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  1. I love this guy! Looks really great. I agree the eyes are a little too “human,” I think you’ve actually done a nice job with them but they look “off” on a dinosaur. if you Google “bird eyes” there are some great photo collages you can use for reference. My observation is that most animals show far less white around their irises than humans do: the Iris and pupil fill the entire visible eye in most cases. With birds, they also often seem to have a dark sclera, so even when the “white” is exposed, it appears dark. (I mention bird eyes because it’s what I’d use for dinosau
  2. Some NMM practice and striped pants. This is actually one of the first miniatures I ever bought...started to paint her about 14 years ago, hated what chromatic crimes I visited upon her, stripped all my work, then...let her sit. She became a practice piece during Aaron Lovejoy’s NMM class over at Miniature Monthly, and now she’s finally done...and I have great plans for her as an NPC.
  3. It’s a shame that he’s a missable thing. Such a fun little additional mechanic, I hope everyone finds him!
  4. These look great! Really love all the rust and grunge effects. I find it hilarious that the interior of the camper appears to include a hot tub, a giant pop-tart with only one corner eaten, and a headless Han Solo in Carbonite. Truly, what more does one need when living off the land?
  5. BUSINESS PENGUIN!! Man, did he save our butts in a recent dream. yours looks great, I love the colors in his hat and his eyes are fanTAStic!
  6. Have these guys made their older books available via pledge managers in the past? I haven’t gotten in on any of their prior projects but I might be interested in their older stuff as well as the wilderness.
  7. I gave my parents the basic USA Ticket to Ride game a couple years ago and they’ve really enjoyed it. They were getting a little frustrated with it as a two player game, though. For Christmas this year, I got the India/Switzerland maps for them. The additional mechanics and smaller maps have been a big hit. ...now for everyone to get vaccinated so I can fly down and play with them! One day...
  8. Fair enough! Doesn’t matter how many people claim something is the best game ever: if you don’t enjoy it, it’s not your best game ever! and yeah, I loved 7Wonders the first time I played it, where the whole table had no idea what was going on; I also love playing it now, with a playgroup that can very nearly count cards even with all expansions in. But a mix of really experienced players and really inexperienced players can frequently go badly in 7W, depending on their personalities.
  9. Yeah, if the table lets someone go off on science it’s hard to beat. If the players aren’t hate-drafting green (to build wonders or sell off for cash, if nothing else), it’s easy for that exponential growth to overwhelm the final scores. Are you playing with any of the expansions? I find either Cities or Leaders really changes the game and balances science nicely. Tower of Babel is a real mixed bag, though.
  10. Food? Never touch the stuff. . . . yeah, right. My parents were stationed in Turkey before I was born, so I grew up with my mom making a variety of Turkish things all the time. In prepandemic times, there’s a really great Turkish place near my office, I hope they’re able to come back strong. my only issue with Turkish (and other Mediterranean/Aegean/Mideast cuisines) is that I find eggplant to be a vile thing in all its forms. But it’s not the only veggie they use, so I can work around it! I also loooove Mexican a
  11. Looks like the pregnant Oathsworn isn’t available in their website...too bad for me. on that topic, it’s not really for gaming purposes, but Ouroboros is soon-to-release a pregnant android that tickles all my cyberpunk/AI dystopia/mechanofuturist fancies. I wont post the pics, because robot mammal parts, but it’s pretty great. A frisson of body horror, but nothing so squicky as many of KD’s pregnant offerings (pun not intended).
  12. I’m a bit late to this party, but here’s my tuppence anyway. What did you like/love/hate/ignore about the kid heroes from Bones V? One of my favorite things about Bones V was the fact that so many parts of it could easily translate to coherent adventures, and these are no different. They have a different aesthetic than most of Reaper’s offerings, but they are consistent with each other and I could absolutely build a short adventure around them as pregen characters. I also love that they are full of expression and detail, without being overladen by gribblies.
  13. So, keeping in mind that I’m a relative NMM neophyte... the simplest way of dealing with NMM is going to be zenithal light. But some kind of directional light works well (the figure we painted in class had an angle of about 45 degrees), and you can also work in multiple light sources, especially if they are of different intensities. It’s really not very different than painting hair or cloth: we add shadows based on a certain imagined angle of light, it’s just that NMM has much more intense shadows and highlights in order to sell reflectivity. even shaded metallics/TMM works this
  14. Just took Aaron Lovejoy’s NMM class through Miniature Monthly. I’ve been a long-time fan of shaded metallics, but I’ve been increasingly frustrated in recent years with metallic paints. I’m really excited to have demystified NMM, and I have to say that Aaron is a SPECTACULAR teacher. He’s got a blending class coming up and I would recommend it to anyone looking to up their game. Aaron is very good at presenting both theory and technique in an interesting, digestible way, and his feedback is immediate and concise. I also just ordered the Redgrass wet palette, which will hopefully be
  15. The stripping part I probably have a good* handle on, but adding clear relief details would be more than worth the price of admission for me! * or, “good enough,” anyway.
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