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  1. One of three, from what I understand. I think Space Time was the second one, but I don't recall the names of the other two.
  2. With my parents in town, we spent part of the day at Bicycle Heaven, a bizarre and very fun collection of some many thousands of old bikes, plus many other things besides. Included in the collection are a bunch of movie memorabilia, weird vehicles that aren't bikes, and a smattering of music collectibles. Unfortunately, it ate my quarter, but available for play (on good days) is the* Space Time table seen on "Happy Days." Hey, @buglips*the*goblin! I'm not The Fonz, but this is his table. *maybe "the" table seen on the show. Maybe also just "a" table "as seen" on the show. It's hard to tell. The curation at Bicycle Heaven is... Haphazard at best. This does seem to be an actual original Space Time table from the early 70's, though, and not a replica. So it might be "the."
  3. @Unit04, I haven't seen Tissue Mussie before, sounds like a good game for killing time between longer games. Thanks for mentioning it. My parents are here for Thanksgiving, so we've been breaking or the good, simple games. They play a ton of Carcassonne at home, so we always play that. Last night's game used all our expansions and lasted until 1a.m.! Today we introduced them to Ticket to Ride, which they liked well enough I may be sending them a copy for Christmas. Not sure where we'll take them next. Possibly Sushi Go, that should be about their speed.
  4. ...I once went into a Hot Topic to get a specific Funko Pop? I dunno, that's the best I got right now. Wait, no. I've got better. I think the best story of that sort is actually the Ral Partha Lord Soth mini I gave my wife one year; Soth adventured the wilds of Canada Post, sent on his mission by that most generous of goblins, @buglips*the*goblin. But the hardest part of that was navigating the forums' PM interface. An epic tale of one goblin's kindness, but not really one of hardship. ... And I guess the answer to the first question is that yeah, I have a small collection of Funko Pops related to TV/movie/comic franchises I care about. A turntable is on its way to my house, so I may start collecting vinyl (that plays music; I already collect vinyl that looks adorable). Mostly, I collect miniatures and graphic novels. Luckily I have a really great FLCS, so most of the manga and older stuff I want, they'll do the hunting for me if need be.
  5. With both bows and guns, I enjoy watching people who think you have to throw the ammunition. Orlando Bloom is especially bad about this as Legolas, but many movies with archery show the archer rapidly extending the arm holding the bow as they release the arrow. And people will shoot handguns by whipping the barrel forward*. It's like they think bullets work like a pelota in Jai Alai. *Of course, the movie "Wanted" hangs a lampshade on this, as flicking the gun is required for bending bullet trajectories. Yeeeeeeah.
  6. Exactly as it should be. They do look good! Quite the handsome little army you're putting together. Always looking forward to your next steps.
  7. You know, I wouldn't mind a dinosaur Santa. That'd be... Something.
  8. Just finished this: It wants desperately to be a Joe Abercrombie grimdark tale of horrible but engaging characters forced to do horrible but entertaining things. Mostly it's just horrible. The author, says the back flap, whites for video games. And this book reads like one: dialogue chosen from a series of bad dialogue options that hint at character just enough to suggest a quest, quests predicated entirely on the idea that plot (or "that NPC over there") dictates it, character death because grimdark (as opposed to grimdark because character death)... It's not great. Normally I'd post a drink pairing recommendation, but I don't currently own any LaCroix, which is the only appropriate drink for a collection of bound pages that happened to be in the room when someone whispered, "epic fantasy." Also: publisher art director fail: the cover shows a handsome (well: smooth, oiled and muscular, anyway) Kevin Sorbo type with two axes. The only character in the book that wields two axes is a "nebulous life-debt" sidekick, and is definitely not a handsome Kevin Sorbo type. This isn't the authors problem, but I do always wonder about this kind of thing. Did the publisher just have this art lying around? Or maybe there's a book about a dual-wielding Sorbonaut out there with this book's cover art, because someone accidentally switched the assets before going to print.
  9. I think this book doesn't exist without the original ECS, and I love the original ECS dearly, but even though I've been running a 3.5 Eberron game since the month the ECS dropped there are still navigation issues for me (I really don't like where the spells are, for example). I think this book will be an excellent resource during prep, character generation, and gameplay. And in conjunction with the original ECS? UNSTOPPABLE! MUAHahahaHAHAHAhaaaaahaa!! I, too, am eagerly awaiting "Exploring Eberron." Baker's blog and the Manifest Zone podcast are excellent resources, but getting his thoughts into a more coherent, edited-down format will be really exciting.
  10. I'm also a little meh about wotc releasing 1.5 Eberron books in the same year, but this one is soooooo good. I've already had the chance to go through most of it. Haven't read every word, but I think it's safe to say this is the best WotC-published sourcebook I've seen in at least twenty years. It's really flavorful, it's very accessible for DMs and players alike. I love that it's set up in a way that I could ask a player who's never heard of Eberron for a character concept, then I could say "I think it sounds like you'd like to play a dwarf artificer from Aundair, here's three pages that will tell you all the essentials for that concept in Eberron." The book is easy to navigate, the art is really nice throughout (even "Angelina Jolie and her friends birdsquirrel and cleaverbot." As interior art, it's fine... I'm just very glad it's not the cover), and the periodic periodicals are perfect. And I'm not sad about the regular cover art, but this metallic art is guh-hah-ORGEOUS. My current campaign is still in 3.5, and it had at least another year in it, but now I can't wait to run Eberron in Fifth!
  11. Sanael

