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    Minis painting (though I suppose that's obvious), D&D, cooking, reading, video games. I'm an actor, a stage combatant and a certified geek (not that you didn't already know).

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  1. Sanael

    Ral Partha's Ghost Dragon

    These colors are full of win. I'd agree that a bright yellow might be a good contrast to the body. Reaper's Ghostly Moss could also foot the bill.
  2. Random generators: I've made several paper tables for my current campaign, for fleshing out villages the party stumbles across and for interesting loot-the-corpse features. It would be super useful to have a random name generator behind my DM Screen, but I don't use devices back there right now, so I have to just make them up as we go. The PCs meet a lot of "Bob"s. Oh. Paint clothes? Nah. I change when I get home from work anyway, so anything I'm wearing for just "around the house" is pretty fair game for painting. And I paint at work, too, so even my work clothes are fair game. I have one pair of athletic pants with a very... problematic... hole due to an errant drop of super glue. The glue hit the pants, reacted poorly to whatever "fast wicking ultra dry cooling technology" fabric they are, and shortly afterwards, the spot just kinda shattered. Given the location of the hole, I will caution my fellow forumites: wearing clothing while hobbying is certainly optional, but that doesn't mean it isn't advisable.
  3. That. That is...so. Good. You know it's a good ad when it sets up a sequel... And you WANT to see it.
  4. I already have a medium box handy, so fresh cardboard won't be a problem. I'm looking forward to an imminent minisplosion!
  5. What a topic to dive into! There are soooooo many answers to your questions. Here are my basing go-tos: Pumice: Liquitex calls it "ceramic stucco." Vallejo calls it "pumice paste." GW calls it "texture," or something. I'm pretty sure Golden makes it, too. Bottom line, it's ground-up pumice stone (or similar) suspended in an acrylic gel. You can mix paint into it, you can sculpt it to a certain degree, it sticks to whatever you want it to stick to. This is what I use for dirt, moss, sand and anything else that should have a fine texture on the base. I use this on 90 percent of my bases in one way or another. Basing Stamps: A lot of companies have made these now, with Basius and GreenStuffWorld being the two that I'm best aware of (RIP Happy Seppuku ). Mix up some putty, press it into the stamp, et voila! You have a base ready to paint (once it cures). Super convenient, nice for armies. For single figures, I usually supplement the stamp with other things. Cork: You nailed it, thinking a lot of the rocks you see on people's bases are cork. I have a bunch of sheets of various thicknesses, from about 1mm up to about 1cm, plus a pile of champagne and wine corks. The cork works in a variety of ways. If I just want some rock outcroppings I may break up a wine cork. If I want some kind of natural stone pedestal for a mini to stand on, I'll use several layers of cork sheet cut to shape and stacked up to the height I want. Either way, I then take a pair of tweezers or needlenose pliers and pluck random bits of the cork out to create a somewhat "random" natural rock appearance. Once the cork is assembled (and usually painted, when I use such bases), it's easy to push metal pins through the cork to attach a figure. A WARNING ABOUT CORK: some cork sheets are made by compressing cork bits together with glue. These often have a high concentration of cork dust. CYA super glue puts of a lot of heat as it cures, which transfers into cork dust and makes the cork very hot. It also gives off nasty fumes. After a particularly nasty, tear-inducing, throat-tightening session of base building, I now use wood glue whenever working with cork. (In theory, this is only an issue when dealing with manufactured cork sheets, as natural cork is not as fine as the cork dust, but why take chances?) Tree bark: Some types of bark also make convincing shale or slate outcroppings, so this is useful for basing. I've also built structures with the stuff for wargame scatter terrain. Aquarium gravel: I bought a single bag of plain gravel 15 years ago and still haven't used all of it, despite putting "boulders" on things of bases since. I often just slather pumice onto a base, figure out where the figure will stand, then drop one or two but of gravel down in places the figure won't be. Various grass things: Static grass, field grass, grass tufts. They're all similar in application: paint the base you want the grass on, put down some watered-down PVA glue, then place (or, for static grass, scatter) the grass-stuff into the glue. Birch seeds: Special mention here for the tiny leaf-shaped seed pods of the Birch tree. If you want scattered leaves, these are great for the purpose. This is far from an exhaustive list, but it should get you started. Keep asking questions if you have them!
  6. Sanael

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    I agree with most of this, and I would put Steps on the list for sure. Given the age of your target, and because they're very good films on their own merits, you might also include Chinatown (1974) and LA Confidential (1997). LA Confidential is a bit past true noir, but it's clearly built on the shoulders of the genre. It's very modern-actioner, but a recent entry in the pseudo-noir field is Atomic Blonde. It holds a lot of noir themes (double/triple-crossing, mistaken and misleading identity, general futility) and is beautifully set in the most noir of all noir times and locations: Berlin on the eve of the Wall coming down. (Divided Berlin is the one thing I think is canonically missing from Eberron, I think it would be very fun to build a campaign at the Droaam/Breland border, around Graywall-as-Berlin. Could potentially use the Thrane/Breland border, but my Eberron campaigns haven't established Thrane as quite that strangleheld-by-theocracy. Too bad there's no Karrnath/Aundair border.)
  7. Top three of the top of my head right this second: The "floating bowl" islands of Zendikar: The City of Towers, Sharn, of Eberron: Edoras, Middle-Earth (always my favorite place in ME, and I wept when I saw it in previews for the movie version of The Two Towers... Like they ripped it straight from my brain):
  8. Sanael

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    "Hunhns" is...well, it follows the formula.
  9. Sanael

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    I think I'm going to wait until after lunch today to pay this game. The last restaurant in my personal history was Jimmy John's, so every iteration of my first name (forum, legal, given) just winds up sounding like something to do with a place for exercise.
  10. Sanael

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    P is a difficult letter for lizardfolk. As are B, F, M, and V. Lizard lips aren't as agile as human's.
  11. I don't particularly fear weather. I do often have a wide variety of negative emotions associated with any given sort of weather, mostly some brand of irritated, but fear isn't really part of that package. Given that my parents live in Houston, I often have concern over THEIR weather, but they are smart enough people that it's still not fear. Pittsburgh is great, today. Bright and sunny and 50 degrees. It's a day that I really ought to be commuting on my bike instead of a bus. But if I did that, I wouldn't have time for this post. I avoid exercise for YOU, collective forumites, I do it for you.
  12. Sanael

    Nagendra Snake Cultists Snakemen from Bones 4 (Pic Heavy)

    Really nice work. That shield conversion is great, and the OSL is brilliant. I really hope these hit retail soon, I could use a few.
  13. Yay! *Sits down at front door, waits.*
  14. Sanael

    What's on TV?

    To be fair, that's pretty true to what I've read of the source material. The original run, anyway. I haven't read any of the recent reboot. Can't speak to the show, yet.
  15. That sounds... awful.