decent palette so you can experiment with techniques and different minis. By going with quality right away you can add to these basics and not have to replace them later. Being on a budget, my top recommendation would be at least one of the Learn To Paint kits. Currently (though not for a whole lot longer) these are shipping with Master Series Paints. At a little over $25 you get 9 MSP's, 2 minis, 2 brushes, and a paint guide. IF you can swing it, here's my ultimate recommendation: buy all THREE of the first learn to paint kits. You'll get a huge selection of colors, a solid base of basics like blacks and whites, a variety of flesh tones, six minis, and enough top class instruction for many hours of fun. Add a 20/0 Pro brush to this and the pro paint basic white primer and you'll have every kind of brush you'll need. For about $100 you can, quite literally, set yourself up for the next entire year. This is the biggest savings long-term, but a bit pricey initially. If you can pull it off, get that while the getting's good. I did, and it's fantastic. I'd at least recommend the first 2 kits, as this will teach you metallics and flesh tones well.
  8. Thanks! Yes, that picture is terribly over-exposed. And darkened a bit in photoshop, no less. I don't know what happened, the camera used to need something like 4 different bright light sources just to pick up anything... and now for some reason it overexposes with a meagre 40-watt yellow bulb. I'm experimenting for better pics. There are actually no metals on that mini except on the small dagger and the sabre hilt. The breastplate is actually gray with highlights and shadow. I agree on the hair, that actually came out a somewhat purplish red and is being re-done. I find that painting Planescape minis is the most difficult because I try to match as closely as possible the Tony D artworks... which are often rather loose illustrations and have a gritty, ashen look. For Planescape characters, I want to try and keep the essential texture of that setting. When I figure out what's making my camera do what it's doing (which is overall good, I just need to learn how to exploit it), then I'll share some of my "normal" works.
  9. Some day, if I can paint like you, I shall die a happy man.
  10. If it was feasible, I'd like to see the kits in two versions. The basic, which would have the string of pots, and a deluxe version with bottles. I'd pay more for that. Gladly, happily. If this is not practical, then can we get a listing of the paints (or their equivalents) listed on the order page? I'm still waiting for my LTP Kit 4 so I can order the MSP bottles. A friend of mine got a free sample of the "pots" so I know I won't be using it. Straight to the trash. Which means when Kit 4 shows up I'll be waiting on replacement bottles for the pot colors before starting. The pots are just fine for attracting new people, but not everyone buying the kits is new. Some are looking to switch to a new brand, a new style, etc. (like me). I've been painting for years, and I absolutely love the kits with the MSP bottles. But those pots I just can't stand. At least provide a list of the MSP equivalents on the order page for the kits and I'll be happy enough with ordering them extra when I order the kits. Which is also what I'll recommend other people do.
  11. Not *quite* finished, still have some minor things to do when my new 20/0 shows up in the mail (along with a proper base), but she's close enough that I thought I'd share my fifth properly painted piece. I've got about 200 minis painted... erm... pretty badly, but since I've gotten the first 3 learn to paint kits I'm slowly making them look like they weren't painted by a brain-damaged monkey. So here she is:
  12. Thanks for the response, and I have a few thoughts to add: -I figured the pots were an economical decision and that the profit margin would be tight/negative so I understand that. I was actually a bit surprised to get MSP in my kits. But I think a price increase might actually not hurt the kits depending on how much the increase was. My thinking here is that with the kits as they are, all three represent an outstanding beginner's palette and can easily be used to paint other miniatures. It's a fine array of colors and shades, ideally suited for experimenting and playing around. Keeping them all as bottles as is allows the new painter to add on to the existing set easily, without having to replace a lot of core materials with bottles. Given this, I'd still recommend these kits at $35 or even $40 because the quality of the product would still be worth it (getting all bottles). My LTP kit 4 hasn't arrived yet, so I might change my mind on the pots after I've had the chance to use them firsthand. Right now I just can't shake the feeling of "cheap" they seem to exude (even if they are actually quality and it's just the appearance). It kinda looks like a paint-by-number kit. Something granny might buy one or two of as christmas presents for grandkids she barely remembers, but only if she went to a FLGS to begin with. -The second thing I'd like to add is that I've already been making the rounds urging purchase of the kits as is posthaste! (lol) Get 'em while the gettin's good. The pots might not be as bad as I think, so it might make no difference either way to the beginner (and I've already got my kits so it doesn't bother me none), I just thought I'd weigh in because the kits as they exist are simply phenomenal as a base and even at an increased price I'd still say they were the best deal on the planet.
  13. I had a similar problem when I was looking for a good color for Tiefling flesh. They come in all kinds of colors too, but I was looking for a pale slightly yellow flesh with just a slight hint of ashy green tinge. It was easier to mix than it is to describe. If you're looking for a specific color, you could do what I did and experiment to work out a good base color. Write down the formula (I used master series droppers) and you'll always have it handy. Then mix up what you need and experiment making it darker and lighter for shades and highlights. Again, make sure you write down the formula. I don't see colors anymore, I see ingredients. Brew, brew, magic stew. I've got a nice Doomguard ready to leave for duty soon, custom colors top to bottom. With two more in the wings, those formulas will be very handy. Somebody else might have more specific paint and color suggestions, I haven't gotten to my undead hoard yet so I can only offer the limited advice above. EDIT: You might want to check out the bone triad MSP 9720 and Ivory bone triad MSP 9748 for those skeletons. They look good for skeletons and maybe mummy linens.
  14. I use a mix of 50/50 future and water for my washes (for all thinning really) and haven't had any problems with pigmentation or color distortion. Including MSP walnut, which I'm fond of using. It tends to gloss a little over multiple washes, but testors dullcote fixes it right up. I've never used the flow improver (or anything except my 50/50 blend), so I can't speak to that. I like to keep it simple, hence my "formula". Maybe it's the flow improver causing you grief? Or it's reacting with the future or something.
  15. Now all you need is Trogdor The Burninator! To burninate all the people, and their thatched roof cottages. Thatches roff cottages!!!
  16. I saw in a locked topic somewhere else on this board that the learn to paint kits might get the strip of pots instead of all genuine bottles, like LTP kit 4. Please, I'm beggin' ya... don't! I recently bought the first three kits at once so I could finally stop painting like a chump. The versatility from getting all three (and associated colors) is excellent! Plus, with everything in handy dropper bottles mixing and experimenting are so much easier. I'm having a blast, and wondering why I didn't do this sooner. The results have surpassed my expectations, and in the past three weeks I've spent more on materials and new stuff than the entire previous year (woodland scenics has now wound up with most of a paycheck or two along with Reaper). I actually threw out all the paint from my old palette, because it just can't compare. Soon after, I immediately went out and found every possible interested future painter and harassed them to buy these kits based on the superb results I experienced. For a beginner or even someone looking to switch paint products, the first 3 kits as they are is the best $75+ anybody could ever spend. I fear that with the "pots" it just wouldn't be the same. No other hobby out there could give a newbie so much value and instruction for such an affordable price. If your goal is to hook new people in, leave 'em as they are (well, maybe update the books). On that note, I had to think about kit 4 for a while before finally deciding to buy in, mostly for the instructions. Those "pots" were a real turn-off. Maybe they won't be as bad as I think they will (order should be here soon) but I'm not looking forward to it. Hope I posted this in the right place, and a big "hi" out to other miniheads!
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