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  1. Definitely within my portfolio... Heeeeere wallet, wallet wallet...
  2. This seems fully within my remit. Favorited for now, have to move some hobby funds around... But I definitely have a use for Kobold Cav! ... Was sad to see this is actually well beyond the early bird option! Wish you'd posted here sooner. But I may grab some add ons, too... So maybe I wish you hadn't posted here at all?
  3. This is really fantastic! I'm looking forward to seeing this character completed, love the work so far. I really love the Holly-leaf hilt for the rapier! It's very in keeping with historical rapiers, in the sense that once swords became a little more associated with the upper classes there are many examples of custom-built swords that referenced their owners' arms or deeds in their construction. And the way you've sculpted the leaf makes it very similar to a clamshell guard with a very broad knucklebow, so it's not far off from a real thing! If you're ever doing another rapier, keep in mind that many didn't have elaborate cages: a stiff thrusting blade, a knucklebow, a pair of quillons (the "crossguard"), and a protective ring or cup above the front quillon (so a forefinger can wrap around the unsharpened base of the blade above the crossguard) is really what makes the sword a rapier. The fancy cage is just one kind of rapier hilt. I always want to see more cup hilts on minis, TBH. Cups were one of the most common types of hilt, and the Spanish continued using them for a hundred years after the rest of Europe moved on to the smallsword. Anyway, I love this "Monster." Can't wait to see you add the horns to that face!
  4. Got a very exciting package today! Greebo's lizardmen Kickstarter is fulfilling... Roughly on time, even, which I didn't expect given some of what I'd heard of their previous projects. Nice packaging... Densely packed... 15 players plus extras... And a lonely human that I thought would make a great PC at some point... All in all, a really nice set of minis. Dynamic sculpts and very detailed casting. Many, many pieces for assembly, but I enjoy that so it's not bad for me. Now if I can just find time to paint them....
  5. I tend to accrue random dice by simply existing as a gamer, so when I purchased dice I usually do so with a specific purpose in mind. Like a new PC.
  6. I know it's already January, but I think we have a winner for "understatement of the year, 2020 edition!" (Said with love... But not sarcasm, so I didn't think purple text was appropriate...)
  7. I like painting. I enjoy the planning of a coherent army scheme, and the end result on the table, but not the actual process of assembly line painting. I love the challenge of picking a sculpt that really inspires me and painting it to as high a standard as I can manage. But most of my painting is one-off tabletop stuff for D&D. The group I'm running Eberron for has been together in one form or another for something like 14 years now. We've lost a few and gained a few, but four of the nine players have been there from the start. Our most recent joiner is coming up on a year. I count myself very lucky to have this group. We joke that we'll have to find a nursing home big enough for all of us eventually...
  8. Picked up this guy today for a steal, assembling tonight. I won't put the little guys in the howdah, so I can use other minis as needed. This is the first GW piece I've bought in years. I dig it. Also, been a bit since I've had a big metal piece to work on.
  9. Vallejo makes some nice florescents; that's where I'd start. Barring that, Reaper's old Moth Green is now available again (the whole "old favorites I" triad is amazing, btw), and I think you could probably get what you need with some of that plus a bright, cold yellow.
  10. I have been indoors for most of my "bills gots to get paid" jobs, but: My first summer job was at an arcade/go-kart/mini golf place, and mostly I was a kart track attendant. I had a good tan that year. The year before I moved to Pittsburgh, I worked on a construction crew. We built a garage and a restaurant. I was more covered than at the Kart track, so I got less tan, but I was also more buff/ripped/swole/whatever the kids say now than at any other time of my life: lugging roof shingle packs up a 30-foot ladder onto a 30-degree roof several dozen times a day will do that. And every summer I do at least one outdoor Shakespeare production, which generally does not pay my bills but is definitely work.
  11. All I'm going to say in this thread is that CR is #notmydnd, but one hundred percent my favorite radio drama. I've watched a few episodes and found it to be very much not something I want to spend time watching, and largely not the way my table plays... But I've listened to every episode of Campaign 2 in podcast form, and I absolutely love it. There is more than one way to RPG, and also more than one way to be a Critter. I won't be buying the book, because any D&D I run is set in Eberron and anything I play is home brew or FR, but I love that CR has helped open up the hobby to the mainstream culture.
  12. Nice work on these! I like your Nethy a bunch! The multi-thread thing does mean there aren't lengthy threads of a single artist's evolution, but it does make it much easier if someone just wants to look for "painted examples of DHL12345," for example.
  13. This is very sad news. Like several others here, I exchanged more than a few letters with Jay and always appreciated his constant love for whatever and whoever was occupying his time.