    Zombie T Rex

    I love it. Your very simple color scheme is evocative and terrifying, and that is awesome. Who made this model?
  12. Also regarding the succubi/incubi set: we know the bases are a bit large, but I was under the impression the bases are large to accommodate the poses of the otherwise-normally-sized figures? Or are the figures themselves actually larger than a typical Reaper human? If it's just the bases, then I see absolutely zero issue in using them in a role-playing game*. I'd gladly use a two inch base if the mini was properly evocative of the character, and succubi will rarely be blandly-characterized mooks in my games. If it's that the figures are actually that much larger than a human, well, I personally still see no issue, but I get why some do. *Obviously some issue with base size if you want a succubus warband for Frostgrave or some other wargame.
  13. There was a boxed 2-player set for Warlord... That's why I have the rule book. The two factions were Crusaders and... Overlords, I think. There were also faction boxes, of which I have the Razig set. I guess the question is, how big is the box at your store? If it'll hold a full sized RPG book, it's a two-player starter box. If it's about half that size, it's a single faction set. AFAIK.
  14. Spectacular work on that guy's eyes! He's a front-line champion for sure... You don't often see a Kobold so clearly saying, "come get some!" I also really like that one with the leather vest and axe.
  15. I really like those. Is the "dot texture method" just "make dots then glaze over them" or is there more to it than that? It looks great, especially on these guys.
  16. As a nonscientific observation/generalization about fills who use minis for D&D (and similar), it seems to me that DMs and players who started D&D in early 3E or earlier are pretty willing to use what's available, while DMs and players who started around the release of the D&D prepainted line (more or less 3.5E) are more likely to want WYSIWYG or close to it. For my table, I use Theater of the Mind for most random encounters, and for planned encounters I try to use something close to the actual "thing" but if I have a goblin-with-spear standing in for a goblin-with-sword (or even a svirfneblin-with-sword) I'm not sad about it. Newer players that I've played with are a lot more inflexible about this. Directly on topic, I think Reaper does a great job providing a wide variety of inexpensive, dynamic, interesting (or some combination of those qualities) miniatures. Even the single-mold minis are sculpted with some personality (have you seen the herbalist? The fishmonger?) even if they don't have a lot of movement. I've actually seen very little from WizKids that I thought was very interesting, and even less that I thought was interesting enough to be worth dealing with their thick primer and untrimmed flash. So Reaper wins there, for me. My opinion, I know some are just the opposite; that's why both companies have fans. I also, personally, have a real issue with companies that make it difficult to know who their sculptors are... And WizKids' policy of labeling colored renders as "painted examples" really sticks in my craw. But I know those are non-considerations for most consumers. Overall, I like Reaper as a company, and that does a lot to keep me as their customer. It doesn't necessarily gain new customers, but I think Bones and Bones Black still have pretty significant market share.
  17. Like, I'm not going to riot or anything, but I'm pretty disappointed that this ship isn't likely to be named "Dark Maiden." She's a ship that's been part of Reaper lore for twenty years at this point, she's already got a beautiful figurehead (several sculpts), she's a pirate ship, she's a GHOST pirate ship. But I can see why crowdsourcing the official name is profitable for Reaper. I'm just a bit bummed out by it. I am hoping that one of the first extra figureheads they make (assuming that possibility actually happens) is a new sculpt of Dark Maiden.
  18. I really love this guy's face. Definitely on my want list. Are you going to do more to his sword? Right now the point is sweeping up more like a cutlass or machete (which is admittedly what the original concept art does), rather than the downward sweep of the falcata in your photo references.
  19. Many happy returns of the day!
  20. Sanael

    77202 Warg

    Nice work on his face. Definitely not the sort of creature I want to meet in a dark alley. Or misty heath.
  21. Discworld aside*, having just run an encounter with a skeletal ox and three skeletal pigs, I would appreciate more skeletal livestock. *Not that I'm upset about anything Discworld-related.
  22. As a former toy/game shop manager on charge of ordering, I can say that most of what @Cygnwulf said above holds true, especially overhead. How a retailer orders their stock is also an issue. Many people get into retail "because owning a game shop would be cool," or for other reasons that aren't necessarily predicated on an understanding of how retail works, so they don't necessarily know how to get the best deals. Distributors have the largest reach, so retailers find out about them most readily... But distributors also prioritize their largest customers and don't offer the best deals to small businesses. I know of several items I used to carry from a distributor that I researched ordering directly from the publisher and was able to drop my selling price while making a larger profit for my store, because the direct sale was a better deal than going through distribution. Some retailers don't want to or don't know how to do research like that. Store overhead is also a huge consideration. Some of my shop's prices were higher than I wanted simply because we had to pay rent on our space. I know of one shop that charged higher than msrp for some items in part because his store was in a basement and temperature control costs were absurd. Most of these wouldn't be huge markups over MSRP, but they would be noticeable. Even up to a 25% increase over MSRP would surprise me but not incense me. I likely wouldn't go back to that store, though. Doubling MSRP is something of which I'd be decidedly skeptical.
  23. This thing is great! ... But I'm sad because there's only one photo.
  24. I had the impression, from things said at the time the Elemental Scions were revealed and from things said in yesterday's stream, that the new concept art *did not exist* at the time the Elemental Scions were revealed. So they couldn't include this new one at the time, and because the new one was clearly added to the KS because of fans asking for it, it was added to the Fan Favorites expansion rather than increasing the price of the Elemental Scions. Again, this is the impression I had. I could be wrong, but it makes sense to me.
  25. Well, nobody died yet, but only because the BBEG rolled a bunch of 1s in a row.
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