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  1. Before I went all-in on 28mm I thought about it for a few weeks to decide on scale. 15mm was a non-starter because once Battlefront obliterated their back catalog it would ensure availability of some items would be an issue. That left 1/72-1/76, which had availability but many things would still have to be hunted down individually. 28mm had the advantage of concentrating vehicles and figures into essentially four sites: Perrys, Warlord Games, Rubicon, and Blitzkrieg Miniatures. Between those 4 I would be able to get absolutely everything and combine items on orders to reduce shipping cost. Some people do play it in 15mm, it works fine, but whether it's worth doing depends on one's own objective. It will odd-scale you out, for example, if you want to build an army and bring it around to play with most other players. In any event, all options other than 28mm for me would have just meant more expense for less utility. I'm only cramped on space because I like to run atypically-large games anyway, so I could just drop the point cap or use reserves to have less stuff on the table at one time.
  2. Since so many in here are big on them ol' stroopwaffels... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95bpu0VCgNg
  3. Brinwind presents Miniature's Den going LIIIIIIIVE! https://www.twitch.tv/reaperminiatures Come watch Vincenzo paint his amazing NMM Wyrmgear!
  4. That's why I always try to be the screaming infant, beat everyone else to it.
  5. Maruchan is not a brand we have here, so it's a treat when I'm in the US. I literally stuff myself full of it and Top Ramen. Living my best life.
  6. They ARE Reaper figures! In fact, our mod Astley the Monk on discord found a thread from some years back where we discussed it, even: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/55329-retro/&do=findComment&comment=898580 I was even in that thread, don't remember a thing. But it is weird that it's so hard to find information about these, so this is something I'm going to try and run down so we can get it into some kind of archive.
  7. Yeah, I can't find any information about these. Even searching LMW by SKU turned up zip.
  8. Thank you! I know a good bit about assorted manufacturer legacy product, but this was one I didn't know about. So to give you an answer: no, those are not available from Reaper. Edit to add: Do you know what catalog that is? I can't find any additional information, so I'm not presently sure those are even Reaper figures. I can't find a 16XX SKU outside of more recent Special Edition releases. Edit to add part two: Yes, they are Reaper figures.
  9. I'm not sure what a SMEGAN is, can you provide more information?
  10. Yeah, he and Justin were messing around with some stuff on the Reaperland Twitch stream today. The loose plan presently is to put filters in place and work out a way for viewers to redeem channel points (Sophie's Doubloons) to choose and add filters to the faces of the people on the stream. It's a fun idea, but today they were just randomly testing it out and it's not linked to the channel points yet. But Jon was playing a neat video game that's audience-interactive and we could vote in chat to give him extra wizard powers or make bad things happen (like dumping lava on him).
  11. IIRC, an M8 also took out a Tiger II by shooting it in the butt. Like you said, it's probably not the ideal choice but in a pinch it might have a slim chance.
  12. https://www.twitch.tv/reaperminiatures Minatures Den is going live soon. If you haven't checked out Luca yet, it's worth your time. He's painting Wyrmgear!
  13. Those are some pretty cool walkers, they fit in very nicely. I'm feeling particularly tempted by the AT-AT.
  14. Short answer is yes, but they will need a primer. Stynylrez would work if you have that, Reaper Brown Liner can do in a pinch. (any suitable primer for plastics will do, I just don't know what you might have handy) As mentioned above, they will need a gloss topcoat to look right. Whether your spray this on or hand brush it on, remember to cover, mask, or otherwise protect any clear parts like windows. Long answer is that for really top-end work on cars, enamels are usually superior to acrylics because, again as mentioned above, they take much better to sanding and polishing without the tendency to peel that many acrylics exhibit. But if it's just meant to be a half-decent bit of fun and not a show-quality job, Reaper will do the trick.
  15. One thing I've noticed with these force builds, which is not really a surprise, is that there aren't enough infantry on the table. That's not a surprise because I went crazy with the tanks, but it is an issue because it's difficult for infantry to get into positions to be effective. They're pieced out too much. I can solve this quickly in the interim by adding two squads per side, which is ahistorical but within the force build template. I don't think I have enough unbuilt troops to add a full second platoon of infantry, but IMO that would be ideal. These are still the forces I cobbled together from random bits I bought (many before I even got the rulebook) so I expected some tweaking would be necessary. That table's getting pretty full at this point, though, so soon it will either be swappable force options or I'll have to start using reserves. But set-up to tear-down for this game was only 6 hours, so it's not yet completely unwieldy. But in any case, more infantry would provide useful concentrations of force. Given the significant fighting power of the German StG squad and the rarity of the weapon at this timeframe, the additional German squads will just be Grenadiers. The US might also do with a couple of MMG teams because being stuck with the BAR as squad suppressive fire doesn't give them a lot of shots. In this build their primary strength is versatility because they are all "tank hunters" so can assault armoured vehicles at will. The germans are reliant on their panzerfaust, and once those are used up they can do nothing. This was reasonable in the beginning, but it hasn't translated out to being used much so some experimenting is in order to suss out a more efficient build for the Rangers.