  14. TaleSpinner's painting a thing! *Dancedance* TaleSpinner's painting a thing! *Dancedance* Woo!
  15. Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring banana scale! Nice work on these guys. They'll look great on a table full of adventures!
  16. A couple days before NYE, a friend from out of town brought by his copy of Tainted Grail: the Fall of Avalon. Ohh man you guys. This game is amazing! We played the first chapter that first night. Immersive, narratively driven, complex. This game is not for the faint of heart, but oh boy is it rewarding. The combat system is really interesting, with strategies available but enough randomness it's not stagnant. The narrative system is so robust and the story element pervades the entire game. On NYE, we always throw a board game party. A few new games were played, which I'll post about later, but our tradition has been that after the party winds down, our friend breaks out his latest "crazy" game. One year we were playing Ghost Stories at 3a.m., another year it was Dominant Species. This year we picked up chapter two of Tainted Grail at 4a.m. and played until 12:30p.m. on New Year's Day. And last night we played chapter three, until we died in horrible, spectacular fashion, and then we started over and replayed chapter one. All told we played nearly 20 hours over three plays, and I'm really sad I don't have a copy that will stay at home with me when our friend drives back to NYC tonight. I'm amazed at how well it holds up to restarting the game, too. The story is complex enough that we were able to make totally different decisions and still succeed at chapter one the second time around. Of course I've typed all this on my phone, and all my photos of the game are on my tablet. I'll see if I can post some of those later on. But there game is as visually stunning as it is exciting to play. Really a top notch experience, soup to nuts.
  17. I love this sculpt so much, and I love what you've done with it. Love the bluey-purple shadows!
  18. ... Did someone call..? Honestly, I love "Kobolds vs. 10th-level-plus PCs" encounters. None of my players attempt to fight Kobolds any more... It's all diplomacy.
  19. Well, yes. And I'm sure this is never an issue with regular BoGW, what with people refilling it as they take things. But this box is still too full for a smaller flat rate box, so... Cheaper to wrap it in brown paper!
  20. I'm sorry you need better cheer, but I'm glad to say the box is on its way. I was delayed yesterday, but I left it in the hands of the USPS about four hours ago. Should arrive on Thursday. Also, the box is now light enough that wrapping it in brown paper and sending it like a normal package is about half the cost of sending it as a flat rate "if it fits it ships" package. So that's good to know for everyone left on the list.
  21. You know, I wondered about that while I was painting them. The face feels like one of your animals (it's the way you build eyes, I think). I love these llamas! The fact that the pack is removable even after assembly is a huge bonus. I'm sorry to hear Paymaster hasn't been in touch with you more, I think you'd be a pretty natural fit for some of the monsters in his line. As a customer, he's always been pretty prompt and friendly in my communications. (I'm also annoyed with most companies that don't credit sculptors on their website...)
  22. Yeah, I get where you're coming from. Our table is already abstracted enough that a full ship isn't a big deal, and honestly the storage consideration is a big factor for me. I am really glad from a health-of-the-hobby standpoint that both the Reaper and the WizKids ships are available! It's important that one day in the not terribly distant future, a two-pack of fully-sized 28mm scale pirate ship will be available for twenty bucks, on the shelf at Costco right next to @Dr.Bedlam's dragons!
  23. Each deck is a solid piece, so wysiwyg. I know they’re short for “real” ships, but I have a hard time imagining ever needing something larger for one of my games.
  24. HAHAAA!!!! Very excited about this one! Etsy shop “TabletopThings” had a BF sale on their ... well, on very nearly everything. I picked up two of their ships that I’ve had my eye on for a while (don’t tell anyone, but finding these is why I went from OMG REAPER SHIP to “meh, Reaper ship” rather suddenly). Here they are with a “skeleton crew” (hahaha I crack me up) and a giant catfish for scale: These are two ships TabletopThings offers; the other big ship, which I will get eventually, is a little bit longer and has two more levels; they also have a Viking longship which I’m less interested in. These two are 16” x 4” playable deck space, the whole thing comes apart and stores flat (took me about 30 seconds to assemble the first time, with no instruction at all), and the decks are tall enough to be playable without disassembly. They smell nice and have some nice laser-etched detailing. Assembled, they’re surprisingly sturdy; I could lift them by one deck and shake with no shifting. Both ships are available with or without masts, and there’s a sails package as well. I decided to only worry about the masts for one, and I’m glad they’re easily removable if I need an airship. They might not be as big as the WizKids or Reaper ships, but they’re much less expensive and , I think, considerably more practical for actual game use (I.e., storable, I can fit twice as many on the table, multi-deck simultaneously playable). Plus, they don’t require paint so I can use them in the game tomorrow! Here’s a shot of both next to the Reaper Stygian Barge: Not sure why the photos are sideways...they aren’t that way on my device.
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