  16. For better flow of the narrative, and the editing I had to do so it wasn't 200 pics, I didn't distinguish between turns. But, yes, that was a following turn that the M8 had rolled up on them so they had no order die when they chose to go down.
  17. The plastic turrets come in two types - the peg and hole type (the Chi-Has are like that) and ones that have tabs on the turret bottom like 1/35 kits often do. I modify both kinds by either boring the hole a touch larger or trimming off the tabs so they will stay in but can be easily lifted out. That's handy for marking damage, but mostly i only did it so that when the turrets have to be turned you can lift them out slightly before turning and that way won't rub all the paint off the hull. The wooly damage marker tokens actually come inside every Warlord plastic vehicle kit. There's three cardboard discs and then three kinds of wool: black, white, and fire coloured. When I first started this I didn't think I'd wind up with enough of them to go around, but by now I have so many that I think I have some 8-9 baggies of them I haven't even glued together yet. It's a nice touch including them, one less thing to have to run down separately.
  18. Panther 213 makes one last push to try and secure some objectives. It moves up to shoot at the Greyhound with its big gun and to lay into the bazooka team with its machineguns: The intrepid Greyhound's luck finally runs out and it is destroyed. But the machineguns are only partially effective against the Bazooka team, killing the loader and causing a pin marker. The bazooka trooper rolls morale and passes, he is still in the fight! He fires the bazooka at Panther 213. The odds still aren't great, especially against that thick frontal armour. But it hits! And then the damage is rolled, for a result of 10. This precisely matches the frontal armor of the Panther, which means a result of superficial damage. This is a -3 on the damage chart. It looks like it's all over now, there's little chance of stopping Panther 213 and its next move will surely finish off the bazooka. But it's rolled anyway... a 6. -3 makes it a 3... a check on the chart gives a result of Vehicle on Fire. It must roll a morale check. If it fails, the crew bail out and run for it. If it passes, the fire goes out and it continues on. The Panther is a regular unit, which gives it a base morale of 9. A 9 is rolled on the 2d6. Under any other circumstance, this is a success - except for the -1 from the death of the Leutnant. The crew has had enough, and surrender. With Panther 213's reign of terror finally at an end, all the remains of the German force is the PAK 40. This cannot move without transport to tow it, and both halftracks that could do it are destroyed. Therefore, the game goes to the Americans. A tough fight! But the liberation of Ville DeChelle is secured! I have to say I figured the game was probably up when the 76mm Sherman went as the first thing destroyed. But I guess it shows never to give up. Gotta hand it to that little M8, too. I never thought I'd see a game where a Greyhound of all things would be such a clutch player. An interesting bit of gaming, we'll have to see how adding some artillery into the mix will change things up.
  19. The last remaining German Grenadier squad, rapidly running out of options, advances to fire two panzerfaust at an American Sherman: One misses complete,y but the other is a good hit, and does effective damage that knocks the Sherman out of action: Meanwhile, our plucky little M8 Greyhound, having secured its objective for the allies, advances to put machinegun fire onto the german Grenadier squad: the Grenadier squad wisely opts to hit the dirt in an effort to avoid casualties, but to no avail. The greyhnoud's lucky shot rolls continue to pay out and it causes four casualties. Given the depleted strength of the squad, this is enough to force a morale check. This the squad fails with an 11, enough to rout it even without the -1 to morale from the death of the Leutnant: The last remaining Sherman moves up to support the Greyhound and tries to knock out Panther 213, but its shot just bounces off the thick hide of the big cat: The US Bazooka team moves towards a better position, in hope of ambushing the Panther when it inevitably rolls onto the center objective: The German PAK 40 realizes it has a shot through the gap between the wall and the wrecked Puma. This gives the Sherman a hard cover bonus, so is -2 to hit, but the German gun does its work all the same and the last of the Shermans is destroyed:
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